Five watches to start your watch collection

With around 90% of the UK population owning a smartphone, the need to wear a watch for time-keeping purposes has never been lower. Despite this, watch sales by both volume and value continue to grow year on year. The popularity of the most sought-after brands is even at an all-time high.

In the past, it would have been commonplace for the average member of the public to own a watch. Now though, watches have become another category of collectables. With the rise of social media and online forums, the hobby of “watch collecting” has boomed. It doesn’t need to be an expensive hobby either. The passion and enthusiasm amongst the Swatch collecting community is just as great as that within Rolex or Patek Philippe circles.

An article on Forbes called our auctions “a great place for new collectors to build up a collection“. We couldn’t agree more!

Luckily, we have our Watches and Watch Accessories auction taking place on August 30th. Kes Crockett has a look at what’s on offer and how they could help you start a watch collection.

Take it away, Kes!

There are a number of ways to build a collection. Some enthusiasts follow a simple strategy of buying what they like without any parameters. Others establish a highly specific and narrow focus accumulating watches all from a single genre. Many also like to have a selection of watches covering several bases.

Let’s take a look at five potentials to start off a wannabe watch collector.

Building a watch collection

The dive watch

Seiko Prospex for your watch collection

Seiko is brand that offers fantastic value for money, whether new or pre-owned. This 42mm titanium cased, automatic watch is perfect for every day use. Safe to wear whilst swimming or just battling the British winters, it’s highly legible dial and robust construction make it a great ‘do-it-all’ timepiece.

Lot 321 – Seiko Prospex

The travel watch

Sicura Globetrotter for your collection

With its unusual case shape and funky splash of colour, this vintage travel watch displays some of the world’s most well-known cities, allowing the wearer to know the time in multiple locations across the globe. The 24hr calibrated bezel confirms whether the timezone is ahead or behind GMT and a date window to three completes the package. A perfect watch for the jetsetter on a budget.

Lot 322 – Sicura Globetrotter

The quirky conversation starter

 Meistersinger Mechanik for your watch collection

No, it’s not broken, the hand hasn’t fallen off! This German brand specialises in one-handed watches. Visually striking and sure to get attention, the Meistersinger shows the time in a slightly different way. Rather than having two hands and the customary five one-minute interval markers between each hour, there is instead one hand and twelve makers, each representing five minutes. This allows the passage of time to be tracked to a surprising degree of accuracy despite the simplified display method. The exhibition case back makes it the only watch in this selection to allow the owner to enjoy the inner workings as well as the novel exterior.

Lot 248 – Meistersinger Mechanik

The dress watch

Omega Constellation for your watch collection

A classic watch from one of the most renowned watch brands, the Omega Constellation is everything you need in a dress watch. A clean and clear dial with baton markers and date window to three, accompanied in this instance by additional ‘crosshair’ detailing. The eye-catching ‘dog leg’ lugs and stylish black leather strap combine to create the perfect piece of wrist wear for those more formal occasions.

Lot 81 – Omega Constellation

The wildcard

Cartier travel alarm clock

The final spot in the five watch collection is…. not a watch. It is in fact a travel alarm clock made by another of the great Swiss watch houses. Manufactured in the style of its iconic Santos wrist watch, it provides a fun, low-cost entry point into the Cartier club.  The only timepiece in the group to use a quartz movement, this bedside timekeeper provides the reliability and accuracy needed to ensure you wake up on time, ready for the day ahead. Set it five minutes early and you might even have enough time to decide which watch to wear!

Lot 575 – Cartier travel alarm clock

With over 700 lots to chose from, there is sure to be something suitable for watch fans of all persuasions. And there is no need to limit yourself to just five watches if your pockets are deep enough! What would you pick for your watch collection?


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