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Great Sewing Tips

Want to learn some great tips for sewing? As a beginner sewer you look for great tips and tools that will help you on your learning journey to become a successful sewer. Read to find the greatest and latest tips for sewing!

Kid Friendly Halloween Crafts

Making homemade Halloween crafts is one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday with your kids. For some of us, it is our favourite time of the year. We can dress up, decorate, make yummy treats, and act like a kid again. These are some fun and easy ways to have Halloween fun with your kids.

An Art Project Using Pennies

If you have a surplus of copper pennies and nothing to do with them, this project is for you. This inexpensive art project requires a few supplies and some creative thinking. The end result is an embellished photo frame.

Enamel Badges – Enamelling Is One of Our World’s History’s Oldest Art Forms

Look through your jewellery box or that old shoebox you have containing sentimental belongings and there is a pretty good chance you’ll find a necklace, ring or a badge adorned with enamel. Enamelling is one of our world’s history’s oldest art forms used as far back as Ancient Egypt. The Byzantines, known for their iconic religious artwork, used enamelling in place of precious stone and you will also find enamel on many of the magnificent Ming Dynasty pieces.

9 Sewing Terms and Techniques Every Newbie Should Know

Are you new to sewing? If you are, then you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed right about now. There are just so many new things to learn and know.

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