Jewelry sorting continues! Box 3 of 6. Hopefully we find a treasure or two!

Well figured i needed to do a fast, arranging, video clip. This is box 3 of 6. It’s, a great deal much heavier than the last one claim it’s, most likely 15 extra pounds or two what the hell did. I perform with the little blade. I such as to utilize this certainly uh absolutely seems like it has some weight so seems like maybe primarily fashion jewelry, yet i’m, not exactly sure.

Actually, great winter season day today, i see a grain appears like precious jewelry. Certainly a great deal of fashion jewelry. Allow’s, put it out currently pin it appears like primarily pendants, yet extra john rivers. I see a joan rivers, possibly it’s, a watch yeah with these boxes.

I required them to typical around 2 hundred bucks each. I mored than happy with the very first one with all the joan rivers pins last one was a little revealing, however this set resembles for me: it’s primarily things.

I will not, have the ability to note it’s, mosting likely to go done in a precious jewelry whole lot, yet we’ll learn. There could be some covert prizes, it’s. An additional john rivers see black one. It would certainly behave to locate like 10 to 20 uh points to checklist.

I do not understand. If we’ll arrive, though it’ S virtually resembles maybe silver. It’s, a nolan miller, the letter b i’ll. Leave that open in situation we locate any kind of various other nolan miller, things, [, Music] – that’s type of an enjoyable pro.

Oh, it really has a name. I can not rather review it. I’ve, been doing a great deal of storeroom. Just recently i have actually a. I had actually won a storeroom uh today had uh at one of the public auctions. I think this is a pin nearly appears like it’s silver as well, yet i do not, see an admirable mark.

It’s like a pin, pendant terrifying teddy bear. I assume it’s a necklace, yet i do not recognize exactly how to open it. Possibly it’s not simply appears like it needs to be a necklace. It’s very first point to place on the interwebs, no way do not really feel genuine.

They’re negative pearls, quite sure they’re, not actually china, china, it’s. Kj l and also i’ll, enter into fashion jewelry whole lot. I’m gon na place all the fashion jewelry whole lot things back right here. I in fact have a lot of watches deposited to make a watch great deal.

Eventually, one more joan rivers view casio american flag watch that would certainly have been a wonderful little rolex on it, people that’s. A oh good little monette pin brownish-yellow heart monet, the sculpted uh mom of pearl blossom.

I virtually intend to consider that to gabby. I believe she would certainly such as that initial item of garbage i do not – understand that made this actually poor with the names of the brand-new precious jewelry or more recent fashion jewelry. Like i do not understand, i need to google that jbk is blade: it’s, an enjoyable little hold or i think it would certainly resemble a little necklace.

The last fashion jewelry whole lot i obtained from below really did rather well. most likely way far better than i assumed it would certainly, as well as i hunch uh the initial week that i had actually provided uh relisted uh pins um. I noted a uh, a gold and also uh.

It was opal on rubies by in my outfit, fashion jewelry as well as uh. It did 150 bucks. Thankfully, yet i certainly missed out on that, it was gold as well as uh gold, rubies as well as opal. It had the smallest 14 carat weight mark uh by the hold.

Yet if you take place heaven bus, dave and also you take a look at the finished listings, and also simply enter highest possible rate or whatever you’ll, you can see that pin. I enjoyed what it brought, yet i certainly missed it.

Individuals around absolutely have great uh excellent great buying people. Do not miss out on a lot when it goes on the internet. The woman that won it was in fact sent me a truly wonderful message regarding just how her grandma had a pin.

Easily as well as uh, she’s currently what 94 and also simply brought her back to her childhood years, so she needed to have it most definitely uh, most definitely never ever understand exactly how uh points are gon na end up in public auctions. This resembles a little jade.

Paper napkin ring may be soaps down, yet great cool, little monet arm band. I have like a little that a person has a bit old. I have a little stack of monet and also uh neglect what the various other one existed’s joan rivers amber arm band or pendant.

What’s wonderful? Is that a person’s crystal among my pals when joan rivers uh? I presume they’re, whatever their fashion jewelry area shut or whatever he obtained all the grains that um they were gon na become pins.

I had actually gotten a lot and also marketed them at the marketplace, however it was absolutely remarkable the amount that he got, that’s, a great little cla hold virtually resembles it’s. Gold filled up, we’re expected to have a large snow storm up in this manner, uh coming coming, with any luck sunday evening right into monday, however could really obtain feet or otherwise feet.

A foot of snow absolutely uh sufficient to make it a mess difficult to difficult to obtain serviced when you have that much snow. Well, there’s. A gold loaded chain right below, as well as this sort of resemble it must up.

It is joan rivers with all the little easter eggs and also has a ladybug that’s. Type of what made me assume it was joan. Rivers simply need to disentangle it. Should not, be great. Currently obtained the item of gold completed.

So i believe that will certainly do relatively well, i need to obtain a little a little locket place for doing. Uh images attempting to simply lay it out on the table as well as it appears to with the all-natural light, appear to obtain an excellent picture.

Um sort of looks much more yellowy. I do have an image box. I do make use of on several of the pictures, yet simply do not such as the means it looks, so we do not utilize it that commonly this is a nolan miller. Most likely among the currently it obtains that heart – i assumption [Songs] right here’s, this one more nolan miller, huge chain, placed those leave that in the fashion jewelry story, [Praise] – i hunch that has a b on it.

