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Five Basic Craft Skills for Children to Develop

Do your children a favor by working on these basic craft skills that they can transfer to projects of their own creation. Although there are a lot of cute craft kits in stores and online that are geared to kids, these are expensive and limit creativity.

Wine Bottle Candle Gift for Friends

As I looked through my stash of crafting supplies, I decided that wine bottle candles would make wonderful gifts for my girlfriends. They are the perfect addition to a kitchen counter, dining room buffet, bedside table, or even next to the tub for candlelight reading while taking a bubble bath. Read more…

Knitting Kits for Beginners

Every new knitter needs a knitting accessories. Check out what you need before you start knitting.

How to Get Rid of White Bubbles and Air Bubbles in Soap

Making your own soap at home is a fantastic hobby but naturally there is an element of trial and error. The good news is that many issues you may face have simple solutions, if you know where to find them! Here is a common issue you may face when making your own handmade soap:

Collecting – Fear or Panacea?

This article examines the mindset of collectors, and some of the reasons why a percentage of the population enjoy the thrill of collecting their treasures. The problem of hoarding is also explored, and why perhaps this particular behaviour may be a personality trait, amongst some people. The love of collecting becomes a lifelong hobby and interest for many of us, who enjoy this pastime.

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