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Candle Making Classes And What I’ve Learnt As A Tutor

Candle Making Classes have been my priority for a few years now, but it has only been over the past 18 months that we have had surge in candle making class participants. As a result we have spent many hundreds of hours teaching. So, what have I learnt about human nature? As teachers, we not only teach, but we also learn from our students.They are also a source of inspiration and sometimes they see things from a different perspective, so can often give you a unbiased opinion.

Making Personalised Candles – For Weddings and Naming Ceremonies

Making personalised candles for weddings and other events can be a very fulfilling experience, so hopefully we can give you some tips that we have learnt to enable you to make some lovely candles for your special event. One of the main problems I had when first started out was finding the correct information. There is plenty of information from people in the USA, but not so much in Australia or they are reluctant to share their knowledge. I have many years of soy candle making but felt my knowledge had to include making personalised wedding candles. I’m happy to share information that I have.

Embracing Loom Kit Fever: Top 3 Methods to Keep Kids Entertained This Summer

If you’re a parent as I am who’s concerned about the approaching summer season, its daunting to evaluate what your children are going to do away from school. Youngsters these days can no longer take pleasure in summer the way we spent happy-go-lucky days as youngsters, just swinging by a tire under a tree. They get pre-occupied with far too much TV, the online world and video gaming taking place.

Common Quilting Mistakes Even Pros Make

Like medicine and yoga, quilting is a practice-not something you can master. That can seem like reassuring news for a quilting newbie, but frustrating for those who have been practicing their craft for years. There are a few common errors that everyone makes, but at the core of them all is one similarity: accuracy (or lack thereof).

Sewing Machine Reviews and Ratings

Each in their particular niche, there are five top sewing machines on the market. The Bernina 730E, The Brother ES2000, the Pfaff Grand Quilter, The Janome Memory Craft 9000, and the Husqvarna Viking Deluxe SE. In this article, I want to look at what puts each of these machines at the very top of their respective niches in the home sewing machine reviews.

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