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The History of Fabric for Quilting

You probably remember the last time you bought fabric for a quilt. If you’re like me, it wasn’t that long ago. Think about your experience.

The History of the Sewing Needle

The invention of the wheel seems to be the eternal benchmark for determining when mankind left the ranks of humanoid and became true homo sapiens. But had it not been for the needle, there might not have been anyone around to invent the wheel.

My Favorite Method for Applique

Applique is the technique of sewing pieces of fabric to create patterns, designs, and more. It is used on quilts, clothing, pillowcases, and pretty much anything that can be sewn. Here are the steps to my favorite method for this technique.

Crafts for Children – Perfectly Safe and Fun!

You enjoy your crafts, so why not get your children involved too. They may be too young to do knitting and crocheting but there are many things they can do that can bring out the creative talent they may have. Participating in a craft brings out their imagination and they can portray that in many ways. It helps stimulate their brain.

Major Facts About RC Helicopters

RC Helicopters, also known as radio-controlled helicopters, have a unique type of design that sets them apart from other kinds of air-crafts that people fly. For instance, these helicopters have great aerodynamics, especially when they are being flown or when a person is trying out different flying mechanisms. However, all this information is not easily accessible to those who want to join the RC Helicopter hobby.

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