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The Joy of Dinosaur Model Collecting

A fascination for prehistoric animals may lead a young person to start collecting dinosaur models. This can be a rewarding and very satisfying hobby. It also can help young people learn about prehistoric animals and other extinct creatures. Such an interest may lead to developing an interest in fossil collecting when that person becomes older.

What’s Up With the Ship Model Building Marketplace?

Some readers of this article may find it too provocative but it needs to be said. After spending 30 years building ship models, and twelve years selling radio controlled and wooden ship models to the hobby enthusiast, I find there are some frustrations that never go away in the ship model building industry.

5 Ways To Care for Your Books and Keep Them Preserved Longer

For those who love books, a good book is more like a friend than a possession, something to be cared for and cherished. Others see a good book as valuable only if it is used, almost abused, and shows the age and wear of time and use. For these people, a good book should have a well-traveled cover, creases in its spine, highlighting of enlightening passages, and dog ears throughout. But for those who like to treat their books like treasures, keeping them secure and intact, ready to read another day, proper book care is important. Following are a number of tips to help you properly care for your books, many of these gleaned from the annals of the United States Library of Congress, arguably one of the greatest book repositories in the world.

Sewing to Help Save Money

Even the very basic sewing skills and a cheap sewing machine will save you money. That will enable you to hem your own pants and other garments. When I first bought my sewing machine I felt guilty for spending my last dime on a machine that I had no idea how to use. So in order to ease my conscience I paid myself an imaginary amount of money for every pair of pants I had to hem for myself. And before I knew it the machine had paid for itself!

How to Save Money With Crochet

With the price of yarn these days it is almost hard to imagine that one could actually save money with crocheting. But it is true, crocheting can help to save a lot of money.

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