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Hi everybody hi everybody. It’s, dr laurie, the phd antiques appraiser. Taking your questions tonight live it’s. Ask dr laurie lot get ready. Super chat, super stickers good to be with all of you. You can ask me those questions.

I’m, going to give you the expert answers. I’m, going to tell you what i know from years and years and years decades of experience, major museums, of course, university teaching and appraising and appraising.

But i want to start off with a couple of tips for you about some of the things you might find in the thrift store, the antique shop, the yard, sale and such like travel souvenirs. Okay, so you see all these different travel souvenirs.

You want to make sure that you’re, actually taking something home that actually is from that place. This particular piece, of course, from central america and a lot of people will bring home masks all different types.

Brightly. Colored, really beautiful, relate to culture, to activity to rituals and such. But what i want you to look for is what’s called white wood and white wood is one of the things i want to point out to you make sure they are hand carved and hand painted, and the dr lori cam is going to Help you out tonight, as it always does, so you get a sense in fact of the white wood.

Let me get it to you. There we go so basically this is nice hand painted beautiful, great piece right cool, but then, when you actually turn it over, i want you to be able to see the area that looks lightest in color to you or whites to you, okay, it’S right up here right here in that area, that that indicates that the wood is relatively new.

It’s, not old. It’s, not aged it. Hasn’t been out in the weather in the in the elements for a long time, so i want you to think about that, and i want you to also see that it is not carved out by machine it’s carved out By hand you can see that it has actually been basically carved out this particular piece, so i want you to look at that.

I want you to get a sense of that, because this is going to help you when you are looking at these types of items, whether you’re in the actual place, or whether you’re in a thrift store. Looking at somebody’s, souvenirs who are donated, so i want you to look for those types of things, also look at how either messy or neat – and i like messi in this particular case, how messy or neat the actual pigment is.

This is the kind of information that i can give you that these other people can’t who are just doing show and tell of look what i got. Look what i bought this kind of thing. I want you to understand how this all works years of university teaching years of teaching people at my big shows.

I want you to get it in these videos. You can do this. You can succeed not that difficult to do, but you got to have the right information and someone who wants to tell you the truth and that’s me right here.

So thanks for subscribing to the channel and for sharing the channel. The other thing i want to talk to you about: do we have a guest already we’ve been doing live guest. Nobody else does this: do you have a guest already, let’s, go to our guest hi! It’s, dr laurie.

How are you hi, dr laurie? I’m, so excited i’m. Such a big fan of yours, you’re amazing. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I’m so happy to meet. You tell me your name. My name is angel and i’m from canada.

Hi agele did. I say that right: yes, you did. Oh okay, great, that’s great. How are things in canada? Is it cold? It’s very cold. At my house, i’m in pennsylvania. It is cold. Well, the studio is not cold, the studio is always hot, but at my house it’s, actually cold, so um is it cold up there? Did you get snow? Yes, and actually we got some today and we hadn’t had any in about a month, so we were do you like, so i grew up in new england, i like snow, so i’m, like oh good, snow kind of like You get to be in your house and kind of do the things you don’t get to usually do it kind of gives you a day off kind of thing, but then you got to get out and that’s too difficult.

So is it good for you or is it a pain in the neck? It was okay when i was younger, but now that i’m older, i’m so over it, you’ve done it right. You’ve done the whole snow thing, the snowmobile, the fishing everything now i’m talking.

Oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah right right, right, oh gosh! So how can i help you? What’s? Your question tonight, thanks for calling in oh, i’m just so excited to be talking to you. Okay, i bought this at an auction all right good, that’s, good yeah, very heavy, very heavy.

So if it’s very heavy, could it be cast bronze? Okay! Well, wait a minute: it’s very heavy, but it’s on an actual base. It’s on a marble base. Yeah is the weight. The base, or is the weight, the sculptures that’s, one of the things you got to think about.

No, it’s. The sculpture, because i can’t eat the whole thing with one hand. Okay, you can’t. Do this. No, you know like with your personal trainer. No, my wrist, you’re gonna lift one okay, all right yeah, maybe that’s.

Just my personal trainer, who’s stealing my money, you could see right anyway, you’re so ahead. So there is a signature at the back, but i can’t make it out. I’m, not sure i don’t care about the signature at the first time.

Let’s. Look at the object. First, then, we’ll, get to signatures. Okay, look at the object! Let’s figure out what the object – okay, so first of all, mother and child, and the mother and child looks like they’re having problems right.

