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Hey hi everybody: it’s, dr laurie. How are you the phd antiques appraiser? I’m back thanks for being with me, live for those of you who are gonna watch the stream later and watch the replay. I hope you enjoyed dr laurie’s, treasure hunt game.

Are you ready to play? Get your friends get your family? Let’s, see who’s going to win tonight’s game? Okay! Let’s, get started right here, right away, glasses. I know you all love glasses. I know you all know a glove glasses.

I know you all want to know more about glasses. So here are some glasses for you for tonight. Right you’re, going, i can’t see. I can’t see, yes, you can see hold the phone. I’ve heard from all of you that, in fact the dr laurie camp is a game changer that’s.

What i’ve been told, and it is a game changer. So, thanks to my great staff for all they do and for the dr laurie cam, can you see these? These are the glasses that we’re, going to talk about right now, you’ve got to ask the questions.

So what do you want to know about them? Let’s, see how good a thrifter you really are. Do you know what to ask? Do you know what to ask on these glasses? They are about this tall. They’re about three and a half inches tall, oh gosh, i had a long day.

I was talking to lots of fun people on video chats today and a lot of interesting items today on the video chats. But let’s. Talk about this, so what do you think? I want you to ask those questions and i want to get that information to you and teach you a couple of things you probably didn’t know that will be helpful when you’re.

Looking for those art, antiques and collectibles, remember i’m. The expert in the field. Oh yeah, i’ve, been watching those people. I’ve, been watching those people who have been copying me uh-huh yeah, all of a sudden.

They know all this stuff. I’m like oh, it’s interesting, so you know, but you know that happens that’s happens, video plagiarizing! You know how it is. You can call it a lot of things, but basically i want you to know that i’m, going to tell you the straight story and i’m, going to tell you what to look, for.

There are no chips. There are no cracks; no, these are not hand blown. How do you know that they’re, not hand blown? Usually you ‘ Ll have a ponte if you see something that’s, hand blown where, of course, the rod has been taken off, so these are not hand blown in fact, this particular piece this these particular glasses are not hand blown.

How about the decoration? What other questions have you got? What other questions have you got? Do they have a seam? These particular glasses do not have a seam. There is no seam on these glasses. What does that tell you that they’re not made in two parts right? A seam will indicate that something’s made in two parts.

The seam actually shows you where how they come together, so that’s. Why a lot of people look for seams don’t be taken in by these folks who are trying to teach you one little basic thing like oh? Does it have a seam? So what does that really mean? What does that mean for value? So think about these kinds of things, i want you to remember that, because people are going oh well, i heard this and i heard that you know louie at the 7-11 taught me this, or this person taught me that make sure you have the right source and I’m the right source.

There are no bubbles in these glasses, either no bubbles in these glasses at all doesn’t have bubbles. What does that tell you? A lot of people think that that tells you about age right. It is not a piece of libby glass, but you are close.

You’re talking about american glass lori, but it is not libby glass. This particular glasses, are actually made by a company called the hazel atlas company, the hazel atlas glass company. Does that help do you know where they’re from? Maybe that helps? What do you think? What do you think? What here’s, some more let’s.

Take a look again! All right! Take a look again! So no seams, no bubbles right, very, very thin. Let me show you the top look how thin that glass is. What does that tell you so very, very thin. It’s, not a thick glass.

Also at the bottom. The bottom of the glass is not very thick either. Some of these tumblers are kind of thick hang on a second. I want to hold it up for you, so you can see that. Do you see that right at the bottom, sometimes you ‘

Ll. Have these glasses that at the bottom are very very thick this? These are not. These are not, which should help you to identify what you’re, going to use them for so knowing their function is important.

Remember the old saying form follows function. That was from a guy named louis sullivan. He was an architect. He was actually the architect teacher of frank, lloyd, wright anyway, uh elizabeth hand painted or machine painted these pieces are actually not painted at all.

These are decals. You’re, like decals doctor larry, my head’s, going to pop off right and notice the type of decal they actually are. They’re tulips. I’ve taught you before. If you watch the, if you watch actually the channel what tulips symbolize different flowers have different symbolism right and tulips, in fact, are the symbols of prosperity.

Does that help you identify their date, dr laurie? What are you talking about? Well, these are the types of things that i want you to start to put together. How old are they they date from the 1930s, the 1940s, that’s? Why tulips are on them right? A time of the great depression, these particular glasses are were first introduced in the great depression and continued to be manufactured into the 1970s.

