Kanz Architetti, Venice Italy

Kanz Architetti Venice

Architects Mauro Cazzaro and Antonella Maione founded Kanz Architetti, a multidisciplinary design office, in Venice in 2014. Kanz engages in design ranging from restoration of residential architecture, commercial interior design, temporary design to product design.

Its founders believe that a designer’s work is at the base of the construction of any complex object. Therefore, it takes an experimental and detail-driven approach to design.

Kanz Architetti is the meeting point of different and complementary professional experiences. Committed to working closely with local artisans and learning their stories and techniques, Kanz creates innovative and contemporary designs through the use of traditional techniques.


Antonella graduated with a degree in architecture at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice (IUAV) in 2000. Afterwards, she started her career as a member of the Architecture Studio Isole84.

Also graduating with a degree in Architecture from the IUAV in 1999, Mauro immediately devoted his professional activity to the design of commercial interiors and fittings. However, he never abandoned interest and research in the field of product design.

2 Dervish Big
Glass Vase, “Dervish”, designed by Kanz Architetti- available on Styylish

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