Creating Contemporary Art: Custom Made Furniture on Styylish

The Philosophy of Custom Made Furniture

Custom-made furniture is becoming an ever-growing part of the Styylish catalogue. Sourced from real artists and artisans working today, around the globe, these pieces range as widely in form and function as they do in origin. But one simple philosophy unites them all: avant-garde design from the highest-quality materials, showcasing true artistry.

Our recent blogs have revolved around deep dives into various styles of antique furniture. These historical explorations, most recently on antique nightstands or antique bookcases, have re-contextualized common, everyday furnishings with their historical antecedents and traditions.

Custom made bar cabinet- view in a room- styylish
Incorporate a custom bar cabinet into your bright interior, for instance!

Similarly, the custom-made furniture available on Styylish follows its own rich history. From East Asia to Europe, the artisans whose products have found a home in our store represent culminations of local traditions, and a legacy of work in harmony with local products, styles, and ideas.

By ordering one of these pieces of furniture from our store, you are supporting real, working artists. At the same time, you’ll be investing in the legacy of their traditions and the sustenance of artistic practice around the globe.

But what exactly constitutes custom made furniture? What is custom about it? And how do these contemporary pieces fit into the Styylish world of antiques? Let us begin exploring custom made furniture and its place in your home.

Furniture – to Order

It may seem counterintuitive, but all the antique furniture available on Styylish was once built to order. Whether commissioned by royals and aristocrats, or selected from some of the first furniture catalogues by an emerging middle-class, the very antiques we wonder at today for their resilience and centuries of preservation, were once the emblems of modern living.

Modern custom made table-side view with chair- styylish
Note how well a custom made table can fit into an interior!

As such, it should come as no surprise that custom made furniture has a place in the Styylish catalogue. A distinct part of our quest to breathe life and purpose into the past starts with local practices and traditions, for instance.

Whether you are acquiring an antique or a contemporary piece, you are preserving the artisan tradition implied in our high quality products and guaranteeing its place as a family heirloom or a rare find for coming generations.

There is one obvious difference between antique and custom made furniture: your impact on a given product. Depending on the specific object, our custom furniture has modality: you can choose its wood or its cloth or its color.

Because of that, the history of the object begins with your choices – choices that will reverberate in it through the centuries to come. Creating custom made furniture starts with you.

Featured Custom Made Furniture

To introduce you to the world of custom-made furniture on Styylish, we want to showcase three very different products that embody the very best of Contemporary European Design.

These custom pieces, two chairs and a bar cabinet, are all unique in their approach to material, design, and aesthetic. They all exemplify the potential of custom-made furniture for your interior, however.

A Natural Beauty: The Ginka Chair

accent chair-modern chair-styylish
The striking Ginka – available on Styylish

The Modern Gingko Leaf Chair derives its design from the geometry of Japanese Ginkgo leaves. Organic and utterly modern, the Ginka is a truly groundbreaking object, incorporating the design genius of the natural world into an unforgettable concept.

The three triangular wood panels of the chair are supported by a minimalist tube framing. The result is a light chair that is extremely portable. Beautifully compatible with both antique pieces and vintage industrial design, the Ginka is fit for any space.

The upholstery and the tube framing are offered in deep black and royal burgundy, customize the coloring to make it fit your home perfectly. Additionally, free shipping to the United States makes the Ginka Chair an affordable design addition to your favorite room.

Sustainably Rustic: A Reclaimed Wood Chair

This Reclaimed Wood Armchair incorporates wood from old Serbian cottages, some over a century old. Therefore, this chair is a true piece of history. With sustainable material sourcing and cutting-edge design, this chair is the perfect modern addition to a rustic interior.

Reclaimed wood- armchair- styylish
A reclaimed wood armchair, the legacy of wood veneer – available on Styylish

Pair it with a rustic coffee table, for instance, to create resonance with the historic wood. If you think the chair is too rustic for your particular interior, however, fear not! The custom wood option allows you to order a chair made only from renewably sourced, not reclaimed wood. Get the same design experience in a less rustic style!

Art Deco, Revisited: The Gianni Bar Cabinet

Custom Made Bar Cabinet- Styylish
The Custom Made Bar Cabinet Gianni – available now on Styylish

This Custom-Made Bar Cabinet, named “Gianni”, is a true show-stopper. The central circular panel, offset from the rest of the piece by an elegant use of wood grain, exemplifies the duality of ultra-contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship.

Any true lover of interior design will appreciate the subtle nods to Art Deco style. With a certain verticality and imposing geometry, the Gianni is infinitely compatible with both modern furnishings and antique wood furniture. And as a bar cabinet with a stain-resistant wood finish, it’s a truly functional piece with heaps of internal storage.

Above all, don’t forget to appreciate the quality of the materials! The Gianni is made entirely from massive walnut wood. With a massive wood dining table next to it, your dining room will feel grounded in top-end materials!

Customize the Gianni by choosing between a massive walnut or oak. Experience a product that will bring style back to your cocktail set-up!

Choices and More Choices

With custom made furniture on Styylish, your options for top-end interior design products are limitless!

Don’t be afraid to combine a contemporary design piece with an antique. If you choose the right wood tones and geometric philosophies to combine, your living space has the potential to become a site of avant-garde taste-making.

Browse the Styylish catalogue for many more custom-made furniture pieces and take ownership of your interior today!

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