Additionally. I have actually been drawing these out and also allowing gabby detailed or otherwise provided, offer it at the marketplace. I assume i’m simply gon na leave that for her it’s, obtained some amazing blended steels. I did the tiger king arm band – possibly i’ll – need to see if that offers right here’s, an actually enjoyable joan rivers uh.

Perhaps it’s, a wimp or something great orange facility sort of cool. The train’s gone a pair: even more watches, [Songs] This set’s; really a good one, pity the platings off of it. Benrus still runs [Songs]

Really, a wonderful vintage watch, [Songs,] san francisco 49ers. I do not understand. If we’re uh, i have not been complying with football that hard this year, yet i recognize the extremely dish’s this turning up week. My choice is uh kansas city.

We’ll, see, though good john rivers bracelet it’s, obtained like unusual greek letters or egyptian letters. I wager the eagles want they uh had actually maintained andy reed there’s like a little joan rivers, enamel arm band yet appears like gotten uh i do not, understand 5 5 or 6 john rivers items.

Up until now. Keep in mind when gabby liked these scrunchies well, i had i went as well as obtained my little tray, so i can in fact place all this in uh the fashion jewelry whole lot. It’s. A great huge, joan rivers, gold, [, Music] – may in fact have sufficient for 2 watts.

There was a great deal of things in this. I missed out on the copper pin type of like that. I constantly such as uh, copper precious jewelry. It appears to patina well and also constantly looks sort of cool. That would certainly behave if that was actual.

Has a has a good appearance? One more number of watches: no: this is someone however possibly joan rivers yeah, leave that in there type of appear like the 60s as well as 70s uh long pendants that they made use of to have. This is uh.

It’s, really joan rivers as well. It’s. A great little blossom heart valentine’s day is coming. Someone did an actually great work, sculpting this uh santa out of timber and also glued on, pin back it’s, really type of enjoyable.

I constantly such as those little folk art, pins, no name on him, however i’ll. Stick him in the fashion jewelry box. This is uh that’s. What i had a photo structure in it, it’s. In fact, an actually great one mini mosaic pin.

I question if the framework component is right here, i do not see it. We mosted likely to go order, uh dahlias today for the yard online. I attempt to sustain some little ranches and also essentially they marketed out in much less than uh much less than 30 mins.

So it was either you existed or you. Really did not obtain any type of dahlias. I believe we just wound up obtaining 3 or 4 out of the 20 that lindsay suched as, yet quickly the quickly we’re gon na begin all right stuff for the yard, absolutely uh.

Expecting that enjoyable. Little appeal arm band it’s john as well as it’s obtained that. I believe it will certainly offer on the internet different right here’s, a monet or monet. Asian one has a pair enjoyable little uh appeals, [Praise,] watches.

I presume that’s. It however really did not. Most definitely really did not strike it rich in this box either. I have 3 even more boxes from uh from this profession to see if uh see, if i in fact construct, absolutely take a crack at, though placed that component therein.

I believe, oh right here’s an enjoyable. I miss this. A little analysis barton angel a great deal of pewter it’s. Actually. Good certainly did miss out on that those constantly market, rather well type of resemble a tarnished glass that’s.

Why i type of constantly like experiencing the stacks? 2nd time. Practically like, when you place it away rather than simply scuffing all of it off the canine whistle, i need to most likely consider that to the children. That would certainly enjoy with that said and also they do not require to be tormenting pets, placed it in the container [Songs] enjoyable little uh.

I presume it’s, a kind technology, [Praise] I believe that’s. It i’ll, reveal you what we deposited. We obtained see if i locate something to go inside there, possibly could have also been a covering cameo at once, a little mosaic.

The tiger arm band human 8 min, arm bands, 2 joan rivers pins! No, that was monet. All this was joan rivers below, so i would certainly claim the fashion jewelry whole lot which it ought to be rather near a 200 box .

If you obtain a possibility take a look at, located a pink ladybug arm band right at the end, joan rivers. It ought to do rather well if you obtain a possibility check out heaven bus, dave as well as thanks quite for seeing .

I most definitely have a number of uh storeroom to deal with today. Well, ideally i win the various other ones, however the one i won. I did see a pair comics, a box of comics in it. When i was bidding it’s type of strange whatever’s been switched over to online, so you uh.

You just reach truly consider an image. You do not, obtain um. You do not, reach increase as well as sort of stick your head in obtain a far better feeling, however every now and then. If you i’ve, i’ve struck quite well by acquiring online.

So i’m, not also dismayed as well as uh they uh. They simply require to find up with that said smell-o-vision. To make sure that means i do not buy a horrible space due to the fact that it i miss out on that it’s. All odiferous expenses a great deal of cash to toss out um, throw away a space if, if you purchase a large one as well as it’s, all garbage i imply most primarily, you can contribute them.

So all right. Thanks significantly for enjoying, see everyone uh next time. I’m gon na end up, tidying up this uh heap and also if you have not yet, please provide someone a telephone call that could be alone um, please be secure available.

I believe the locket for this remains in there or no it’s right below. Please be risk-free available yeah it’s right there, placed it in gabby things as well as we’ Ll, see everyone following time i’ll uh. Maintain you published on just how much snow we obtain.

With any luck it’s, not uh, not a debilitating quantity and also uh. In this way, i can still go out there to go uh to a few of these phone calls or whatever okay, see everyone later on tranquility. Favored point i selected, i do not recognize.

I like this blossom. I assume i constantly like the method she makes her pins. So great see you later on. You

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