American Civil War Brooch Sells at Auction

A brooch given by an American Unionist General sold in our Antique & Modern Jewellery auction in August 2016. General Robert Stuart fought in the American Civil War and gave his wife this brooch.

The “Civil War” Brooch

19th Century aquamarine brooch engraved To Ellen Stuart, from General Robert Stuart - a general who fought in the American Civil War.

The team researching this piece came to call it the “Civil War Brooch” among ourselves. This beautiful piece dates from the mid-19th century. The main feature of the brooch is a large oval-shaped aquamarine. In itself, an aquamarine of this size is impressive. After all, it does measure 20 by 15.8 by 10.5mms. However, what really struck us is the personal engraving to the reverse.

“To Ellen Stuart, from General Robert Stuart”.

The style of the piece of jewellery made us attribute it to America in the mid-19th Century. Combining this theory with Ellen’s and Robert’s names, led us to believe that an American Civil War soldier gave this brooch to his wife. Consequently, we set up a research project starting in America in the 1860s.

General Robert Stuart

Robert Stuart fought in various battles for the Union army throughout the American Civil War. Robert was commended for gallantry at Brandy Station, Virginia in 1863 as Lieutenant. He served in Company K, 2nd New York Cavalry Regiment, and was officer of the day the Battle of Cedar Creek where he drowned in July 1863.

You can read more about Robert, his military career, and his family here.

The “Civil War” Brooch sells at auction

In the Antique & Modern Jewellery auction on August 11th 2016, we sold the brooch for a realised price of £1,173.92.


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