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When Should You Send Custom Stationery?

There are plenty of reasons to send custom stationery. If you’re not sure when you should send personal correspondence, here are some ideas.

Cigarette and Trade Cards As Collectables

If you are a collector and you are looking for a new or totally different collectable you can start collecting you may want to have a look at cigarette cards. Even though cigarette cards were only produced for seventy years from the 1870’s to 1940, they are still fairly easy to find and collect. The reason for this is because there were so many produced. Originally back in the 1870’s cigarettes were sold in paper packets. cardboard inserts were put in the packets to keep them rigid and to keep the contents from breaking. An American businessman got the great idea of advertising on these cardboard inserts.

How to Make a Sweet Tree

This is such a lovely, novelty way to say ‘I love you”! A stunning sweet tree covered in retro love hearts! It would look great on a wedding table, or simply as a valentines gift for that special someone. Learn how to make this stunning tree with easy step-by-step instructions.

The SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine: A Review

The SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine is a basic sewing machine which has brought satisfaction to a majority of buyers. Its ultra high speed motor is made for fast sewing, giving you up to 1,100 stitches a minute. You do not have to worry about the durability of this sewing machine since its body is made of a heavy duty type of metal frame, which also provides skip-free sewing.

Teach Your Kids Science by Performing Chemistry Experiments at Home

Chemistry is know as the “central science” because it bridges many other fields of science. Unfortunately, many schools are lacking quality chemistry programs due to tight budgets and low pay for teachers. This means your child could make it all the way through high school without a basic understanding of Chemistry!

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