Exploring Our Biedermeier Tables: A Buying Guide

Biedermeier Tables may just be the perfect antique for a modern home. Unfailingly versatile, they have a uniquely wood-driven aesthetic that makes them perfect for combination with both contemporary pieces and other antiques.

Fans of Styylish will be familiar with the Biedermeier style by now. It is one of our most sought-after design periods – and for good reason. You, too, may fall in love at first sight with a Biedermeier table today.

For an in-depth history of the Biedermeier period and a look at the perfect Biedermeier companions for the tables below, check out our blog post on Biedermeier chairs. But rest assured – you’ll come to find that chairs of many periods might look good next to a Biedermeier table. And that’s what makes the products below so special.

Biedermeier Tables at Styylish

Round Dining Tables

We begin with the classic Biedermeier Table shape: ample round dining tables, perfectly suited for a classy dining room or lunch foyer. In these tables, do especially note the feet: some have more than others, and oftentimes, artisans expressed themselves most clearly in table legs.

Original Biedermeier Table- Styylish
A stunning Biedermeier Table – available now on Styylish

This Classic Biedermeier Table checks every Biedermeier box. It features a gorgeous veneer that lets the wood speak for itself. Note how it seems to radiate spectrally on the large tabletop. The three-pronged column-leg makes for comfortable seating all around the table – and is handsome to look at, as well.

1820's Biedermeier Table- styylish
A four-legged Biedermeier table – available now on Styylish

For a different kind of round dining table, consider this Four-Legged Biedermeier Table. Unlike the frequently seen central column, this table features an almost modern set of four slender legs. Certainly elegant and completely unique, this table is sure to go especially well with intriguing chair combinations and modern décor.

Biedermeier Round Birch Table- Styylish
A Birch Biedermeier treasure – available now on Styylish

This Stunning Birch Biedermeier Table exemplifies the possibilities of wood-forward furniture design. The natural light color of birch wood creates an almost rustically enchanting tablescape, but with darker grounding motifs that are simply to die for. Breathe new life into your dining or living room with this remarkable piece.

Dreamy Biedermeier Console Tables

Not all Biedermeier tables are round. Some of the most striking, unique pieces in our collection are console tables, which are thinner, longer, and smaller, and ideal for placing against a wall or in long hallways.

Biedermeier Table Desk- view from above- Styylish
A stunning Biedermeier console – available now on Styylish

This Oval Console Table is a breathtaking piece of Biedermeier design, featuring a plethora of unique qualities. Two ebonized columns carry the unusual oval tabletop with distinctive grace. But the most striking aspect of this piece may be the footboard itself, decorated with unusual, ebonized features that seem to jut out of the light wood, like modernist abstractions.

When faced with a piece like this, it’s easy to think of it as more than a Biedermeier table. After all, it feels almost contemporary in its bold use of shape, color, and material.

With a prescience notable for the period, the maker of this particular console seems to emulate the favorite traits of Art Deco artists of about a century later. Particularly the contrast between ebonized features and light wood (in conjunction with the tall, jutting geometry of the piece) makes this seem like a piece pulled out of time.

But rest assured, it’s a completely unique original. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another one like it elsewhere.

Biedermeier walnut console table- Styylish
A Biedermeier console – available now on Styylish

In comparison, this Walnut Console Table feels almost common. But don’t let its less flashy look fool you: it’s an exceptional piece, ideally suited for incorporation into modern interiors. The gorgeous tone of walnut is an especially rich one, a favorite of 19th-century German artisans. Note the connection to the previous piece in the ebonized features adorning the feet.

Small Biedermeier Tables

Biedermeier Side Table- Styylish
A beautiful, picturesque Biedermeier side table – available now on Styylish

Biedermeier Tables come in smaller sizes, too, and often leave a lasting impression thanks to the obvious craftsmanship poured into them. One of our favorite petite pieces is this Cherry Wood Side Table, which bursts with rouge-toned wood. It is an exceptionally elegant piece, perfect for the discerning shopper’s bed or living room. This table is meant to hold treasures on and inside it.

Biedermeier Sewing Table- styylish
A Biedermeier sewing table – available now on Styylish

For a more rustic approach to small tables, this Biedermeier Sewing Table embraces its crafting purpose but can be used for much more than sewing. Consider this piece the ideal choice for an alcove or little nook, especially when adorned by engaging accent chairs.

If you do love sewing, you’ll find no more charming and beautifully designed object to perform your craft at than this one.

Biedermeier Game Table- with open top- Styylish
A wondrous Biedermeier game table – available now on Styylish

We end on a particularly lovely note. This Biedermeier Game Table is a top-notch charmer, ideal for a lounge or living room. With a tabletop that folds out into a leather-lined card playing surface, this piece is a rare find in its functional grace. You do not need to be an adept card player to admire its qualities in your home, however.

The richly colorful and geometric walnut root veneer allows the table to flow with a unique kind of energy that will make gathering around it as satisfying of an experience as you can imagine. Don’t be shy: you’ll fall in love with this piece in no time.

Summary: A Table for Everyone

As the selections from our catalog begin to show, Biedermeier tables are far from repetitive in style or design. There are many ways in which the wood-focused, high-quality design of the period’s artisans can come to the fore. All kinds of shapes and unique features set these tables apart from each other.

But they have one common defining principle: these tables are made for lovers of engaging interiors. Simple enough to combine with bold contemporary pieces of various materials, they are nevertheless bound to traditional craftsmanship and will become the center of life in your home.

If you liked what you saw today, be sure to browse our ever-growing catalog for further inspiration. We update it with new products on a daily basis! And if something antique has caught your eye, be sure to commit to it: most of our products are completely unique, never-seen-again finds. They’ll look really good in your home!

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