These other folks are not going to tell you this kind of information where you connect the history and the function and the use all together, hi kathy, were they poured into a mold. These particular glasses are very, very thin, very, very slight, and they have decals.

On top very thin at the bottom, and they are not hand blown, they are made by the hazel atlas company, the glass company out of washington, pennsylvania in the united states. Hmm, you’re thinking, you’re thinking.

Are they peanut butter cups? They are not peanut butter cups. They are used, in fact, for very expensive juices. Like orange juice, orange juice is relatively expensive. They’re, not from the 1960s. I just told you they’re from the 1930s to the 1940s or when they were introduced and they’re continually distributed and manufactured until the 1970s or so these are the 1930s 1940s.

Can they go in the dishwasher? I wouldn’t put these in the dishwasher. I have to tell you. I wouldn’t, put a lot of things in the dishwasher, although i had it on chris, who used to put everything in the dishwasher.

She lived in 98 and everything went in the dishwasher and it wasn’t all that worse for wear. I’ve. I’ve. Seen her take things out like royal dalton figurines in the dishwasher. She would do that. She’s very clean, but not a great idea.

I would not advocate that at all, but she did it depression. Wear it’s, not a depression glass, but it is from the 1930s 1940s era. The depression remember: depression: glass can be made starting in the depression era and colored glasses made all the way into the late 1950s.

Just because it says it’s, depression, glass or is called depression. Glass does not mean that it’s made between 1930 and 1933, so the depression so be aware of that, because you ‘ Ve got a lot of these titles that are being thrown around that don ‘

T relate to the historical time period or historical movement, and that’s. Why? I’m here to help you remember, i’m, the expert phd antiques appraiser, and i want to teach you so you succeed. I want you to understand it.

I want you to know what to look for. Were they a free gift from a movie theater? These were not free gifts, they were. These were not giveaways from a movie theater. The craft company actually made them relatively famous with their particular products.

They’re, called swanky, glasses, swanky, glasses. The the of course tulips and other flowers were the decals, but the tulips were very popular. They are made by the hazel atlas glass company, which is a very well known and pretty typical, made every day household glasswares for the in the united states, right out of pennsylvania in the 1930s 1940s for this okay, now you know what they are now you have Some information about what to look for right, thin right, a thin body, the decals that you can actually feel you can actually feel the decals.

And if you look carefully, you can actually see the decals too. Let me make sure we ‘ Ve got it there, you can actually even see the decals. You can kind of see them there. Do you see that little that little reflection as you go through you can see that it actually is a decal and the best way to tell a decal typically and the easiest way to attach a decal? I’ll, put down the dr glory cam for a minute.

Each way to attach the detail is so it’s, not right up against each other, so you have actual space throughout the decal, so that’s. What i mean and when i say space i mean a space piece like this. Let me see if i can get it for you.

I mean an area where you can still see just the clear glass in between you see that space right there between the petals of the flower, in between, of course, the green stem and the red flower. That’s.

How it’s easier to put decals together? Okay! So now you know what they are: swanky glasses hazel atlas glass company made in washington, pennsylvania in the united states from the 1930s, the 1940s you’re, trying to guess the value of the pair.

It’s. Dr laurie’s, treasure hunt. Would you know what’s valuable in your house? Would you know what’s valuable at the thrift, store, antique store and, of course, estate sale, flea market? Would you know, would you know what to ask okay deborah thinks 35 bucks? Is that too high? They’re in good shape, they’ve got a couple scratches.

They’ve been used. They’re used for expensive drinks like orange juice, yeah orange juice, expensive. Okay. What do you think? What do you think linda 50 bucks? Would you pay 50 bucks for two that’s? 25, each 25? Each? Would you pay that much for these glasses, which are mass produced, deanne, says 25? Are we getting closer 10 bucks for the pair carol, says 10 bucks for the pair? They’re kind of pretty at 10 bucks for the pair right, eight dollars a piece so that’s 16 way.

I got ta do math eight and eight is sixteen: okay, okay, uh! Now all that math. When i play this game with on the tv channels, you know um on the network, cbs abc and others. You know i don’t. Do the math, i just let the host figure out the math 12.

They’re hand painted they’re, not hand painted they’re decals. They’re decals. You can’t make a new. You know you can’t, make a new criteria on them or a new trait. For them. They’re, not hand painted.