It’s, not like oh yeah. We’re, so happy right looks like there’s. They’re struggling in some way, so this puts it into certain time periods in terms of the history of art, right so the social realist time period, the early 1900s or the late 1800s right.

When you see a lot of sort of the horrors of war, kind of thing, the madonna and child or the mother and child form, is always utilized in those time periods, so it’s either 1880s or it’s either 1930s.

Well, now let’s. Look at the signature! Okay! You got to narrow it down for yourself. Somehow you know i narrow it down, because i got a database in here. Okay, i’ve, been doing this for years and years and years.

I want you to have a way to narrow it down as well. Look at the base. The bass may give you tips right. The bass may say: oh wait a minute. They’re, not making these kind of basses at that time. So you want to think about that.

Okay, so on the back, you can’t make out the back. So it looks like on the front yeah alarmed so that’s. The title yeah right, okay, so that’s. The title, not the signature, that’s; basically, oh help us like sos okay, yeah and then on the back.

It looks like g-u-i-l-b-e-r-t, g-u-i-l-b-e-r-t, doesn’t it quill-bear guiber. If that doesn ‘ T look like that to you, oh or it’s yeah! That’s. What it looks like to me, so you ‘ Ve got late 19th century, not early 20th century.

Okay. So now late 19th century show me the base. Let me see the marble, so we have this and it’s, just a screw on the bottom late, 19th century, okay, late 19th century the bases turn of the century, i would say – and how tall is it cast patinated to a green verde grease Or a green color, so that’s, what eight 16 inches yeah i’d, say more than more than a ruler right, more than 12 inches.

I’m. Sorry, the us! I am not doing this! The i’m, not doing the centimeters like yeah it’s too confusing over my head. I can’t. Do it forget it? I don’t even want to go there. You can do that. I can’t.

Do that value on your piece is going to start in the 2500 range and it’s, going to go as high as 5 000, depending on the artist and depending on the edition number, how many of them did he make? So he probably made no more than five, maybe ten, but usually at that size.

They don’t make a lot of them, the small ones they usually make more of maybe one of 25. That kind of thing, but typically it’s. Going to be a low edition number, i put value on it low at 2500. Are you serious? Yes, i’m serious.

You know why it’s original fine art, so there’s money in the bronze there’s money in the ability to cast it there’s money in the foundry there’s all value. I say money, but i mean value in the actual making of the piece right.

Somebody has to be able to do this. This isn’t just like anybody off the street. Can just do this. You know the way like there’s. All these anybody’s off the streets, who think that they can be me and they copy all my content and they can go away.

So you know what i mean so is there? Is there a number on it? There could be a number on it, it would look like a fraction, it might be one of six, it might be underneath where the screw is okay. Okay, yeah! I’m, not telling you to go start taking stuff apart; no, no, no! No, but that’s.

What you want, how much again? What did you pay for it: 56, with fees at an auction? Okay, 56 with fees at an auction? Probably because the auction house is working on volume and they’re going to get that.

Basically, if you buy at auction, you’re going to get a bargain. If you sell at auction, you’re, going to lose your shirt yeah, and i say it over and over and over again nothing against auctions. Their job is to move the volume get it sold, but your job is to look for those great things.

Thanks so much good to see you that was beautiful. Oh my god! Thank you so much. Thank you so much dr laurie bye darling. Keep watching, thank you sure, sure, and if you want to watch, you can always watch the binge link, use the binge link because the binge link, actually, i appraised a wonderful piece on new day north west out of seattle, washington, that’s.

King 5. The network there and i appraised a wonderful barbie doll from a collection of barbie dolls and if you want to watch that one and you didn’t see that video. Yet it’s on the binge link. You could check it out right there.

The binge link is in the description right here on the channel, so check that out too, you know i listen to you when you guys tell me things and the reason why i mentioned uh. Seattle is a lot of you.

Folks on the west coast said dr lori: 7 p.m. On saturday is too early, it’s too early and we’ve had a poll and there was a poll and you guys voted, and you said it was 60 40 that 60 percent of you wanted me to change this to 8 P.

M, instead of 7 p.m. The way i was doing this, so it’s a little late later for me, but that’s. Okay and 8 p.m is what we’re doing: ask dr laurie live now, and there’s, all other types of extras on the community tab.

So a lot of the things that we’re doing, because i listen to what you say in those comments you’re, not just making comments to, of course talk to one another, but you’re. Also, giving up me information um, i said: well, you know what we can change it.

