Hey, Mr. Tambour Man – Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration

Applying Imitation Gold Leaf And Creating An Antique Glaze

To create a convincing antique gold finish it is essential to use a metal leaf, none of the gold paints or waxes manage to achieve a convincing facsimile. Fortunately imitation gold metal leaf is cheap and easy to apply.

Sewing Machines: A Brief History of the Merrow Sewing Machine Company

Founded in 1838, The Merrow Machine Company is a leading manufacturer of sewing machines. The company was established by Mr. Joseph Merrow, a gunpowder manufacturer. Today Merrow is one of the largest and most popular suppliers of textile sewing equipment and industrial sergers.

Stamp Collection Books

In olden days, when communication was mostly through stamps many people were enthusiastic collectors. But now, posting letters isn’t as popular as it was before, especially since communication has become faster through text messages and emails. Nevertheless, people are still fond of collecting stamps.

The Hobby of Collecting Stamps

Stamps were used very often when people used to send letters and invitations by post. However, with that trend dying out because of the advent of the internet and communication through email and text messages, people have now developed a hobby of stamp collecting. There are stamps that have different people featured on them, and the stamps come in a variety of designs.

The Hobby of Postage Stamp Collecting

Writing letters and having them delivered by post is something that was done traditionally. In olden days, posting letters was the only way that we could communicate. Now with technology giving us a boost in almost everything, communication seems to be much easier through text messaging and emails.

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