I told you they’re decals 40 bucks for the two of them. That’s. 20 of glass, that’s kind of high guys kind of high ten dollars for one or eight dollars each for the pair. Is that what lori says that’s? What laurie says? Okay, what else are you looking for? I don’t know, would you pay ten dollars? Each ganesha says she thinks 30 bucks for both of them 30 bucks, for both of them do not sell them separately.

Oh marie doesn’t want to sell them separately. Okay, so you think if you sell them as a pair, do juice glasses usually come in pairs or do juice, glasses, usually come in sixes or eights or twelves or right, so do you just sell one? Does somebody really wan na buy one, and these are the kinds of selling tips that i want you to think about? I want you to think about what are you gonna actually do, or does somebody really wan na just buy one juice glass right now me? I’m single.

Maybe i would only want one juice glass, but typically people want more than one. So i think you wouldn’t, probably do well by just selling one alone. You got to sell certain things separately. Right, like i always say, sell the beanie baby separately.

You know but pieces like this. I would sell together um. You probably would do that for 15 bucks. So i want you to think about quality condition and the materials that are used to make the piece. What do you think they’re worth you’re, saying 50 bucks for the set 50 bucks is way too high.

You’re thinking, 10, each that’s. 20 bucks for the set. Are you in the ballpark? Some people are saying four: what’s? The value? Are you ready? Here? Comes the value yeah. It’s! Thirty dollars for the pair, they’re fifteen dollars a piece, and i think you got ta, sell them based on actual sales records where similar pieces have sold sold, not numbers of.

Oh it’s this. No, it’s that it might be this, and somebody lists it for that on ebay they don’t know what they’re doing, or they do know what they’re doing forget it has to be What somebody actually paid it has to be in a recent market right, so you ‘

Ve got to think about that too. That was fun. How did you do? Were you close? Some of you seemed like you were pretty close right. I saw some pretty good numbers right in that ballpark. I want you to make sure that you’re, doing just that that you’re in that ballpark right up.

Somebody got it right. I didn’t, get your name questions too don’t. Forget we’re open for the questions. If you have some questions tonight, i’ll, be happy to answer those too thanks for being with me.

Live it’s, always good to be with all of you. I spent my day doing. Of course, video calls and some appraisal research and some other things. It was really a lot of fun. It was a great day very, very busy here, of course, and lots of questions, good questions that you guys always have and doing some new and exciting things on our community tab.

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A couple of other things that i’ve, been i’ve, been thinking about this week, is, of course telling you more about how you identify glass, how you identify jewelry the next couple of weeks. You know it’s.

Going to be all about things like perfume jewelry, did you see the new video on all the perfume bottle values wow? That’s, getting a lot a lot of play. A lot of people are enjoying that, because it’s, information that people don’t know of how you can actually identify the perfume bottle.

That’s in front of you. Not only the perfume bottle that’s on the video and that’s. What’s different about me and everybody else, because i’m gonna tell you what you look for at the pieces that you’re, actually looking for not just pieces that are on a table, for example.

So well, we’ll focus on that kind of information, but i’m trying to educate your eyeballs and make you think about what this piece is. How was it made? Where was it made? What are the characteristics so yeah thanks b, i’m glad you loved the perfume bottle video if you loved it.

So much did you share it? I hope you shared it. Please share it with your friends and family. Please share it on your other channel, so everybody can learn from it. It’s, really a wonderful example, but the other thing is coming up and you know i don’t have a valentine personally and that’s.

Okay, but you know the other thing that’s coming up is in fact valentine’s day and the idea about jewelry, so there’s, going to be a lot of jewelry, in fact coming up mary. Thank you. So much for the super sticker.

Actually, i’ve been talking to a lot of you and it was cool to talk with a lot of you. Um on video calls and other ways, but don’t forget about um. The way in which you can get in touch with me right here live of course, thursday and also saturday nights and on sundays.

I premiere, of course, the new, the new video, so you could always be there too. So i’m wearing a lot of shirts because i’ve been very cold and anyway. So i’m gonna pull up put these up a little bit, but jewelry is gonna be way way way important.

It’s kind of important in my life all the time, because i just love any kind of thing that sparkles so um a lot of that’s, going to be coming up with what you should look for with that as well, And i know a lot of you have been looking for that.

But glass is really going to be a hot topic and that’s. Why? I wanted to start off with these, because these are something that you can find, and not only in the tulip pattern, but also you can find them in patterns like snowflakes.