If everybody says that they want to change it, then we went with majority rules and we moved it to eight o’clock. So i hope this is a good time for all of you. I hope you ‘ Ll. Tell everybody else about that.

Hi we’ve got another guest hi. I’m, dr laurie. Thanks for joining me hi, dr laurie. I flipped over real, quick and flipped right back and there i was well. I wouldn’t scare, you, but all that that those racks on all of those deer behind you.

That could be scary. Sorry, sorry, my husband is hunter and, and those are his trophies well, it’s very impressive. It’s, not easy to do you know, and of course those are. Those are some big ones. What are you yeah? Like an eight point? Uh, no, he’s.

He ‘ S, got a wide range of them. We ‘ Ve got four of them back here i don’t know if you can well, congratulations. Yeah yeah! It’s! Wonderful to have a sport yeah i go thrifting and he goes hunting.

Okay makes for a good makes for a good union. I bet yeah uh, so i wanted to ask you so i’m really really new at this. I’m. Talking maybe about the second week of january, i started getting into some stuff and i went to an estate sale uh last friday, nope.

I take that back on thursday, i went to a state sale and i because i didn’t call you on it. If you know you said thursday and it’s or something friday, i’m gonna hold you down yeah. I’m just trying to get my days straight because they’re all virgin at this point.

It’s, not even i went in and they had this picture. It was sitting on the floor. I mean you could tell that the house that i was in there. You know they were travelers. I think they worked at a university.

So if they had some really neat stuff – but there was this really small, 8×10 frame picture – and i thought it was pretty so i picked it up – there was no price on it. So i picked up a bunch of other stuff, a good thing, or is that a good thing or a bad thing like when you saw i was hoping to ask: do you see that as an opportunity, or do you see that as oh gosh i got to Deal with this, oh, that’s, an opportunity right right, i think so totally.

Okay, yeah yeah, but they told me my total was 38, and so i got the the price that i paid for this just by averaging everything out. So i i averaged on this piece: three dollars and 17 cents and i got home and i got to looking and the information i’m.

Finding is is little, but it is a signed. Foogie print. Does that at all look? Can i see the back yeah, so it’s got the. Let me see if i can get it up close it’s, got the wt burger company label on it, but there’s, no registration! Number! Okay.

What do you like about it? It’s hard. What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? I know what i don’t like about it, but you tell me you know, first of all what i’m, not certain on! Is it’s? It’s hard.

It’s, not canvas. Second, so i don’t that matters it is it matters. I think it’s. Pretty it’s. Pretty for three dollars. You can’t go wrong because the frame is worth 20.. Okay, so everything is empty if the frame is empty for three bucks, it’s worth 20 right.

So now you have to look at the back and those labels that i see on the back. Tell me a lot. They tell me the pieces put into that frame sometime in the middle part to the late 1950s. I see the framers points that also are from that same date.

I also noticed that you’re, seeing that it is a reproduction onto a piece of excuse me onto a piece of cardboard, which means they’ve. Actually, superimposed a picture onto a piece of cardboard cardboard will deteriorate over time value on your piece, probably 25, bucks for the whole piece.

It’s, a picture of a picture so remember that’s. What’s confusing? So it’s raised like it has raised that’s right. It has texture, because what they’re trying to do is simulate the feeling and texture of a painting, even though it isn’t that it is not an oleograph which i talk about, which is where they use that varnish.

To do this, instead, what they do is they do it with a method of making the actual support that piece of paper or cardboard have texture or have actual um three dimensionality, that’s, basically, what they’re trying to do, then You go.

Oh, it kind of feels that way it’s, not a painting at all. It’s worth about 20, 25. So the next time. I want you to feel texture. I want you to carefully with your hand or with your eyes. I want you to look for oil on canvas now.

There also is oil on. Can all oil on canvas board, which is known as illustration board, where they take a piece of canvas and they wrap it over a piece of cardboard that’s? Fine, that’s, a different type of thing, but what you have is actually a produced print.

They were sold in furniture stores in the 1950s, buy a couch get a print, basically, ah, okay, so but it’s, always gonna be on canvas there’s, a reason why they sold it to you for three dollars and seventeen Cents yeah: well it’s, not bad.

Okay. He didn’t overpay, so that’s. Good. Thank you. So much. Thank you good to have all of you with me what fun, what fun so um. In terms of this, it’s, wonderful to be able to have you know special guests, and thank you very much for supporting the channel with um super chats and super stickers, and i’ll, be happy to take your questions.

