Good day at the flea market! Buying and flipping! Antiques, jewelry…

Good day at the flea market! Buying and flipping! Antiques, jewelry…Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy!✌️😷

The Rose Bowl: A Victorian Era Collectible With Current Day Appeal

State the “The Rose Bowl” and also first thoughts focus around university football final show downs! If you really recognize your history; the East – West Football Competition was the initial name. However “The Rose Dish”, referred to right here, is a tiny but stylish ornamental device, renowned to the historic Victorian age (1837 – 1901) throughout Queen Victoria’s power.

Collecting Coins Can Be Extremely Profitable!

Every person can delight himself in collecting coins and also make this as their favored pass-time. This is since gathering coins is an exceptionally fascinating, as well as habit forming pastime. There are a lot of numismatics who enjoy this pastime completely as they maintain growing their collection.

1923 $5 Silver Certificates

In the late 19th as well as very early 20th centuries, the UNITED STATE Government printed a large number of silver and gold certifications in differing denominations. 1923 $5 silver certifications were quite typical, but are still a treasured piece by numerous antique money collectors

1923 $1 Silver Certificates

One important asset in the antique money industry is the 1923 $1 silver certificate. Although thousands have actually been published, there are a couple of specialized items that many collection agencies maintain a watchful eye out for. These certificates might be exchanged for the comparable amount of silver at a time when the nation was greatly entailed in silver mining operations.

Antiques Trade Gazette

The Antiques Trade Gazette is a publication that a lot of antique dealers are very aware of. This supplies more details on it.

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