You can find with patterns in other flowers. You can find them in all different types of things, but i want you to become a good looker right. I know you’re all good looking, but i want to make sure that you find a good looker right.

I want you to look at these pieces and know what quality is and leave the junk behind right. So don’t miss those things when you’re at the thrift store. You know, even if you’re um, even if you’re going around in a thrift store, you know how whatever you’re looking for.

I want you to be able to do that. Okay, so don’t forget to share the channel and don’t. Forget the community tab now, a couple of other things that i want to talk with you about. If you haven’t got a lot of you said.

Actually, i talked with someone on a video call today and she said well, dr laurie, i can’t really see um that mark that mark on the back of my sterling silver flatware set, i’m guessing it says sterling.

I’m, just gonna guess and i said don’t guess she said that’s right, i don’t have to guess anymore, because i got the loop and she was so happy because she was Able to see what she needed to see to identify her piece, so the loop is very helpful.

The other pieces are helpful on, of course, my shopping channel. Now, on my shopping page, you can go to shopping, and why am i mentioning this? Because a lot of you have said that you can’t find actually the shopping that you can’t find the loop that you can’t click on it.

Please please, please check your settings. The channel works, the video works, the links work, everything works and i know it’s frustrating but check your settings. You know and i don ‘ T mean check your settings, so you don’t lose.

You know something in your stone: a stone in your ring. I’m talking about check the settings on your computer and your devices and such dallas star. Thank you very much for the super stickers. Thank you all for the super stickers and for the super chats.

I am very grateful for all of them in any denomination. Any amount is helpful. I’m glad. You live the loop. I’m glad you ordered the loop, i’m. It will help you and that’s. Why? I’m here to help you, but thank you for supporting the channel and loretta.

Thank you for supporting the channel and the reason for it is, of course, to support, of course, making new videos, so i can make new videos for all of you, and so we can do things like the dr laurie cam.

When all of you said i can’t see it dr lori, i need to see it guess what we got the dr lori cam for you, so you can really see it. So when i say oh, i want you to look at the bottom. So when you actually look at the bottom, you can really see it and that’s.

What i want, i want you to see nuances. I want you to learn it and you’re gonna learn it by educating your eyeballs and i’m. The only one who can teach you that, because all these other people are like you guys right starting out you’re.

Looking at pieces, you’re trying to learn stuff. I’ve, already done all that work, so utilize. The work i’ve done. I’m, giving it to you all for f-r-e-e that’s. What we like! Okay, let’s, do another one! You want to play another one! All right! You ready all right here.

We go, get ready. Dr laurie’s. Treasure hunt, let’s, see if you can identify and what questions you would have about this object. So i’m going to move these lovely glasses. So you can all see it. I’m, going to move them over here.

Next to the inuit sculpture. I’m, going to move this little. Dolly too, i’m. Going to put this here. Put this here, one two: three: four: okay, now first thing you should be thinking about this set. What questions do you have? What questions do you have about that set right here, hi betty? Thank you so much.

I will talk about old, talcum products. I did in the video as well, and i’m glad. You love the new dr lori cam. So a couple of things so talcum products uh the ideas of like old talcum powder, that’s in its original jars.

Remember oftentimes, the talcum should be in a dark colored, glass, jar, um or glass bottle, and the color, of course, is to keep the light out. So a chemical reaction, doesn’t, take place, and so you don’t, ruin the actual talcum powder or other types of powders.

So usually it’s, a cobalt blue glass or a brown or amber kind of glass. So, look for that as you do that i want you to make sure of that kim. Thank you very, very much and the reason why i want to make you aware of these colors and what it should look like is.

So you know if you’re, getting the real thing or if you’re, getting a fake or a knock off, and that’s. Why i want to do that kim? Thank you very much and thank you all for the super chats and the super stickers.

It really does help and you’re. Helping the whole community, which i love is it hand painted these particular pieces, are in fact hand painted. So what is it? Do you know what it is? Is it stamped or signed? Okay, we’ll.

Let the dr laurie cam answer that one is it stamped or signed? Well, let’s, see where we are doesn’t, look stamped doesn’t look signed now. What do you do here’s? What you do, do you see right here along this edge, how it is not glazed the edge is not glazed, but the interior is glazed, and this is not glazed.