You know that you can always ask questions of me and i’m happy to do that. I was talking a little bit at this top of the show about, of course, um about, of course, things like collectibles of the future, and i want to talk to you about them a little bit, because collectibles of the future are really going to be harder and Harder to identify now i do it all the time.

Um remember for some of you who have been following me for decades. A lot of you have been following me for decades, and some of you are new to the channel and new to the videos and thanks for watching but um.

When i talk about what pieces are going to be valuable in the future, i tell you what to look for and some of the things that are coming out now, what to look for what’s special and unusual, for example, you know the thank You heroes these pieces that relate only to 2020 and to, of course, the pandemic.

So these kinds of toys that relate to a particular time period, a slice of time, just a small amount of time, is going to be important or something that’s. Unusual that doesn’t always happen all the time.

One of the unusual things, of course in sports collecting, is anything that ha that has to do with, of course, the quarterback tom brady, who was always with from the beginning of his career in 2000. The new england, patriots and now is with a different team to see that particular player on a different team, of course relates, so that becomes important for sports collectors.

If people are looking for the collectors with respect to sports collectibles of the future, i want you to look about think about those. The other thing has to do with anniversaries. What will in fact, be the collectible coming forward things like american, brilliant cut, glass, um american, of course, um pressed glass early american pressed glass.

The glass pieces are going to be very, very strong. You’re, going to see a lot of movement in glass, which is why i’m, going to start telling you more and more about glass about things like um early american pressed glass pieces pieces like from the sandwich glass company in Massachusetts, i ever do this.

You know you’re going to the cape right. You’re going to the cape, and sandwich is down here where you actually come across the sagamore bridge and, of course, the bourne bridge into onto cape cod. In massachusetts a place, i spent a lot of time, so basically i want you to think about those kinds of things.

The other thing, speaking of colonial pieces, it’s, going to be the colonial revival. Pieces are going to start coming onto the market. Soon and they should be bought now, where they’re low and then sold in 2026 right held until 2026 and then sold in that time period.

I want you to think about that too. Hey we ‘ Ve got a question from wyoming. Lady thanks for your super chat, hi dr laurie made it to another, live great good to see you um been typing in drafts on list perfect for perfectly all day.

This is my break time with you. Well thanks! So much i’m, so glad that you’re here with me thanks so much for being with me. I hope that you are working hard at, of course, sourcing. Your inventory, finding your pieces shopping is what i typically call it and then, of course, also getting ready to list those things if you’re a reseller or find the best spot for them.

If you’re a collector in your home or in your office, so that’s, great thanks, wyoming lady, i appreciate it very much hello lori i was looking for you. You just sold an ornament tom brady for 50 bucks.

This is the time to sell it. I’ve, been telling you for the last week. You know up until tomorrow and then monday guess what boom you know. We’re, going to forget about tom until the season starts again so yeah good time to sell it 50 bucks for an ornament.

That’s. Wonderful, very good, so you want to think about those types of things: hi joanne. Is it possible to have an antique german bisque, porcelain doll that is unmarked? Yes, it is. It certainly is possible to have an unmarked german bisque doll.

Remember with the dolls you can find the marks on in certain areas. I want you to look at the eyes. I want you to look at the eyebrows and the lips to see how they are painted. I want you to also look at the back of the neck for marks.

You can also see the marks on the lower back of the body, so a lot of different places. But, yes, you could have an unmarked german bisque doll, some of them as early as the late 19th century and some of course early 20th century hello.

Karen. Thank you for the super sticker and thanks for supporting the channel, you support everybody. All the community members, and you also support, of course, me making new videos for you and giving you more information that nobody else can give.

Thank you kns for the super sticker. I appreciate your help and it tells me that what the information i’m, giving you is helping you and that’s. What i want to do. I want to make sure that the information that i’m giving is helping you in whatever way possible so that’s.

Why we answer all those questions and help too hello? Regina. Do you recommend a specific type of loop to check for marks? I recommend this loop right here. Where do you find the loop? You find the loop, of course at drloryv.

com shopping and make sure that you check your settings. Okay, make sure that you have all of your settings, so you can access the images that are on those pages, so you can shop right there, and i appreciate you doing that and of course um.

I want to make sure that you get the one that i recommend that’s. What i recommend that’s, what i’ve used for years and years and years it is a 30-time magnification as well as a 10-time magnification.

