Good day picking treasures in Curly Dan’s basement! Baseball memorabilia was the find of the day!

Hey everyone, so i go to uh curly dancing. Today i’m gon na look into the cellar. He offered me a phone call. There was a great deal of. I obtained him. It’s. Roy. He’s been cleaning up the cellar since we had the snow and also uh.

We went to the one home and also he was getting a baseball card pins or cigarette pins, as well as i intended to truly desired him. He stated he left them on the top. In an envelope however uh i needed to come select him up at his residence uh.

He stated they were 500 dollars. I believe i’m, mosting likely to check out them real, very carefully and also determine if we’re mosting likely to do it. I assume we’re gon na make a pair various other boxes of things. He’s, obtained a rather awesome radio up there, yet allowed’s, see if we can locate this the baseball card pins actual quickly.

I simulate this little height up, though vanilla envelope on the top. This should be it, so they’re appropriate around from 1909 is my hunch: uh checking out the pins, when i saw him at your house, play wallace white, wilson, chicago white sox, so the one i saw that i believed might be actually excellent.

Was um there’s? 3 thai cobs, i recognize ty cobb is uh, possibly among the very best ideal pins below. So this set’s, rather darn minty, however it claims cigarette wonderful, pepperell, , most definitely uh. I believe these 3 tycobs would certainly spend for the bargain et cetera would certainly be.

Earnings is my idea at hundred bucks, i do not recognize i’m, most likely the only name i recognize from at that time so it’ll. Be type of fascinating looking the various other ones up , so i am going to obtain that. I do not understand what these resemble little tabs or like milk tabs brownish.

I recognize these are uh globe battle, one uh flag, pins, all right. So allow’s, see what else we can locate. He uh re-organized the entire cellar in the snow storm. It’s, a quite trendy uh lemonade. Bottle been offering meals relatively well czechoslovakia.

There’s, some actually great, cutting cups. It appears like resting bull below’s. The saint bernard fatty has a tiny split, yet it’s, still a great one. The sonic one’s type of enjoyable, harrisburg court house. Essentially, the method simplest means to inform it’s, a cutting cup.

You see exactly how tiny the manage exists. A great deal of them will certainly have the divide where you can place your brush as well as things apart, yet i do not recognize if anyone sees any kind of that are actually wonderful. Send me a message that a person’s.

Pretty incredible has a little bird as a deal with. I believe we’ll need to obtain that these are. This resembles an oyster covering. One. It’s, a pity that’s, a truly great one also. This masonic one’s, good and also huge.

That’s. The man’s. Call appear like ca for captain. Possibly i do not recognize no simply attempt those 2 that’s, a great flower holder right there, the little columns extremely 30s. They’re, all uh hair connections. He constantly has great deals of documents.

Sorry, if you individuals can not see also well. I’m gon na attempt to switch on my light, however i understand i do not have that much battery left, so i attempted to obtain it billed on my means right here. Begin, these seagulls are actually trendy, denmark, b as well as g.

I actually like that collection has like a fish range on the on home plate. It’s like increased imperial copenhagen. That’s. I assume that could be the collection of recipes to obtain. Allow’s, see if there’s, anything far better enjoyable, 1980s pac-man, gumball device, the gnome’s, rather outstanding and also he had actually cleared out the back space also.

So this is simply a situation: no uh, no dvd gamer therein. So he had actually cleaned this back area currently. I can essentially stroll throughout. He stated he’s, mosting likely to produce these boxes and also established for an additional sale, the lenox xmases recipes, and also if it’s all lennox xmases, right via allow’s, see what he desires on those.

I recognize they cost 10 dollars, an item or two one art piece ceramic i do not understand. If it’s, obtained a name or otherwise, however has an appropriate appearance excellent, classic tee shirts type of like that a person. I believe that’s when they were elevating cash for the sculpture of freedom in 1980, there’s.

A set of this 3 of them obtained 3 of those sculpture: freedom, t shirts, enjoyable, tidy. I’ll need to go back around to reach that side. Do i require this? No, i do not, possibly following time a little canine he’s.

He claimed he was gon na unbox. This also. I ask yourself if there’s, any kind of excellent photos because tiny warm. Okay, these are really excellent. Allow’s state they’re. Ideally they’re, not damaged paris staffordshire. I think they’re lamb.

Someone should have pet dog that excessive that’s simply the means it it’s obtained great polish on it simply the means they when it terminated it. Does not, appear like they were fixed. I’m, mosting likely to place them with my 2 mugs and also the recipes a little paint.

He constantly has uh when he markets he markets for uh, fashion jewelry as well as things like that, so he constantly appears to have a great box of coffee. Simply kick this box over it’s. Okay, though i obtained the pins, however i can see beneath the pins there’s.

Some costume fashion jewelry, absolutely nothing insane today, however i assume these pins are a champion, little silver meals. All right, i’m gon na call him down and also see what uh see what he states on the recipes. So i simply talked with dan informed them informed him.

I prepared. I missed this. We obtained an amazing support for laundry container, it’s, obtained a little break on it, however it’s still. Possibly 1860s 1870s truly outstanding. There’s, a terrific contemporary phone. It’s type of enjoyable also.

There’s a lot things. This is that uh rosenthal pet. I believe that everyone desired me to purchase that residence. I presume we’ll, see what he desires on it today. These are amusing nra, salt and also pepper shakers.