That tells you something people are going to go. Oh, my god! Now we’re. Looking at something that looks the same, but she’s going to tell me it’s different it’s different it’s, definitely different and it’s different on all of these right.

All of these are actually in that same manner. So when it’s actually being made, it has to sit on something right and here’s, the dr laurie camp. Ah, my staff is so cool here’s. The dr lori camp, the interior here of the bottom, is actually glazed, but that circle around the end isn’t, and then i want you to look at this.

Do you see those ridges? What do those ridges mean? I’ve taught you that what do those ridges mean on these pieces? What do those ridges mean there’s, a lot going on with this set? This is a saki set.

Of course, you see, of course, the characters which usually mean wine, or they say good hell. Those kinds of things on sake sets all of them, including this one condition. Is it milk glass? It is actually not glass at all.

This is bone. China bone china, not glass at all. Okay, it’s, not glass. This is glass bone china, so it’s. A sake set doesn’t have a stopper with it. Is it handmade? If you see these ridges, you would know that these particular pieces are actually hand built.

Okay, that’s, why i was pointing out the ridges and whoever that was who said handmade. I’m. Sorry, i missed your name, but that person understood it sandra han, so hand built hand built is different than handmade.

Okay, they’re hand built, and then they actually are put into a kiln which of course of machine. So, okay, all right, good, good. Good and then what you’re looking at here are, in fact these particular pieces also have that blue white pottery, which goes back to the the tradition of the cantonese chinese right or the great port of canton right canton ware, is always, of course, Blue and white: yes, it’s pottery.

So now you know what it is. It’s bone china, it’s. Ceramic remember ceramic! Is that umbrella term it’s, got the blue white area, it’s. Also, how old is it? How old do you think it is so it dates to the 1970s day to the 1970s and notice how many pieces, how many pieces dates to the 1970s right, so it’s.

It’s, it’s old, but it’s, not as old as the 1950s or earlier right. It’s, not turn of the century asian, okay and then the other thing that we’re. Looking at here is the ridges that i told you about one two, three four.

Why am i counting remember the count i used to love the count on sesame street when i was a little kid, because my mom was i’ve told you many many times was much older than all my friends moms. So she was just like tired most of the time and you know, but she was lovely and wonderful.

I loved her very much and i miss her all the time, but it was be funny because she’d, be like let’s. Count with the count i was little and she had a million things to do and other kids and all of this, and i liked the count very much one, two three four and the count would count.

Why do i keep counting four sake? Cups? Why do i keep counting them because sake cups, use cocky sets usually come with five cups. Thank you. Joanne saki cups usually sets usually come with five cups.

Okay, it is for the western market that they will start to make six cups typically, and this particular set only has four cups. It did have a fifth one made in america since it’s, not marked with its country of origin.

Okay, that’s, a good tip because it’s, not marked with its country of origin. These pieces are made in the 70s. Could they have had a sticker on them? That now has been lost. Yes, they could have had a sticker on them that now has been lost, so it’s not marked on the bottom.

Oh no, dr laurie, i’ve, got to think of all these things. That’s. Why? I’m trying to make it easier for you. I’m trying to have you look for things just in case you don’t, have the stipper just in case you don’t, have all the information that’s.

Why i want you to learn it from the ground up? I want you to lay the foundation and learn it this way, because once you learn that, then it’s. Yours, nobody’s, going to fool you! Nobody’s, going to tell you it’s, something that it’s.

Not you’re, going to be able to trust your gut that’s. What i want you to do that’s? Why i’m doing all this, so you get it so you get it anyway, so that’s, one of the things that we’re going to look at at this.

So usually they have five. This one only has four: what’s that going to do to value? You know start doing the value in your head. It’s in beautiful condition. They’re in beautiful condition. I like the little element here.

The little spout it’s very, very thin. It’s almost just like a little beak of a bird. It’s almost just like a little tiny, itsy bitsy element right here. A little beak. I’ll. Try to do my cam since i have my cam right, so i’ll.

Show you that there it is now a lot of people will look straight down in the piece to see whether or not it’s hand built. Is it hand built or are only the actual cups hand built? This? Is the the sake quote, decanter right? What would pour the sake out of it too has the ridges at the bottom, just like the cups right.

Okay, i hope that helps. I’m very happy when you ‘ Ve told us all when you got back to us after that. The first week with the dr lori cam that it’s, a game changer. So thank you for that, because we worked hard on it and you supported us to.

