A Seat at The Table: The Beauty of Biedermeier Chairs

Biedermeier Chairs are exemplars of easily integrable antique furniture pieces. Whether matching them with a table or curating a seating arrangement in a lounge or living room, Biedermeier chairs are a great fit. They embody the kind of simplicity that is both decorative and and a great fit for an understated interior.

If you are drawn to Biedermeier Chairs, be sure to read up on their cousin, the Biedermeier Table, in our recent blog post. For a more general introduction to Biedermeier Style, read up on the History and Characteristics of the period instead!

In today’s blog, we will delve into the various kinds of Biedermeier chairs available on Styylish. We will explore what unites and distinguishes them, and how you can use them to elevate your home. Whether your dining room needs new life, or your living room is in desperate need of an interesting accent, Biedermeier Chairs might be just what you need.

Biedermeier Style: A Recap

Biedermeier Wardrobe walnut- 19th century- styylish
Furniture in Biedermeier style has a refined, simple focus on the beauty of natural wood

Biedermeier is the furniture style of the middle class that emerged during the Industrial Revolution. An active rejection of the lavish, highly ornate, and expensively decorative furniture styles of the aristocratic 18th century, Biedermeier finds beauty in simplicity.

Biedermeier has a practical, utilitarian core that celebrates simplicity. The natural grain of the wood used in veneer and construction plays a major role in decoration. No gold embellishments needed.

Austrian Biedermeier, especially, finds lots of common ground with the much later Art Nouveau style. Some of the chairs below will exemplify that connection. Both styles celebrate natural swirls and wood features with a distinctly refined touch.

Biedermeier Chairs as Emblems of Inclusion

Biedermeier Armchair walnut- styylish
Biedermeier accent chairs can provide unique beauty to an interior space, for instance

As the embodiment of a more inclusive society, Biedermeier style feels like the natural period for chairs to become important features in a regular household.  As an invitation for others  to take a seat around one’s own table, Biedermeier Chairs played a critical role in the development of new thoughts and ideas in the 19thcentury.

Early industrial workshop principles made it easier to assemble intricate designs repeatedly. As a result, Biedermeier chair are often great examples of near-identical looking, quality wood products. A complete set is a rare and special thing.

Let us now take a look at some of these sets, as well as standalone accent pieces from the Styylish catalog, to allow you to develop an idea of the wonderful possibilities these antique products can offer.

Biedermeier Chairs in the Styylish Catalogue

Table Chairs

Here at Styylish, nothing quite pops out to us than a full set of Biedermeier chairs. For any true lover of furniture, collector or otherwise, there are few things more worth having than a complete group of chairs, handcrafted in the 19th century as individual pieces meant to remain together.

Viennese Biedermeier chairs- styylish
A beautiful set of Viennese Biedermeier chairs – available now on Styylish

In this Set of Four Viennese Biedermeier Chairs, the spirit of Josef Ulrich Danhauser is alive and well. The marquee Austrian Biedermeier designer, and subject of a blog post on Styylish, was renowned for his exceptional use of wood that elevated Biedermeier style from a style for commoners to one that seemed accessible to aristocrats.

Viennese Biedermeier chairs- styylish
A group of six stunning Biedermeier chairs from Vienna – available now on Styylish

This Group of Six Biedermeier Chairs embodies some of the very same qualities. These gorgeous examples of Biedermeier style can bring modern glamour to a dining or living room. Whispers of Art Nouveau, a style almost a century younger than Biedermeier, can already be felt in these pieces.

Walnut Biedermeier Chairs- styylish
A pair of walnut Biedermeier Chairs – available now on Styylish

This Pair of Walnut Biedermeier Chairs, ideal for a small table (think: chess pair set-up), is an example of the more rustic, harder angles of the style. But even in the rectangular shapes of this chair back, the wood grains interact in such engagingly designed ways, that its hard to call these two chairs “rustic” by any means. They are as elegant as you can hope from 19th century originals.

Accent Chairs

You do not need a table to incorporate Biedermeier elegance. In fact, the canon of Biedermeier is full of armchairs and single chairs that bring accents to a room. If you’ve ever felt that a room of yours lacked a certain something, they can work wonders. Choosing quality pieces from the Styylish collection will provide you with the benefit of original antique elegance.

2 Biedermeier Armchairs- styylish
A pair of Biedermeier Armchairs – available now on Styylish

This Pair of Biedermeier Armchairs, for instance, has a modern simplicity that lends itself extremely well for combination with a state-of-the-art contemporary space. The plush, comfortable upholstery is refurbished to give the delicate wood frame an elegant facelift.

Biedermeier Walnut chair- styylish
A single Biedermeier accent chair – available now on Styylish

This Single Biedermeier Walnut Chair is the perfect accent addition to a music room or lounge. It embodies the exquisite qualities of refined Biedermeier. Yet, the petite size makes it an ideal piece of supporting furniture in an interior space. The ebonized harp-shaped back will feel like an artful addition to any space.

wingback chair- styylish
Biedermeier Wingback Armchair – available now on Styylish

If you’re looking for a single armchair to add to a reading nook, for instance, this Biedermeier Wingback Chair has the library elegance and stylistic comfort for a book lover’s retreat. Or match it with a modern fireplace for a cozy wintertime retreat. The chair brings to life the fantasies of another age without ever seeming outdated or old-fashioned. That philosophy drives our work at Styylish.

Biedermeier Chairs: Endlessly Charming

Biedermeier Chairs are a reliable, effortlessly stylish way to bring beauty and depth to your living space. Why look elsewhere when picking a new set of dining room chairs? Indeed, if you are looking for the missing piece in your living room, a Biedermeier chair is a wonderful choice.  Browse the Styylish catalog for many more stunning Biedermeier pieces, and give tasteful depth to your rooms today!

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