I’m. Sorry, i was mid-sentence, but i ‘ Ve got to guess so i got to go to the guest, hello hi. How are you hi? How are you can you hear me hi hi hi? I’m, dr laurie. What’s? Your name? Oh, i’m lavon.

I just hi lavon. How are you, how did you acquire this? Oh i got this um very rare fat and um hanging basket uh or for twenty. That’s, good right here, where you have the colors hardee’s very nice. How did you acquire it? Did you purchase it um? I had gotten this from the antique store um.

It was like around, i think, like 70, some dollars for this rare milk glass have nail fitting it’s a little bit thick. It’s, a nice milk glass, but it’s a little bit thick and the thickness of the milk glass will help you to identify date.

So i want you to look for the thickness of that milk glass. That particular piece dates to the 1950s into the 1960s, and i want you to see that band. Do you see that band that is playing around the bottom of your piece? Yeah? They’re, giving you a whole screen, so i can explain that band at the bottom of the screen of the of the piece in fact indicates the late 50s into the 60s.

For that particular type of milk glass value on that piece is just about what you paid is worth about: 85 dollars. You enjoy it good for you. You got a little bit of a discount there, yeah bye. I love my guests.

It’s. Nice of all of you to be with me and thanks to my guests for showing me their stuff as well. So when you’re thinking about these pieces, like that particular piece, there are certain elements that will help you to identify time period.

You know, i know you’re all going through listings and listings and listening you’re. Looking at pictures – and i looked all over the internet doctor – and i looked here – and i looked through this image and that image and i scrolled and scrolled and scrolled if you learn how the pieces are made, you can stop a lot of that scrolling, which is Why i tell you, watch my videos and watch them again.

You know this was very true. With respect to the um, the the recent perfume bottle, video you’re, all scrolling and scrolling and scrolling you can’t tell once you learn the history and the manufacturing tenants or methods.

All of a sudden. I can teach you what to look for it’s, going to stop a lot of that. Just oh, i went all over. I’m. Looking all over the internet, i’m, still, not finding it. I want you to find it. You can find it that way.

Look at that curl i got ta get rid of that. Oh i received my loop, my diamond chester, your root loop, your diamond tester, your measuring tape, small bags. Yesterday and speaking of bags. Remember i told you that i listened to you well, a lot of you have been asking me for merchandise.

So, of course we have the dr lori says i’m priceless t-shirt and we’ve got them. Dr laurie says i’m priceless mugs, that all of you say you love, and i love too well and other merchandise things like the jewelry boxes and such.

But you asked me for a tote bag and you know what community tab after the show. If you’re watching in the replay, the extras are always on the community tab. So you got ta, you’ve, got to subscribe and then go to the community tab.

You can get that tote bag that you all been asking for. See i listen to you, but after the after the end of the broadcast, you can of course go get that at the community tab, hi bobby bobby’s been drawing she’s been working on her drawing skills.

I’ve, been watching her drawing i’m. I’m tuned in to all of you bobby. You’re, doing a great job bobby. What was your question i was talking. I missed it. How, or where can i identify a painting without a signature? Ah right here, i can help you, you can send me a picture right and i can help you and that’s, how you can identify it without a signature.

Don’t be afraid of paintings without a signature. Just look for a painting that looks good to you. Look for colors that make sense. Look for a nice standard, stretcher size. I talk about standard stretcher sizes when we talk about paintings and, of course, on the videos and look for, of course, tips like staples or nails and look for the color of the canvas look for the type of the stretcher.

I’d. Give you all this information on the other videos, but you can do that brenda asks for a tote bag. There you go brenda. I’m. Listening to you, you want to tote bag. Well, you can get it at the community tag after the at the community.

Tab. Excuse me, after after this, after we’re done, live yeah. That’s, a great idea, so we got it. We did. It takes a while didn’t. Take that long, really, oh got a guest here we go. Do you like the guests? I want to hear everybody.

I want to see everybody going the guest to guest the guest. I recognize this guest. How are you hi, how are you tell everybody, your name, gab, hey? How are you, oh hello, oh hi, ohio, sleeping on a couch watching tv.

Well that’s good. He has to do that this weekend, right a lot a lot of times to what to nap during this weekend, so each i hope you guys are doing well. What can i help you with? It is so cold. I love the guests.

Sylvia loves the guests. I love the guests too. It’s, fun. It’s kind of big it’s, a bernard hi, bernard. Okay, sorry, i was good. I was doing three things at once. I’ll, be quiet! Oh, it’s; fine um, it’s, a serograph david schluss.