I’m gon na place my heap right below. So i have. I have the canine a little teacup. Both cutting cups obtain those meals, belgium, it’s; really an actually good flower holder. Wonderful mid-century aim to it, so it’s all that now.

I think each time i walk, i can possibly select 3 or 4 points there’s so much to take a look at not going to the flea market for some time it’s been uh. It’s. Really, truly great, i need to overcome to my pal, jean’s, area see what he’s obtained see if there’s.

Anything from the front that i’m missing out on, however great! Oh, check out this sweet covered sweet recipe with the i think it’s like a guard young boy or someone that’s. Truly great. I do not understand if that’s, a fragrance or a bottle.

It’s. A large swan crystal the edison paper rolls this little delicious chocolate tin. I do not recognize i simulate that phone, however i hunch i considered it way too many times i do not also recognize what it’s worth, yet look that up later i was resting below and also i missed This bag of secrets, a lot of them resemble home secrets there, isn’t way too many skeletal systems.

This resembles a couple of down near the bottom, placed it in the in package with the remainder of it. He has these amazing pens due to the fact that i constantly market well. This should be an entire box of smalls cutting razors, a little outfit.

With any luck i can obtain an excellent tons of outfit from them truly like anything. For me, one scorpion blade that’s, a hair. No, not actually for me, begun. Allow’s. See if this point opens. I require 2 hands, perhaps appears vacant, yet i wear ‘

T understand why i can not open it. Well, i’ll need to tinker that a bit. It’s, a little humidor there. We go simply needed to hold it by the cover. I think i do not understand exactly how come i had the ability to open it up with one hand, and also not also, that’s, some rather wonderful things.

This all whatever below would certainly offer actually well at the flea market end on-line trendy little uh, gold-filled pen. It appears like hi dan. She has a great deal of covers. Well, i’m gon na i’m gon na take those for the 500.

. Thanks for holding them for me um. I selected this right below. Wonderful check out right stuff you selected well, no truthfully, this was outstanding. This was the costly point because stack isn’t. It isn’t that the it’s.

Okay, to the phone. Oh, he’s obtained a damaged ear. I missed out on that. It’s. Your your excellent eyes uh the phone to this, so it’s like uh, these seagull recipes yes, and after that you had a collection of lennox xmases plates, no worry .

So i do not, recognize: alright, so a dollar and also a quarter overall collection and after that the tricks for you, as well yeah, as well as this right below and also this right below. Yep, fine, train things, also 100 dollars on that particular things on all of it and also the milk course point also, you can toss that in with it okay, still, 100.

, okay so, and also the just various other point you needed to check out was the lennox 2 as well as A quarter with the rosenthal meals: it’s, it’s, the meals right in the back completely, right in the back edge.

Okay, with the gold side, see it. Okay, 20: some meals 3 times like 75 dollars overall pile, so it would certainly be 300 with whatever. After that 300, every little thing take a look around some even more. I’ll, still be unboxing things, extraordinary so 800 with the pins, as well as i assume that’s excellent for today.

Possibly you do not, have any type of various other boxes of outfit, possibly good complete. Well, that originated from a residence. Just how much is that, like simply asking yourself like mosting likely to i do not also recognize, allow me see what we entered below: alcohol, alcohol, uh yep, yet the only issue is with these.

Some are excellent. Some are yeah. 100 dollars for the entire instance, yet there’s, one 2: 3: there’s, possibly 15 20 containers in there forklift. Okay, draw the cork up, see yeah it does not feel like it’s stood out one.

2 i’ll, have 3 5: 6 8 containers, each will not, more than 100 containers dollars on their own conveniently right. What was it? 1964? You claimed the 19th it’s. On completion. It was noted on this side. Yeah, that’s.

Pretty i’m certain they’re. What’s in right here? This may originate from the very same home yes much more liquor i do not understand. I understand i’ve. Had a few of the very best a glass of wine and also several of the most awful a glass of wine all right below what we obtained below, i do not recognize what this is appears like an additional sparkling wine, 19: what year is that oh 1989, and afterwards there’s? The last of guides there’s, no space for them in your house.

They were simply all the strange containers and also things. Oh i’ll call someone on the continue me all right. Thanks. Dan well made it back. Most definitely! Uh i’m delighted concerning the pins. I assume uh. Do you assume these up right here are a victor.

I simply needed to reveal them to you once again. They’re uh from 1910 to 1912.. Home plates were, i assume, bell that’s. What made me think about it as well as the ones with the seagulls, as well as i did obtain a little great deal of precious jewelry.

We’ll, experience uh on the weekend break and also there was some awesome uh travel luggage, sticker labels um. I invested an additional hundred dollars on that particular so 900 dollars today, however i do believe they’re. These pins need to be suitable. It’ll, be enjoyable, going uh, looking them up.

So thanks, uh significantly for seeing, ideally uh. You believed this was an intriguing video clip. We did uh make a large snowman. I do not understand if you can see it all. The method over there yet uh it was uh. We obtained around 12 to 16 inches.

I i can not truly inform. I assume it’s around 12., however ideally uh everyone’s risk-free around. If you have not yet, please offer someone a phone call that could be alone. Please be risk-free available as well as never ever recognize what we’re gon na locate when we visit curly hair dancing.

It’s practically like mosting likely to the flea market, see everyone later on tranquility.

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