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Knitting Trends 2013

Needlecrafts have made a comeback in the last few years and we are seeing a resurgence in knitting and crocheting. It is no longer thought of as grandma’s hobby. As a younger demographic embraces this craft, we are seeing new materials, new methods and great fashion forward choices.

Ways to Transfer a Design Onto Fabric to Embroider

There are quite a few methods to transfer a design onto fabric to embroider. There are various products and methods to achieve this.

Giving A Successful Presentation To A Knitting or Craft Club

Ways to give a successful presentation to a knitting circle or craft club. Overcome your nerves and enjoy the experience.

How to Start a Soap Making Business – Top Tips

Making soaps to sell may be one of the best ideas for a part time work at home business. Soap making is very easy and one of the fun hobby ideas of crafts to make and sell. Making handmade soaps can be a lucrative home-based business that you only need a small budget to start.

Wedding Calligraphy

One of the most popular forms of calligraphy is that of wedding calligraphy. If you’ve ever received a wedding invitation or are planning a wedding of your own, you’ll notice that nearly all wedding invitations use calligraphy in some way, shape or form. The main reason it’s such a popular choice is because it adds a formal, elegant touch to the invitations, response cards and envelopes.

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