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Top Three Tips on Making Personalized Calendars

Designing personalized calendars for personal use or to give out as gifts is a great idea. Not only are you providing something useful that can be enjoyed for the next year, it is a great way to create a custom photo gift from the heart.

How to Guide on Learning How to Knit

Knitting has been a favorite pastime of many women for several centuries. It is a difficult skill and has turned out to be an income-earning endeavor. However, those who learn how to knit derive tremendous satisfaction from working on these complicated stitches for long hours.

Using Glow in the Dark Thread

Glow in the dark thread can add an wonderful accent to a variety of different projects form quilting and embroidery to costumes and clothing. This thread is useful for safety making Halloween costumes easier to see or for just adding an special touch to a project.

A Dozen Valentine Activities to Make and Do With Your Children

Even though my children don’t understand Valentine’s Day, they still like to enter into the spirit of things by sending Daddy an anonymous card, or even asking why Daddy hasn’t sent Mummy a card! Here are a dozen simple craft and cooking activities that you could make in the lead up to the 14th February, or maybe adapt a few for half term the following week…

A History of Silversmithing

Silversmithing is indeed an art. Silversmiths craft silver into something beautiful. Something functional, something precious, sometimes all of the above.

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