Creative Modern Chandeliers That Will Light Up Your Life

A modern chandelier is a must for any home. It can be luxurious and large, minimalistic and unassuming, or anything in between. Chandeliers define the tone of the area they inhabit. It is essential that the lighting supports and highlights your beautiful space.

You should consider design, shape, color and material when choosing a chandelier. Join us to discover chandeliers on that are unique and breathtaking.

Whimsical Contemporary Chandeliers

This Modern Suspension Lamp features a cloud of blown glass bubbles of varying sizes with 160 translucent optical fibers. This lamp is made of Italian glass, which combined with the fibers, create a sculptural and aerial delight. The artist, Isa Moss, developed this piece with the intention to share the beauty and magic of light. The item is handmade in workshops near Paris.

Modern Suspension Lamp- in the kitchen- Styylish

This piece is gorgeous and fairytale-like. While it is large, it manages to add so much breath and vibrancy. You will avoid weighing down the room with a heavy centerpiece. Imagine this placed over an antique farmhouse table or hung from high ceilings in a modern loft.

An Artist Leaving a Big Impression: Isa Moss

Isa Moss is an art designer and interior designer. She designs, concepts, and manufactures custom contemporary chandeliers. She is passionate about researching materials and hijacking codes to invent a new aesthetic each time. Her refined taste and contemporary spirit is shaped through her detail-oriented eye and self-proclaimed perfectionism.

We have a handful of her glorious works on display on our site. This Round Glass Bubble Pendant Light can send you straight into a daydream. Her work manages to be whimsical and imaginative, while remaining peaceful. This piece is just one of many designs you can access in her collection at Styylish.

Round Glass Bubble Pendant Light- Styylish
A delightful piece, the Round Glass Bubble Pendant Light – available now at

Sometimes Less is More

Are you intimidated by the idea of large, looming dining room chandeliers? Don’t be scared by the prospect of a hanging light source. There are many options that create grand illumination in the center of a room. Check out a piece we have for sale that takes up very little space, but doesn’t sacrifice wow-factor.

This Isa Moss Glass Pebble Mono Light in chrome features a unique handblown pebble of Italian glass. This pendant light is a true showcase of craftsmanship and is offered in various sizes and colors. Additionally, you could create a unique and truly special layout for lighting in your space by combining a few of these pendants. Envision a set of multiple colors or sizes above a gorgeous marble kitchen island, or a few chrome pebbles hovered above a reading nook.

Glass Pebble Mono Light- Styylish
Glass Pebble Mono Light – ready for you to buy at

Magical Modern Chandeliers

Look no further than the Sea Flowers Pendant for something unlike anything you’ve seen before. This is a marvelous lighting fixture created by Edtya Baranska. Her glass has been compared to the medieval traditions of Venetian Murano glass. Today, it is known as art glass, and is still as highly regarded as it was in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Sea Flowers Pendant - Styylish
A magical colorful creation. The Sea Flowers Pendant is available on

This pendant showcases shimmering glass elements hanging in space. The effect is the most flattering mimicry of nature, resembling ocean jellyfish and flowers. Each chandelier is designed individually, allowing for personal touches and edits. This allows every piece to be unique and perfectly suited for your home. Imagine how special it would be to choose chandeliers with shades of glass colors that compliment your interior.

 What is the Correct Brightness Level for my Chandelier?

Any room in any home needs several light sources to suit mood. Usually chandeliers are positioned in the center of a room, allowing light illumination of all people and items surrounding you.

Chandeliers with exposed lights are very bright and effective in the daytime, but can be overwhelming at night. If you find yourself with this situation, consider setting up your lights on a dimming switch for maximum control. The number of lumens a chandelier produces at any time of day will affect the atmosphere of the house.

For that maximum warm and cozy feel, use low-temperature lamps in combination with a chandelier. These are lamps that should have bulbs with warmer colors and lower kelvin.

Modern Bedroom Chandeliers That Define Personal Taste

Light in our bedrooms is incredibly important for creating a relaxing retreat. Focus on highlighting your individual tastes in your bedroom, and use light levels thoughtfully.

Take into consideration all angles and viewpoints for bedroom chandeliers. Since you will spend a lot of time looking up at the fixture from underneath, pay attention to the details. This Small Globe Chandelier is consistent from every angle, which would provide so much lightness and joy. This design that would light up your room while you get ready in the morning, and guide you to your sweet dreams at the end of the day.

Small Globe chandelier- model Star- Styylish
Small Globe Chandelier- available now on

Phenomenal Works of Lighting Art from Puff Buff

This Modern Chandelier chandelier designed by Anna Siedlecka & Radek Achramowicz is aptly named “Emperor’s”. The elegance and exquisite richness of the design evokes images of grandeur. Traditional crystal chandeliers inspire the shape of the lamp but they are redefined by the use of modern material and technology. You can consider air to be the main material, so the lamp is very lightweight.

Modern Chandelier- Model Emperor's- Styylish
Modern Chandelier “Emperor’s” – available at Styylish.

The bubbles are the result of an original combination of pneumatic technology and LED diodes. Thanks to this innovation, the fixture is extremely energy efficient. Years of experiments and prototypes led to the creation of these unique lamps. This design is further proof that you don’t need a piece made of gold or diamonds to exude lavishness.

Modern Crystal Chandeliers Meet Their Match

There are more creative marvels by Puff Buff available for sale. Their designs will have you questioning your loyalty to crystal, and wanting to replace it with air. This Modern “Lullaby” Chandelier is made with high-quality transparent PVC film from Germany. You can place the arms in two different ways, creating three possible lamp forms and sizes.

Modern chandelier- model Lullaby optionB- Styylish
Marvel at this modern chandelier: “Lullaby”- available now on Styylish.

When you are deciding the best lighting for your home, did you ever consider that your glass-looking centerpiece could be inflatable? There are endless ways to be creative about your design choices, ensuring that every room is unique and suits you perfectly.

At What Height Should a Bedroom Chandelier Hang?

A modern chandelier is usually installed about 6 feet above the ground. However, the specifics of the bed and ceiling height can affect your exact choice. Adjust the height of the light accordingly, depending on your unique factors.

Then, hang the chandelier above the bed and use side tables to provide warm, accessible lighting. Your lighting focal point should be high enough to create seamless visual flow and keep everyone safe from hitting their head.

Modern Chandeliers Will Uplift Your Space

The world is your oyster. As with all pieces we’ve discussed before at Styylish, modern chandeliers are delightful representations of you. Think about how your exact chandelier choice can offer an extra special glow to your home.

Lighting can make or break your home’s feel for the everyday, as well as those special first impressions from guests. Get it right with Styylish. We are ready to chat about design options and help provide modern, vintage and antique variety to your decorative style.

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