I like it. I like number 212 of 350.. I, like it a little less, but not a lot less right. It’s. 350 is kind of high, but not terrible, but that’s typical for that artist. I like the frame i like the matte.

I like the condition it’s, a good shape. We had to take the back off because it had fallen down into the frame so yeah that’s, not a big deal, though you know how to do that. You got some linen tape. Right.

You didn’t use regular tape to re-tape it right, linen tape, acid-free museum quality tape, it’s on my shopping page tape that we used in scrapbooking. So it should be fine, but i found it free. Yes, because remember scrapbooking, you’re moving it through you’re moving it through you’re opening the pages, but with of course, uh works of art.

They’re encased, so check it out. Compare them! Maybe they’re, they’re, similar, compare them, but – and we found a little plastic corner. So we just put the tape over the plastic corners onto the mat, so we put the corner back where it should have been then put the piece back into the a framers corner, which is plastic, which looks like a little triangle and you shoved it in there And then you secured it right.

Yes, yes, that’s; what they’re, going to do that’s! All the screamer’s, going to do! Okay, that’s; good! That’s! Good um so because remember, the frames are important because the frames protect the work of art.

Okay right, it looks like it’s, acid free matte board. It wasn’t discolored right in the window. That’s. That cut out dart right, okay, so i would say value on that piece. Is that what you want to know? Yes, i know i know value on that piece.

You’re, probably looking somewhere in the 400 to 450 range in that frame. So remember the frame has a value too. Thank you, deb good, to see you. Thank you remember. All of my values are based on actual sales records.

You know they call them realized sales, actual sales records where somebody actually paid that amount. Not all these crazy numbers that you see there are a lot of people who will go. I don’t know what it is.

So i’m. Going to put it up at 5 000, and then somebody else sees it. You know, while that other person’s, doing their research because they don’t know what it is really worth and they don’t know how to analyze the market and they go.

I’m just going to put a big numbered high number on it, while i figure it out right, somebody else sees the high number and then says: well i have one like that must be worth five thousand dollars. This is how you hurt all of your cell hurt each other and everybody else.

So i want to make sure that you know it’s based on actual sales records, hi dawn haven’t sold my prize yet, but i’ve tripled my income since our last. Our chat last week wanted to give you a shout out.

Thank you. So much dawn tripled your income. There you go. You are not the only one who has told me if you’ve been watching you’ve, been doing a video call with me, or you’ve used one of our other services or you’re.

Just watching and sharing the videos and learning and taking time to learn and get it and you’re, tripling your income. That is impressive, so i’m doing the work, but you’re doing the work too. So, thank you for doing the work and putting the time in i’m, so happy that my information and education is helping you to make money still doing the three appraisal deal.

I have to check that out. Hi, jillian yeah check it out there’s, lots of deals that we give and i give them of course and and of course it’s on my specials page and you can find that at drloryview.

com too. You’re, all special, that’s. Why we made a special page: it’s right at the top of the website, and it says save now, so you can’t miss it. Go check that out there’s, the link there’s. The link okay yeah, the staff – has been working really hard.

They’ve, been working very hard, another guest wow. I love it that you’re all being guests with me great. What’s going on hello? How are you go blue? How’s dr going it’s going great great. That is great.

I like that. I picked this up at an auction whoops and follow the camera with four glasses. Okay, no chips! No flea bites! No nicks! In it i paid like 26 glasses somebody, didn’t, have the other two glasses.

Where are the glasses? You need six. I know it only had four, but it was so cute. It’s. Cute i’ll. Give you cute how old do you think it is? Let me quiz you: what do you think i was guessing somewhere between the 40s and 50s? I think it’s older.

It’s younger than the 40s. It’s. Probably 1952 to 1960. it’s. Not it’s not anywhere near the 60s. It’s, the 50s and and you notice it has, of course the applied ornament right. I can tell you yeah it’s.

Very much so you can feel it yep. You can feel it good. Okay, what about the shape? The shape will tell you a lot about glass right that’s. One of the things i liked was the unique lip on it. I just thought that was really unique: that’s, not quite called a hanging heart the top.

If you look at it like a bird’s, eye view, like do this for me, so yeah it’s, not quite a hanging heart, because the heart would have the little point at the top yeah it’s. Actually, a hanging piece, it kind of goes over just slightly right: it’s, slender, they get fatter in the 60s.

