Our Art Deco Furniture For Sale: A Buying Guide

Art Deco Furniture is among the most sought-after vintage items in the United States. And that’s for good reason! It captures the sensibilities of early 20th century urban splendor like no other style can. Having a piece of Art Deco in your home certainly guarantees a sense of taste and glamour.

At Styylish, we love highlighting how exquisite, original Art Deco pieces can be incorporated effortlessly into contemporary interiors. There’s just something about them that makes perfect sense for this particular moment in time.

For a general introduction to the period, read our Blog Post on Art Deco Style. In it, we cover the historical context of the design and explain the natural progression from Art Nouveau to Art Deco.

To learn more about how to use Art Deco to decorate a space, check out the post on Art Deco Decoration. For a creative introduction to the various artists and individuals that shaped the period, read our blog on Art Deco Artists.

For today’s blog, we want to dive straight into the Styylish catalog and introduce you to some of our favorite pieces of Art Deco Furniture available now. Prepare to encounter some delightfully tasteful pieces – and rest assured that we are certainly only scratching the surface!

Art Deco Furniture Available on Styylish

We have divided the pieces for today’s blog into three categories: chairs, lamps, and bigger furniture pieces. Each category features multiple examples of products you could bring into your home today! So, grab a pencil and take note of our best offerings!

Art Deco Chairs

Whether you’re looking for an accent chair, a pair of armchairs to frame a fireplace, or new chairs for a dining room table the Styylish catalog has something to fit all your needs.

Art Deco Tabouret or Stool in Lyre Shape, Walnut Veneer, France, circa 1930
An Art Deco Lyre Chair – available now on Styylish

This Art Deco Lyre Chair embraces the splendor and wealth of the Roman tradition in sleek, modern ways. An unadorned wood slab forms the elegant body of this chair, topped with a perfectly matched seat. The casing of the seat is decorated with geometric shapes, typical for art deco furniture.

Pair of Art Deco Club Chairs, Walnut Veneer, France, circa 1930
A Pair of Art Deco Armchairs – available now on Styylish

This Pair of Art Deco Club Chairs form the perfect armchair portion of a seating arrangement, for instance. With elegant, understated pillows and sleek dark wood, these pieces pop out especially well in a bright, lightly-colored space, lending an unexpected depth and flair to your lounge or living room.

Set of Art Deco Chairs- Styylish
Set of Four Art Deco Chairs – available now on Styylish

This Set of Four Art Deco Chairs features all the understated elegance you’ve come to look for in modern chairs, with an additional touch of vintage urban refinement. The matte leather cushions contrast the polished frames beautifully, creating a dynamic sense of internal conversation typical for the style.

All of these chairs are fit for inclusion into an understated, modern space. Individual pieces of original vintage or antique furniture can make your entire home feel tastefully arranged.

Lamps in Art Deco Style

Art Deco Table Lamp- styylish
An Art Deco Table Lamp – available now on Styylish

If you’re in the market for a vintage lamp that brings salon elegance to your home, check out this Art Deco Table Lamp. Copper fittings and dark, polished rosewood speak to the internal contrast of many pieces of Art Deco furniture, providing both reflective surface and imposing elegance.

Art Deco Floor Lamp- side- styylish
An Art Deco Floor Lamp – available now on Styylish

For a lighter, more strikingly modern piece, consider this Art Deco Floor Lamp, for example. With natural curvature and an engagingly connected side table, it’s the perfect piece for the modern home. It provides both verticality and completely unique geometry that informs its function.

Imagine this lamp in the corner of a living room or library, paired with an armchair. Or even place it in your entry hall for a modern wardrobe feel and key table. The choice is yours!

Art Deco Chandelier- styylish
An Art Deco Chandelier that embraces the shape of a flower – available on Styylish

For a radically different look at Art Deco lighting, imagine this Art Deco Chandelier on your living room ceiling, for instance. Embracing the floral geometry of earlier chandeliers, but with an understated, industrial touch, it’s the perfect way to bring elegant lighting into your home without delving into cheesy decoration.

The reflective material helps this chandelier shine particularly brightly, helping you bring a warm glow even to the distant corners of a room.

Larger Furniture in Art Deco

Art Deco Wardrobe, Chromed Steeltubes and Mirror, France, circa 1930
An Art Deco Mirror and Wardrobe, available now on Styylish

Chairs and lamps, for instance, allow you to add a touch of Art Deco to a space without committing to a full piece of furniture. This Art Deco Mirror and Wardrobe provides a similarly subtle impression but leaves a lasting mark. It’s a remarkable portal for your entryway. It provides coat hanging space and a full-length mirror – both excellent additions to your home.

Art Deco Vitrine Showcase- styylish
An Art Deco Vitrine – available now on Styylish

And then there is a real piece of Art Deco furniture, a full-sized emblem of the early 20th century. This Art Deco Vitrine is elegant and certainly filled with personality, from the vertically adorned base to the three-pane glass set-up that allows the display of favorite art pieces, dishes, or collectibles.

Mobile Art Deco Bar- styylish
A Mobile Art Deco Bar Case – available now on Styylish

This Mobile Art Deco Bar Case, meanwhile, is a Modernist response to a classic bar trolley. Keep all your bar utensils and favorite bottles tucked away in a completely unique original from the 1930s. You can practically imagine this piece in the home of Jay Gatsby!

Art Deco Sideboard- styylish
An Art Deco Sideboard – available now on Styylish

Equally fitting is this Art Deco Sideboard, which embodies the flair of the 1920s perhaps more than any other piece. As the centerpiece on your living room wall, for instance, it will always lend your home the right energy for a classy cocktail party. Your guests will flock to this uniquely beautiful piece.

The bottom line is clear: Art Deco Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, can serve a variety of functions, and provide a completely unique, original touch to your home.

Only the Beginning: Explore the Styylish Catalog

The pieces introduced in this buying guide are just some of the many Art Deco furniture pieces available on Styylish. Browse our Catalog for a more detailed look at our offerings, and don’t hesitate to reach out with specific inquiries.

The world of Art Deco is yours! Jump on an original piece today and lend an air of glamorous elegance to your modern spaces!

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