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Names In Calligraphy

As you practice the alphabet letters of various font styles in calligraphy, you’ll reach the point where you can string the letters together to form words. This is an exciting point in the learning process because now you can actually see written words and how they look in your calligraphy writing style. A good place to start writing words is to start by writing out names in calligraphy.

How To Arrange Flowers in a Vase

Why is it that your perfect, beautify arranged floral bouquet becomes a tangled mess when you try to put it in a vase? Your exquisite bouquet looks shabby and disheveled because it was designed to sell, not go in a vase.

Save Money By Crocheting for Special Occasions

Crochet is not only a fun and relaxing hobby, but it is also a great way to save money. Although yarn can be on the expensive side, crocheting hats and scarves, bags and clothing items yourself can be a lot cheaper than what you find in stores. This is especially true when it comes to certain tops, dresses and skirts.

Crocheted Fun and Silly Hats

Crocheted fun and silly hats are a lot cheaper to make than anything you’ll ever find at the store. Character hats, especially, are expensive if you want to buy them, and crocheting them yourself will help to save you loads of money. In addition, in many cases you can even use up leftover yarn from other projects to make these hats.

All About Vanilla and Vanilla Scented Candles

Studies also say that in spite of its strong and heavy smell, vanilla scented candles make your body feel more calmed and relaxed. Be careful though, because when large amounts of vanilla is used, it can be a little hazy and overwhelming. But if the amount of vanilla is right, it can be sexy and seductive at the same time.

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