Okay, everything gets fatter in the 60s, the the cookie jars, the pictures the whole deal and from the 60s, and i got fatter. So i agree: well, we all did that you’re good, tell me um, it gets slender toward the bottom and then it kind of flares it’s very 50s.

I want think of a poodle skirt right. Oh there, it is, you see the pattern at the bottom yeah right, so the pattern is pretty distinctive as well. I would say um what did you pay at the auction? I i think i paid 26 for it.

26 for four in the pitcher yeah, the whole set is worth just about 125 140 in that nice. Now what i want to make sure that you do is if you are cleaning it. I want a white cotton cloth kind of, like my gloves, get rid of the dust that’s.

It do not submerge it in water, because when you submerge those older pieces of glass and water, it’s like you’re diving into a cold swimming pool, it’s like a shock to the system, so be careful When you’re cleaning it before you sell it and make sure you’re careful with that shipping.

If you’re going to sell it good for you dog all righty thanks my pleasure really nice pieces, but i want you to start to look at form and shape and size and and sort of the the contrasting elements of pieces like glass.

And i’ve been telling you about decanters decanters are really really hot right now pictures as well hello sharon! Thank you so much. I thought i had a sign print of a poster by john st louis in the round, but it’s, a sketch on paper, the original sketch sign in ink in the bottom in pencil thoughts; okay, a couple of thoughts i have for that.

So you think you had a print of a poster, but instead you think now that you have a actual drawing a couple of ways. You can tell look for an indentation all the way around. If you have an indentation which is called a plate mark, then you do not have an original drawing.

Some lithographs can look like original graphite or pencil drawings, so you want to be aware of that. The other thing i want you to do is i want you to follow the strokes if you follow the act. This is yes exactly.

This is how to tell like, i’m, going to teach you how to tell so. You know you’re, not going. I’m, not sure i’m, not sure i want you to be sure. So the other thing i want you to do is follow the stroke.

So if you were actually trying to draw that portion right, this is why it’s, important. What my friend bobby is doing. She’s, drawing right. She’s drawing every day and that’s, going to help her to train her eye in, in fact identifying other pieces, because the forms come first, you shadow, basically around the form.

So if you want to draw an apple, you’re, going to shadow the apple around that circle of this of the middle of the apple. So i want you to look for that in terms of value, if you do have an original drawing it’s, usually somewhere between 50 and 60 above right, the value of the same artist’s, work that’s; a Print because you’re dealing with an original value up here versus a reproduction value down here that doesn’t mean reproductions, are bad.

They’re good looking. They can be interesting to execute and such, but you really want to look for that original work of art. You know one of a kind you’re, not like me, one of a kind, all right stephanie.

Thank you for the super sticker. I hope that means that the that the channel is helping you that you’re, enjoying your interactions with the community, not just me, but everybody, and also that you’re doing very well and you’re, succeeding and learning More about art, antiques and collectibles or reselling, so i’m, so glad people are making money too any advice for a budding appraiser.

Please nancy! Yes, go to school and learn it learn it from your gut. So you can see it. So you know it and if you don’t know it don’t, be afraid to say i don’t know. I can find out okay, that’s. The thing if you’re going to be an appraiser.

I always think – and this is for me this isn’t for everybody. Doesn’t have to do this. I don’t, think you should be an appraiser and a buyer and seller. It’s, one or the other right. You’ve, either appraised or those of you who want to buy and sell okay, that’s.

One thing, but you know you have to make sure that you don’t have that conflict of interest, but budding appraisers great. You can learn a lot from me and i know that that’s. What you’re trying to do, which is why you’re here, make sure you’re learning from an expert, not just folks who want to tell you that they’re experts.

Should i try to fix my bell, gettys brooch or sell, as is with missing, faux pearls? Okay, um expert collectors will act or seasoned collectors will know if you put a new pearl into an existing or vintage um brooch okay, so they’re gonna recognize that you ‘

Ve got something new that you fixed, whether you decide to fix it or not. Just make sure that you document – and you reveal that you fixed it. Okay, you know it’s, not bad to have repairs as long as they are professionally done and done well, and maybe you’re, the one who can professionally do that.

The other thing is just make sure that you note it. Okay, nobody wants to be surprised and don’t and don’t think you know, give your buyers enough credit that they may be able to recognize that the piece is a new piece in an old and an old brooch, but very Good question and it’s, impressive, that you thought of that too.

