Maybe Egyptian Dagger Impressive Modification

Choosing a Thimble for Hand Quilting

Choosing a thimble for hand quilting is important and may take some time. A thimble is a personal tool for any quilter.

The Basics of Hand Quilting

The basics of hand quilting begins with the easy-to-make running stitches that securely hold the three layers, the quilt top, batting, and the backing, in place. If you are a person who finds joy when the little stitches appear as you slowly develop a rhythm of rocking the needle back and forth and the quiet solitude that comes from creating the distinctive touch that comes seeing a design emerge on the cloth one tiny stitch at a time, than you are a hand quilter.

Time For A Fun Hobby!

Ever wanted a new hobby? Something exhilarating and fast paced? I think I have just the thing for you. And you can even enjoy it sitting in a chair!

How and Why to Attract Wrens

If you like bird watching or just like to feed the birds in your back yard, you will enjoy this article on attracting wrens. Although the wren is not one of the more colorful birds you can attract to your yard and garden area. They will provide many hours of great enjoyment because they are a nosey bird with loads of curiosity.

5 Custom Mouse Pad Ideas That You Could Use

Are mouse pads out of fashion? May be not. We have the perfect ideas to use them with a dash of custom art and fun.

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