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Woodworker’s Tools to Get Started

Woodworker’s Tools have come a long way from the days when early man used a stone to fashion his first walking stick. Now we have the tools to create wonderful works of art. We have the tools to build furniture for everyday use, homes for our pets, and children’s toys. Today’s tools help turn anyone into a craftsman with a little training. Of course it could take years to develop some of the skills required for some of the more complicated projects. With the proper tools and plans, however, you can turn those ideas into beautifully handcrafted works.

6 Sewing Dont’s

If you’ve ever allowed a child to sew, it’s no easy feat. Here are 6 things to remember if you’re new to sewing.

Keep Your Pumpkin Carving Looking Fresh Longer

Don’t let a rotting, molding, bug filled pumpkin ruin your Halloween. Although you can not preserve a pumpkin carving forever, there are definitely to make it last longer.

A Guide To Making And Printing Transfers And Stickers Using Your Inkjet Or Laser Printer

If you are looking for a really fun hobby to brighten up your life then making stickers for many of your household items can really be a lot of fun. You may think that this is difficult to do but all you need is a computer and printer and some imagination.

Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine: Featherweight 118 Review

Whether you are an experienced sewer or a beginner, you have probably heard about the popular Singer Featherweight sewing machine. This tiny machine has many of the same features as its full-sized counterparts. The Singer Featherweight 118 is famous all over the world for its compact design and reduced size.

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