A few results from Jaremos’ Winter Art Glass Sale, February 10, 2021

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Jaremos Art Glass Specialists, Flower Mound, TX, held a Winter Art Glass Sale on February 10, 2021. Following are a few of the more interesting results.

daum rain lamp jaremos
Daum Nancy Rain lamp, Jaremos lot #245

Daum Rain scenes are highly sought after, especially lamps. So I thought the realized price was reasonable for such a quality lamp. Selling as lot #245, it brought $18,000, including buyer’s premium, against an estimate of $6,000 – $9,000. I think it’s a $25,000 lamp, so why didn’t I buy it? The simple answer is the hole in the top. The hole may or may not have been original, but it’s been my experience that lamps with a hole in the top are much more difficult to sell than those without. End of story.

galle bird enam vase jaremos
Gallé winter enameled vase with bird, Jaremos lot #273

Lot #273 was a rare, fine, 13″, enameled and acid-etched Gallé winter vase with a bird. It sold for $11,400, including buyer’s premium, against an estimate of $8,000 – $12,000. In my opinion, it was a good price for a collector, but not a dealer.

galle red floral bulbous vase
Gallé bulbous 16″ red floral vase, Jaremos lot #282

I was very pleased to buy lot #282, a gorgeous, massive, 16″ tall, red floral vase. I paid $8,400, including buyer’s premium. It’s a $15,000 – $20,000 vase. The photographs weren’t very flattering because they were too dark. Following is a detailed photo showing how special it really is. The flowers have an extra layer of color, in this case a white layer below the red. It makes the flowers opaque, deepens the color and increases the contrast with the background. Very few Gallé vases have this extra layer. It’s killer.

galle red floral bulbous vase 2

For the complete results of the sale click here.

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