In fact you supported us with the super chats and the super stickers. So, thank you for those because that’s, how we got the dr laurie cam to help you, so you know we’re, putting it all back in for you guys.

So thank you very much for doing that. You know it’s. Not so you know i can get my hair dyed, which i haven’t gotten dyed in a long time. Anyways all right. Let’s see. So what other questions do you want to ask about? It we know it’s 1970s.

We know it’s sucky. We know it’s, hand built. We know we’re missing a cup right. We know it’s in beautiful condition. We know it’s based on canton, wear or blue white porcelain, china, that is actually the type of china designs and decorations that inspires everything from delft to royal copenhagen, to all, to mycin, to all of the blue white ceramic that you will see.

Actually starts from there: okay, that’s. What we’re looking at here, that’s. What we’re, looking at here right, really, nice, nice quality, nice style, you’ll notice – that, of course, these elements are well done, and you probably have seen others of these sets.

This is not a one of the kind set either. Is it missing a stopper this particular set um did not have a stopper to go with it. Typically, what it would have used is not a traditional stopper but in fact a cork stopper.

Some of the traditional sets will have a cork stopper instead, very, very big. It would have been a big cork stopper as opposed to something that would match in terms of material. So what do you think? What do you think it’s worth now? You know what it is.

You know it’s. Saki set, you know it’s bone china. You know it’s from the 1970s. You know that there should have been five cups, but there’s. Only four, you know it’s, hand built. You know it’s, it’s, it’s fired in a kill, and this is for the whole set.

I want you to think about. The whole set mary thinks 150 bucks for the whole set, but it’s missing one. I think 150 is too high guys nate is too low at 20.. Keep up the good work and dr laurie kansas is a game changer.

Thank you lin. Thank you very much for your for your support of the channel as well. I appreciate that there’s, lots of ways you can support the channel not only with super chats and super stickers, but also, of course, if you buy some of the merchandise and that would be you know, the dr lori says the mug and i Know, lots of you have the mugs, because i’ve, seen them and we featured you with the mug and, of course, the t-shirts two which come in a lot of colors.

So harmony says 65 for the set right harmony, vintage says: 65.. How good a thrifter are you? What do you know the questions to ask liz 100 for the set? Is that too high for it missing one cup sprite says 42.

50? Well, you know that’s, the difference that’s, a 10 difference, which is a lot right. So is it 40 or is it 50 which is it? You know you got to guess right right, let’s, see what do we think. 50. 50.

50. 45. love. My t-shirt got it last week. Are you wearing it? Where are you wearing the t-shirts that’s? What i want to know, where are you wearing? Are you wearing it out? Are you wearing it? When you’re thrifting? Are you wearing it around the pool? Are you wearing it? Are you giving them as gifts there’s? A good valentine’s gift right? If you can’t afford the jewelry, get a t-shirt, yeah get red right yeah! I know your wife or your husband will say: oh hey! At least i got a red t-shirt.

You know that’s, coming up all right. What else 40 for the five piece set all right? 40 for the five piece set it’s very nicely made it’s in beautiful condition, right it’s, 50 years old, and it’s in this condition.

Does that have an impact? Okay, paige said 20. Auction value, let’s; talk about different values. There’s, insurance value, which is replacement value, which is the highest of the values there’s, retail value, which is what i’m.

Looking for, i’m looking for retail value of the set where a similar piece has sold, auction value is way down here. Auction value is always going to be very low and it can be so low that it’s even lower than wholesale.

It’s, usually about wholesale value or 50 percent of the value of retail right. So if something’s worth a hundred dollars retail at auction, you should be able to get it for 50., but sometimes the auctions, just let stuff go for even more today i appraised old paris, um ceramics that went at an auction for one dollar And were worth 850.

so sometimes they’re way way off right between retail and wholesale or auction value, so 20 for auction value. But we’re looking for retail value for the set, which is missing a cup all right right. What other ones do you think? What other ones do you think 29 bucks? How did you arrive at 29 bucks right, no round numbers here? We’re, getting right down to the nitty-gritty right right down to the nitty gritty 25 for the set william.

You’re cheap at 25 for the set doctor, lori called me. Cheap, oh nicolette, be scheduling a video cactus love. My work and personality be a joy to speak with you be a joy to speak with you too. All of you.

It’s, always a joy. It’s, my joy to know all of you and to have you as part of the community. Thank you for the super chat. I appreciate it very much um all of you. I know everybody. I speak for everybody that appreciates it when someone of course supports the channel because we’re supporting each other.

