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How To Make A Cookie Bouquet The Easy Way

There are many choices of gifts available from gift companies. If you are considering to get a unique gift for a special event, a cookie bouquet would be ideal. The only set back is that cookie bouquet can sometimes be costly when purchased ready made so here’s a guide on how to make a cookie bouquet from home.

Saving Time When Cutting Lots of Shapes for Making a Quilt

Even a quilt we may call “our labor of love” is more cherished when quicker methods of construction can be employed to cut down on the time required to complete our beauty. Many a quilt idea has been shelved because the quiltmaker dreaded the time-consuming job of cutting the pieces or shapes individually with templates before the design could grow into a thing of beauty.

Making the Most of Print Fabrics Using See-Through Templates

In these times of speedy sewing techniques and quilts made in a day, it is inspiring to see some quilt makers choose their fabric carefully with an eye toward making the most of beautiful prints. The process is not fast (each patch must be marked and cut individually), but the result is a quilt rich with elegance and splendid in detail. Happily, quilt makers usually live long enough to see the results of their efforts.

Searching for the Ideal Sewing Machine

Sewing machines have been used for over a century. Whether they are used for making clothing, custom embroidery, or quilts, they are an important time saving tool.

Reverse Applique Technique

Have you found a beautiful appliqued design you’d like to make but the pieces seem so small they might be difficult to handle? Reverse applique can make this task much more manageable. Is there a pattern that would be enhanced by the perception of depth instead of the “stacking” system of traditional applique?

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