Moulinex Coffee Grinder Restoration

How to Determine the Value of a Model Train

Do you have memories of waking up on Christmas mornings to see a beautiful and extravagant train set beneath the Christmas tree? Have your grandparents left behind their model train collections? Or are you a passionate collector of trains?

The Great American Gold Buffalo Coin

History of the coin can be traced back in the year 1913 when it was first produced. It has the design of an Indian chief on one side while the American Bison on the other side. Contrary to its name, there is no buffalo to be found anywhere on the Gold Buffalo coin.

Customized Books Make the Perfect Present

Customized books make the perfect present for friends and loved ones. They are easy to publish and are a durable way to present pictures, text, and any item that can be scanned into your computer. Customized books give you the creative freedom to make a very special gift. Photobooks can be especially memorable and are increasing in popularity. Need some book making inspiration? Learn about the many different possibilities available.

Selecting an Anchor for Your Ship Model

Selecting the right type of anchor for your ship model, understanding how the anchor works and how it should be installed on your ship model. There are many types of anchors that have specific characteristics.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Woodworking Plans

Choosing the right woodworking plan is as important as learning the basics of woodworking. This article will tell you what the most basic thing to learn in woodworking is and teach you how to learn it. Then it will show you why it relates to choosing a great set of woodworking plans for your first project.

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