Flea market picking! & picking up a load of treasures from a house call!

Flea market picking! & picking up a load of treasures from a house call!✌️

THANK YOU to everyone that has been checking out the BlueBusDave eBay! I am so grateful!💙

What You Need to Know About Antique Map Forgeries

Vintage map forgeries are very realistic copies of initial old maps that attempt to trick an individual right into believing they are considering an initial. The abilities necessary to create such a bogus are not that various from the skills needed to create money, yet they lug lesser criminal penalties when the crime is discovered. Imitations are different from business duplicates and recreations of old maps because there is an authentic objective to trick which must not be present with business reproductions.

A Brief History of Chinese Bronzes

Chinese Bronzes were the pinnacle of ancient Chinese art. They have a lengthy background and the ‘golden era’ of Chinese Bronzes lasted from over a thousand years from around 1000 BC to 200 ADVERTISEMENT. This write-up checks out that history.

1732 Giant Florentine Holds the Record for Most Expensive Furniture Worth $36 Million

A 1732 Florentine Ebony Upper body originally made in Italy was acquired for an astonishing $36,000,000. The public auction was performed in London by Christie’s Public auction Residence in 2004. At the time it was the greatest cost ever before paid at an auction for any furnishings.

What Is Round Top Antiques Show, What Will I Find There and Where Is Round Top?

What is Round Top Texas Vintage Week? Where is Round Top? In this article you will discover the essential truths concerning Round Top.

How to Date Your Grandfather Clock

There is a method to date your grandfather clock by just checking out the dial. The clues located here can give you a good concept of the age of your clock.

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