How a Construction Error Nearly Wiped Out European History | Massive Engineering Mistakes

Chain-Plate Assemblies for Ship Models

One of the more interesting assemblies on a ship model build is the chain-plate assembly. The ship modeler has a number of options when it comes to constructing chain-plate assemblies. Like usual keep in mind the era and nationality of the ship model you are building.

Choosing the Right Fabric, The Right Color, and The Right Pattern – Dare to Be Different

You’ve decided to start a project and may feel overwhelmed with the fact that you are taking on such a big task. Because there are so many different types, colors, and textures of fabrics available, the job of choosing the right fabric in the right color, for the right pattern can cause you to agonize. It need not be so difficult. Mix the colors, the values, and the scales. Mix stripes with a plain pattern or with a dotted theme – dare to be different when different suits you.

Types of Jewelry Chains

Descriptive list of the types and styles of chains commonly used in jewelry making. Discover the names and descriptions of various chains you can use to enhance your jewelry making and crafts creativity.

Fun Hobby Ideas That Make Money

You can turn your fun hobby into a great way to make money> If you love making quality hand crafted products, there will always be someone out there happy to pay you good money for it. Find out how making candles, handmade soaps and perfumes can earn you a good income.

Machine Embroidery on Jackets

Of all the different wearable items that can be embroidered, jackets would appear to be the easiest. When most of think of jackets in terms of embroidery, large areas for full back and left chest designs come to mind. What many of us often forget are the little curveballs apparel manufacturers are adding into their designs such as box pleats and seams down the back. Fashion forward styles may have things like raglan sleeves which can throw off design placement since they lack the guideline of a shoulder seam.

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