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What Would a Complete Numismatic Definition Look Like? Try This One

Numismatic definition goes way beyond the terse description in the dictionary and can become the subject of an entire article itself. The dictionary never considers the many sides of numismatic in their definition. Here then is a more complete description of the word than found in any dictionary.

A Patchwork of Memories

Everyone experiences ups and down, joys and tears, and periods of calmness and anxieties in their lifetime. There can be many struggles that may be hard to understand or bear, and amazing times one wishes would never end. A life may have wonderful memories of childhood, some not so pleasant recollections of teenage years, memories of first falling in love, marriage, buying the first home, or having children. Like memories, the colors and shapes may not always fit together into a sensible pattern, but they all lie ahead to be set into a particular arrangement. Waiting to be fit beautifully into a grand design and each piece complimenting and affecting the others, these memories can be set into a meaningful patchwork quilt–a patchwork quilt of life. Both old and new, these memories can be stitched in one by one.

Creative Ways to Reuse Your Child’s Toy Box

What on earth is a parent supposed to do with their child’s toy box when there is no longer a need for toy storage? Learn about some creative uses for that old toy box instead of just throwing it away!

Six Tips To Improve Photos Of Children

Those of us who have tried to take good photos of children know that once they can walk, a good photo is not as easy to get as a baby lying in its crib. I once took a photo of my 4 year-old, as I pressed the button she decided to go elsewhere. When I looked at the photo, there was no one in it, just furniture.

Where Do I Start to Design A Handcrafted Card?

Starting to design a handcrafted card can be daunting. Where do I start can be your main concern. This article will explore, explain and illustrate various design elements that will have you creating that card in no time. Handcrafted cards are a gift from the heart and it is shown that this cards will be kept and treasured much longer than a store-bought card. Along the way you will find that with a few simple steps, you can become that coveted card creator. The main thing is to have fun while you are creating because after all, you are an artist.

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