I made a beautiful Oil LIGHTER out of an Old HEX NUT

Finishing a Model Built From a Kit

There can be a lot of enjoyment from building a box stock model. That is basically a model that is painted and assembled solely from the kit inventory with no alterations and using no other parts either from the aftermarket, another kit or by scratchbuilding.

Sharing Your Enjoyment of Scale Modelling

The goal of any model building project is to make as accurate a representation of the original subject as possible. Since your model will be based on a real artifact or possibly a proposed design, the mark of success of your endeavour will be determined by the degree to which you can build a model with nearly all of the features of its subject.

Would You Like to Start Building Scale Models?

As you begin any modelling project, spend some time doing research on the project. Then let your imagination take over to expand the potential of your creation. To make an accurate representation of your subject, you must understand the prototype.

The Best Tips for Knitting With Lace Yarns – A Delicate Delight

For many, the first experience of knitting with lace weight yarns is not what they expect. These yarns are so delicate that the knitter must beware of all that is surrounding them and the possibility of the yarn snagging or ripping on even the smallest thing. In most cases there is no repairing the yarn once this occurs. Even experienced knitters are shocked to find how difficult it can be, but the results are breathtaking.

Choosing the Very Best Yarn for a Knitting Project Made Easy

Planning to knit a scarf? There is much more that goes into the process than simply picking scarf yarns off the shelf at the local craft store. Buying a pattern can certainly help, as it will often suggest which yarns are best. Another option is to check with a store employee or other knowledgeable individual to see what they think would work.

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