So thank you for that. I appreciate it. Yeah do a video call. If you can, they’re very easy to schedule, and you know it works out very well. People love it. You know um. I had a wonderful amazing example: uh on a video chat, uh recently in the same chat in the same 10-minute chat.

It was a dolly a picasso, a chagall. Oh my it was really something. So those were that was a pretty amazing video chat. That was a quick 10 minutes. Let me tell you that was that was really worth it anyway.

So other things, don’t forget about the community tab, as i said, lots of things on the community tab and have you been binge watching a lot of you say you’ve, been using the binge link and that it’s been helping it’s right in the description on youtube right in the channel’s.

Description is where you can find the binge link, so you can just binge, of course, the channel videos and you can get all the information. A lot of you have told me that you benefit from watching them more than once the same video you’re getting information, so you’re, focusing on one part of information, then i talk about something else and you can focus on That so, however, you do it, however, it works for you.

The binge link works. Well, okay, what do you say? What do you think values want to guess the value? Now you know what it is. You know it’s, a sake set bone. China 1970 right and let’s, see those numbers.

You said you think it’s. This somebody thought it was 150. Somebody thought it was as low as 20 bucks right. Ah, thank you trisha. Thank you very much for your super sticker. I appreciate that nice of you to help us out marcia marcy mur.

I’m. Sorry marcia marie marsha, marie right things that grace thinks thinks 50 and i’m, going to tell you that this particular piece we’re 75 for the set now here’s. What’s interesting? I went to make sure that i would see the actual sales records and somebody was able to buy this for ten dollars.

Why? Because the person who listed it didn’t know what it was, had no complete description of the piece and just thought. Ten bucks, i’d, be happy to get rid of it at 10 bucks and that particular piece was worth a lot more, so they made a big mistake.

The person, of course, who bought it, probably knew what they were doing and realized. They were getting a bargain, so look for those bargains. They’re out there from people who really are not watching in my channel.

Basically so that’s. What you’re, looking for, but based on an actual sales record, where a similar piece had sold 75 bucks for this got it mary got it mary got it, and i got to talk to mary today, so that was a lot of fun.

Thank you, mary and the other mary too wow. Were you way low yeah you got to be careful. You don’t want to lose 50 bucks on this because you think well, i would only pay this much. You’ve, got to analyze the market and that’s.

Why? I’m trying to teach you how to analyze the market, so you have to look at where these pieces are now right. What’s happening in the market? Now, with these types of pieces bar, i’ve, been telling you telling you telling you bar.

Where is big, it’s hot. It’s, all the rage now and not just mid-century modern bar wear, but all kinds of bar, not just libby or moser bar where in america, but anything that has to do with. Of course, socializing bar, where why well we’re in a situation now where to be able to socialize is something that we really can’t do as much.

So you want to think about that and when i think about socializing, i think about traveling, i think about wonderful places where we can go and wonderful places where i’ve been, and i think about all the wonderful people that i’Ve been with and where i shared a glass of wine, or maybe some sake right and one of the places is oftentimes.

That idea of travel goes hand in hand with shopping. So don’t forget that i want to teach you also. What to look for, and one of the places that i love to be, and i love to be souvenir shopping is italy.

Italy of course, right now is on the rise with respect to its souvenir shopping and also, of course, with its travel and tourism. So you’re gonna see a lot about italy um in your everyday area. So this is one of my favorite places and you know why well because this, of course is the arno, and this is very close to the ufc gallery in florence.

Italy – and this is also the area where you have all the jewelry shops – that’s, where all the goldsmiths are and all, of course the jewelry shops are – and i remember my one of my first trips to italy – i was quite young and i Bought the biggest roundest gold hoop earrings, i could get all i needed was like you know, a big pot of tomato sauce and i could have stayed there, but the biggest earrings they’re gorgeous.

I still have them, i love them and in fact it was really to remember that particular um trip to italy. But when you’re souvenir shopping, you ‘ Ve got to think about some of the things that are indicative of a country and one of the things is, of course, a beloved character of the country and that’s, pinocchio pinocchio.

Of course, you know the story, probably from walt disney, who made it famous in the 1940s when it debuted as a full-length animated feature pinocchio. If he would lie his nose, would of course grow. My favorite was jiminy cricket for a long time, but then you know kermit the frog bypassed tim.