Thank you very much. Thank you for the super sticker, too mary keep going. You’re, going to find some more great things, so i want you to get an understanding of that and know what’s. What and i want you to remember that a lot of extras are on my community tab, but you have to subscribe on youtube, so you can click on the community tab.

So don’t forget about the community tab. It’s. A great place to get those extras a lot of the information, of course that i give when i’m appraising pieces on my table are also on the community tab. So don’t forget those extras.

Thanks for the questions and thanks for the super chats and the super stickers, they support the channel. Okay, other questions hi, dr lori love your show. Thank you. How important is provenance when trying to sell pieces of large auction houses? Well, you know it depends.

It depends on how much how much credence the auction house puts on it um. Sometimes the auction houses will be very, very um interested and they will scrutinize the provenance they want to make sure the provenance is perfect.

It’s hard to get a perfect provenance um, but then other times they say well, you know we ‘ Ve got a lot of these and we sell them and they sell well. So we’re, not going to worry. So much about it, it depends, but when it comes to big ticket items, you know when i appraise, for example, leonardo da vinci or when i appraise the renoir when i appraised, andy warhol provenance is very important.

It’s very important because they’re, asking a lot of money for these pieces. The estimates on those pieces are into the millions of dollars. So when i appraise something in that million or more than million dollar range like a goya, for example, a wonderful spanish uh work of art, then what ends up happening is that provenance has to be specific and it has to be traced all the way back and That’s, a research project and it’s, not easy, and not just anybody can do it.

The other thing is the big auction houses want experts, helping them and doing the appraisals. You know if you just said well, i know it was my great-grandma’s, and i know it was this and i know it was that that’s good, but they want to make sure that they have some scholarly supporting evidence.

So very good question: do you watch antique rojo and yell at people when the appraisers are wrong? I don’t yell at people. My cardiologist says don’t, get upset so don’t watch anything that upsets you, but i have to say that what i think antiques roadshow has done for the field.

Is it really allowed people to realize that their stuff can be valuable and that their stuff can be historically interesting, not only valuable? It’s, not only about money and it helped museums, it helped a lot of people realize wow.

I should be in a museum. Just like you know the queen of england should be in a museum. You know that kind of thing. So yes, so i would say that that’s, what i that’s, what i like about it, but you know as a museum professional for a long time and devoting a career and a life to art, antiques, collecting museums and education.

I will say that i don’t, think antiques roadshow has been the only thing that’s, helped people, but i think putting it into the public eye has really helped. People feel comfortable in museums and that’s.

What it is because museums are for all of us so go to your museum next, your local museum. Next time you know bring a family when they come over because it’s, a great way to train your eye without being tempted to buy hi bernard.

Do you do lives if i’m, doing an estate sale and would like you to evaluate what i have thank you and i love your show. Um yeah. I do all different kind. Thank you for the super chat. I do all kinds of, of course, i help in all different ways.

You can do a video call with me through uh. You know an estate sale before you open the estate sale to everybody. Sure i do that all the time we do all kinds of things to help estate sales sellers. You know those folks who are hosting estate sales, um somebody somebody who just isn’t sure of a particular piece.

You have something unusual. I mean it all depends. I’ve got all different kinds of services that will help all of you and i hope that the channel is helping too. So thank you for supporting the channel.

I appreciate that that’s, what you’re doing with the super chats and the super stickers. So thanks for those yeah it’s. A lot of fun. We’ve had a lot of fun with a lot of the pieces that i’ve been able to see uh let’s, see the treasure trunk jws treasure strong.

What’s, the difference with cut glass? Some is ruck cuff, and some is smooth. Okay, there’s, a lot of different kinds of glass and there’s, a lot of different terms out there. So i want you to identify some of the more prominent terms.

The terminology like american, brilliant cut glass, so it depends on what types of machines were utilized and the process of having the resulting cut. Sometimes you’ll, see something you’ll, say, is called cut glass when technically it’s etched glass.

So those are the types of things it’s, nuances really. So there are ways to actually tell and i’ll talk more about glass and i have a lot of glass videos up that you can look at and you can actually look to the same way.

I have plates and china videos up that are instruction. They’re instructional videos that will teach you about, in fact how to identify this hello maury. Thank you very much for the super sticker. I always love to see.

Lori. I’m. Glad that you’re doing well, thank you for being with me tonight, live the sugar shack farms. I appreciate you, i appreciate you. I hope things are good at the sugar shack. How could it be bad hi bernard there’s?

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