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Handmade Baskets and Their Beginning

A short history of the basket’s beginnings, their early uses and how they have become a valuable collectable product. The Amish community hand make baskets to use in every room of your home as well as a great way to add to your decor with a bit of country charm.

Get Hooked on Crochet and Knitting

Knitting and crochet are right back in fashion. There are lots of good reasons to take up this hobby, and this article will help motivate you to get started.

How To Make A Square Bowl

This is an excellent article that teaches how to make a solid wood square bowl of the lathe. Step by step instructions, plans and dimensions. As well as excellent photos of the process from start to finish.

Making Clay Beads At Home

Polymer clay is used in the creation of clay beads. Once you get the hang of working with the polymer clay you will be able to craft clay beads easily for use in your jewelry beading projects, and other decorative projects.

Tips On Storing Bracelet Making Supplies

Bracelet making supplies can quickly add up in your home. Making jewelry is a fun, and rewarding, hobby, that can quickly take over whatever room that you store the supplies in. bracelet making supplies are very small, and they can become a real problem if they are dropped in the carpet, or when they are not kept contained.

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