Major Nichols Bicycles

Major Nichols

Major Nichols was born in his father’s bicycle shop on the 17th September 1914 in West Bromwich so it is no surprise that he became a popular name amongst cyclists around the West Midlands and further afield.

After serving in the navy during the Second World War, Major Nichols returned to start his own bicycle company named after himself. He initially began dealing with lower-priced mass-produced bicycles which enabled Nichols to build an income whilst improving his own skills and craftsmanship.

Major Nichols then moved into building his own frames and used distinctive paintwork to help make them stand out from other bicycles on the market. The bicycles were also built to an extremely high standard, a feature that made them extremely popular amongst cyclists across the West Midlands.

Major Nichols bicycles were made between 1947 and 2005, originally in West Bromwich and then later in Smethwick. The shop stayed open until around 2003, with Major Nichols then falling ill and sadly passing away in 2005.

It is thought that around 60 bicycles are known to have survived and they can be identified by their frame number on the bottom of the bracket. This number has the prefix MN followed by a four or five digit production number, consisting of the year as the first two digits then that year’s bike production number in an annual sequence.

Major Nichols at Auction


Our Antiques, Silver & Collectables auction on Monday 12th December will feature a late 1960s/1970s Major Nichols of West Bromwich and Smethwick gentleman’s bicycle. Repainted green and blue it has (MN6711.2 – Nervex) impressed to the base of the frame. It will be Lot 725 and has an estimate of £250 – £350.


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