I love kermit the frog very much anyway, when you’re. Looking for souvenir pieces, i want you to think about the characters that are reflective of a place. Okay, i want you to think also about those pieces that are handmade by the artisans of that place, and i want you to think about how you ‘

Ll remember that place. I ‘ Ve purchased a lot of souvenir stuff and shopping tips from these places, and i oftentimes do a little bit of research beforehand to identify what i want to bring home.

And then i try to shop around for, of course, the best bargain and you’re, going to all say it with me. Always what do i always say always negotiate be polite use cash whatever the currency is in that country, use that and go from there.

Janice says that’s, where my husband bought the 40th anniversary ring two years ago, janice right and you’ll, never forget it. So you can recognize that over the arno river, of course, that beautiful site and that’s.

Exactly where all, of course, of the jewelers row, if you will um, you know there’s, a jeweler’s row new york city, jewelers row. Of course, rodeo drive california jewelers row, uh pennsylvania, sam philadelphia, sampson street negotiate negotiate.

But you know be polite: it’s, always a good idea to download the translation apps. So you can. Actually, if you can’t speak the language, so you can actually use those apps on your phone to negotiate politely in a foreign language, so that’s.

One of the other tips that you always want to remember when you’re, doing that having those apps on your phone ready to go is a good idea, so our vatican, souvenir is valuable. I’ve told you the story about when i was buying rosary, beads and the nuns at the vatican yelled at me.

I told you about that in another video, but basically, yes, vatican souvenirs can be valuable. You just want to make sure that you’re, not getting the pieces that are these mass reproductions in large large large numbers that obviously were not made in italy or in vatican city.

You want to get those pieces that are indicative only of vatican city, so it’s, a good idea to think about that oftentimes. The things that relate to the great collections of the vatican, museums, is important and um.

I always tell people, while you’re in your phones and in your cameras and your smartphones, and you’re looking and you’re, trying to take a lot of pictures. I often times have said for many many years when i have been invited by the travel industry to lecture all over the world.

I’ve, told people to use your brain and to use your eyes and your mind as a camera. Stand there get rid of the camera, get take the camera away from your face and just look and take it in and remember.

The picture in your head is just as good, if not better than the one that you have digitally on your phone, so yeah jewelry, while traveling is really great nick. Thank you so much for your super chat.

I appreciate your support all the time and i appreciate your comments. I’m glad to hear that you love the dr lori cameron that you love dr laurie’s. Treasure hunt game right, so we love the game. It’s, a lot of fun and we’re going to play a lot.

I have some other pieces here on the table, a couple of things that um recall, of course, the same time period: the 1970s. My compliments to the community. I love the new cameras. Thank you, helen and thank you for your support too.

I appreciate the super sticker and the super chat um, and i also appreciate the fact that you’re using the tools that i’m, giving you you know dr lori’s. Treasure hunt kit on the shopping link is really helping the loop and the diamond tester and the something as simple as a measuring tape.

You know i’ve, been teaching you guys to try to utilize your arm as a measuring tape. Just in case you forget yours, you know try to do that, but also try to have some of these things on your person, for when you go shopping and hunting, because you’re on the hunt for the bargains, but a lot of things that I want you to take a look at and i want you to see.

Don’t forget and then a lot of you have asked me hi lori. Thank you so much for always supporting the channel. I appreciate that very much. I wanted to um show you a couple of pieces because a lot of you we’ve, been talking about my nails, so i changed from the red.

A lot of you are going to go. Oh my gosh, dr laurie, where am i let’s? See i’m close somewhere. I’m somewhere. Here we go so i had to change. I couldn’t, get all the red nail polish off, but i had to kind of change into the light i don’t know if you like the light better, but a lot of you were on.

Of course, my page is saying: keep the red keep the red keep the red, so i’m going to go back to the red because i thought it was kind of cool. It was very bold for me. It was like a big deal for me anyway, but the other things that i want you to look for is i want you to look for speaking of red.

Is i want you to look for some red jewelry and i want you to think about bargains. I like you to talk, i like to talk a little bit about bargains when it comes to jewelry, and these these particular pieces are an example.

So this example that i’ve got here is a three stone ring. Do you know the stone? Can you tell the stone just like that? This is what i want you to see. Can you tell the stone just like that? It’s, set in 14 karat gold always look for those see those slits, those openings at the bottom.

I want you to look at the bottom and i want you to be able to make sure that you have.

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