3D-Printing Helps Restores This Renault Clio Williams | Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars

How To Make Your Own Stickers

If you enjoy arts and crafts, chances are you collect supplies that fit your needs. However, there has probably come a time when you wished that you could have something that was a bit more personalized. Fortunately, it is very easy and fun to make…

Types of Picture Frame Spacers and How to Space Framed Pictures

Spacing artworks and photographs from the glass can be achieved by either using mat boards or spacers. This article explains the use of spacers and how to frame a picture so it is protected by preventing it from touching the glazing material.

All Things Rubber Stamps

Whether you’re new to the world of rubber stamps or you’re just looking for a bit more information on the topic, the following article provides some helpful tidbits on all things rubber stamps. Seemingly Endless Designs Are Available Online…

A Short History of Cross Stitch

This article presents a short history of the art of cross stitch including how it is believe to have arrived in Britain and how it evolved into its current form as a popular needlecraft hobby. A brief summary of the evolution of cross stitch is included. Modern cross stitch is also discussed.

Vintage and Antique Quilts

Vintage and antique quilts are not only precious to a collector but to the family member who owns them and keeps each quilt close to their heart. My Grandmother taught me to quilt when I was a young girl.

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