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Create the Perfect Holiday Photo Album This Season

The holiday season is the time for families to get together. What better way to capture the moments than to create the perfect holiday photo album!

How to Re Size Your Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns

I have received a number of inquiries asking if I do smaller size doll clothes patterns and the occasional request for larger doll clothes patterns. So I thought I would share a tip that may help you to adjust my existing patterns or patterns that you already have so that you can use them with other size dolls.

Cool Things To Do With Kids That Foster Relationships

Hobbies that you can embark on together give you both a way to get to know each other without the pressure of talking about high stress topics. Developing a hobby that is inclusive for all ages opens up a pathway for communicating in a relaxed environment. Sometimes, all they really need is a diversion they feel good about in order to sort things out for themselves.

Getting Rid Of The Weekend Blues

One of the first steps to ditching the weekend blues is finding something new and interesting to take up your time. Hobbies, of course, are going to give you a new outlet. You also may find that they prevent you from spending all of your time alone.

Building The Ultimate Outdoor Play Area

Planning the space is often the most fun for adults. It gives you a chance to come up with all the cool things you would have wanted and then tailoring it to your children. It is fun to design a space that makes the backyard more like a wondrous land than just a place to plunk a sandbox.

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