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Rare American Coins and Their Various Branch Mints

American coins were minted in a total of 8 mints throughout their history. Mintmarks first started to appear in 1835, when branch mints were being established. Their mintmarks can be confusing unless you understand what you’re looking at.

DIY Holiday Crafts

The holiday season brings great opportunity for DIY arts and crafts! But with people’s busy schedules, crafting can be a nonessential time suck. Crafting printables can make things a lot easier for the craft lover with no time. This season try holiday printables to make your crafting easier and less time consuming.

Rare American Coins and the Silver Dollar Since 1840

The Liberty Seated silver dollar was adapted from Christian Gobrecht’s design for a silver coin with very limited mintage between 1836 and 1839. This coin met the new lighter weight, smaller size specifications for American silver dollars.

Rare American Coins Minted As Territorial Issues

At one time, from 1847 until 1936, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Philippines were all territories of the US. As American territories, the US mint struck their coins for a short time.

Top Craft Fair Tips and Tricks

Vendoring a craft fair? Not sure what a successful display should include? This article will help you set up a craft show table, have good exposure, and interact with customers.

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