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Wedding Envelope Calligraphy

If you are planning a wedding, you already know how important it is to select he right invitations and envelopes. To break it down even more, the envelopes are what will make that important first impression, and reflect the overall tone of your taste.

Real Wampum (Vs Shell Jewelry)

Many items are sold today that are called wampum, but, in fact, they are only Quahog shells or shell jewelry. Most I’ve seen are attractive and well made, but they are NOT “wampum”. Wampum is specifically the small, cylindrical beads made from Quahog or Whelk shell.

4 Easy Thanksgiving Craft Ideas For Kids

Quick and easy craft ideas that even the youngest members of the household can help with! We have crafts, decorations, and recipes.

You, Your Kids, and Gel Pens: Big Family Fun

It can be tough to find ways to connect with your kids these days. Schedules are full, not only for Mom and Dad, but for kids as well. There are sports, hobbies, play dates, sleepovers, homework, homework, and more homework. Then, when you finally find the time to sit down at home, everyone has a screen to watch. It takes enormous force of will to peel those eyes away long enough to engage in meaningful conversation, but you can start family time on a colorful note by breaking open a new pack of gel pens.

Quirky and Interesting Themes for the Prom

Whether you are a teacher or a PTA member assigned with the responsibility to plan the best prom the school has ever seen, choosing to create a theme for the event is the perfect way to spice things up. Go the unconventional way and make sure that the students are able to have a night to remember! Here are some fascinating themes worth considering while planning a prom.

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