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Carpentry Art!

Your child knows how to safely use their woodworking tools and supplies, and set up and clean up their woodworking space. Now let’s make art!

Master Modeling In the Age of Massive Data Bases of Internet Images

Over the years, I’ve built 100s of model aircraft, military equipment, ships, and even some HO scale railroad stuff. Trying to be authentic was the goal, but it wasn’t always so easy, and sometimes you just had to guess because by the time you did the research, you have had to wait for years to make sure you had all the details perfect. In the railroad modeling sector, authenticity is serious, anyone forgoing their due diligence was liable to be called to task for their incorrect markings. Worse, someone always knew more than you, and they argued the rest regardless of who was right and who was wrong.

Few Things To Mind Before Buying Cushions Online

Cushions can make a big difference on how the living room looks. Any couch can be decorated with cushions in order to make a statement. Different factors like size, shape, color, and the design of the cushion covers contribute to how you can perfectly choose cushions for the living room.

Carpentry Fun Time: Sawing and Measuring

Your child knows how to use the basic carpenter’s tools. Now let’s teach them how to use the paper and pencil of woodworking – a tape measure and a saw.

Carpentry Fun Time: Learning To Hammer

Children love banging on things, so you might as well teach them how to channel that energy! Here are three activities you can use to teach your children how to use a hammer.

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