Romantic Simplicity: Our Biedermeier Furniture For Sale

In today’s blog, we want to introduce you to some of our Biedermeier furniture for sale. Our Biedermeier collection is a veritable treasure trove. And there is a reason why it’s one of our most popular styles (and a personal favorite of ours). Let us begin by recapping what we know about the style and period.

A humble follow up to the imposing Neoclassicism of the late 18th century, Biedermeier style furniture returned to the roots of artisanship and simplicity. The burgeoning middle class of the early 19th century was the primary customer of Biedermeier furniture. As the middle class grew, so did sales. Therefore, in many ways, it was a rejection of the pompous, heavily decorative furniture of the fallen French royalty.

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Few furniture styles better embody the mission of Styylish than Biedermeier. Its focus on simple geometry and strong lines, in combination with nascent ideas of Romanticism make it one of the most readily combinable styles in furniture history. Both starkly modern and vintage spaces find a grounded elegance in a Biedermeier piece.

Early Biedermeier Furniture for Sale

We want to take you on a journey through our catalogue of Biedermeier furniture for sale to inspire you to bring a slice of history into your own living spaces and interior decoration.

Let us start at the beginning of the period. Hot off the heels of the imposing Neoclassicism of Louis XVI and Empire style furniture, early Biedermeier furniture was primarily a rejection thereof. In these pieces, note the simple wood tones and rustic elegance.

This charming Biedermeier Sewing Table from Southern Germany, for instance, is a classic example of the early Biedermeier style. Note the emphasized rectangle on the top surface.

Unlike pieces from the preceding period, this table does not want to win you over through lavish decorations. It focuses on the beauty and energy of the wood itself. It has a stunning cherry veneer that makes it an ideal addition to any modern living space with a focus on muted color

Biedermeier Sewing Table- styylish
Biedermeier sewing table for sale

A Fit for any Room

The same can be said for this stunning Classicist Biedermeier armoire from the same period, and indeed most of our Biedermeier furniture for sale. We’ve categorized it as classicist because it holds on to some of the decorative elements of Neoclassicism, while still putting the color and texture of the wood front and center.
Imagine placing this piece in a dining room, where the striking side columns inspire the elegance of a state dinner. Or else, place it in a master bedroom, where it might complement the geometry and homey comforts of a bed.

Biedermeier Wardrobe walnut- 19th century- styylish

Biedermeier Wardrobe walnut- 19th century- styylish

Perhaps you could even combine it with this beautiful Biedermeier nightstand from 1820. Though starkly rustic at first glance, the light wood playfully highlights the open wood gallery rim around the top of the piece.

Biedermeier nightstand- styylish
A Biedermeier nightstand – note the wood rim gallery

Nor should Biedermeier be limited to bedrooms or dining rooms. This wonderful Biedermeier table, recently sold, now stands in a modern kitchen nook, where it is playfully integrated into an everyday space.

Unique Pieces for Individual Homes

Corner Cabinet- styylish
Our striking corner cabinet in the Biedermeier style

For those hoping to find something a little unusual and surprising amongst our collection of Biedermeier furniture for sale, we’ve got just the piece for you. This corner cabinet from Northern Germany, built around 1815, is one of the most interesting and unique Biedermeier pieces in our collection.

Not only is the shape and function of the corner cabinet an unusual one. The mahogany veneer is absolutely gorgeous, and much darker than most pieces from the Biedermeier period. As such, it has a special elegance, further highlighted by the ebonized columns at both ends of the piece.

As in the armoire introduced above, the remnants of Neoclassicism are still abundant in this cabinet. It is therefore one of the most uniquely cross-generational pieces in our collection.

19th century Biedermeier Dresser- styylish
A Biedermeier walnut dresser with a capricious veneer

Equally unique is this Biedermeier dresser from South Germany, an exemplar of the beauty of fine wood. The walnut veneer catches the eye with playful swirls, all while emphasizing the sturdy, spacious build.

Budding Romanticism

As the romantic period took European arts by storm, even the simplicity of Biedermeier furniture was impacted. Already in the 1820s, certain pieces of Biedermeier espoused a youthful vitality that belied its humble origins, as showcased by some of our Biedermeier furniture for sale.

Viennese Biedermeier chairs- styylish
A group of six stunning Biedermeier chairs from Vienna

This jaw-dropping set of Viennese Biedermeier Chairs encapsulates that trend. The natural shapes in the whimsical décor seem taken from the future Art Nouveau period. In other words, these chairs were avant-garde in their combination of simple wood and bold new shapes.

Biedermeier Box, Ebony, Walnut and Inlays, South Germany, circa 1850
A breathtaking Biedermeier Box from late in the period

Imagine them around your dining room table or scintillating around your space at your next post-pandemic cocktail party! We don’t have to do too much imagining, because we know how well this recently sold set of Biedermeier chairs is adjusting to their dining room. They are a true feast for the eyes.

Late in the Biedermeier period, Romanticism had become a primary influence. This wonderful Biedermeier box from 1850, for instance, is full of elegance and fairy-tale charm. Not to mention, it is a true work of art.

Take the combination of various shades of wood in an almost painterly rendition of a flower bouquet. Or the various decorative motifs on the sides, jutting out from the dark surface. All that and the timeless quality make it a must-have for a lover of the period.

Something for Everyone

We hope you’ve taken note of the versatile and charm of our Biedermeier furniture for sale. That is why the style has become one of our absolute favorites. Biedermeier means many things, but above all it means refinement and flexibility.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what we have available in store. Click here to launch straight into a broad search of our Biedermeier catalogue. And be sure to check back regularly, as we continue adding new pieces of antique Biedermeier to our store every day!

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