Rusted RIFLE Forged into a Beautiful KATANA

What Is So Fascinating About Paper Quilling? 5 Things To Love About Paper Quilling

Imagine the amazing artwork that can be created with a set of paper strips! Paper Quilling is an art that employs the technique of rolling, coiling, crimping and fringing paper strips using a “quilling” tool. It is then glued together to form a pattern or design.

Build a Stronger Radio Controlled (RC) Truck

Considering what we subject them to, today’s RC trucks are amazingly durable right out of the box. That said, we know all too well that the reality is that if it can be bashed, it can be broken. How often and how severely your truck needs to be repaired is largely based on how crazy you drive, but it is also heavily influenced by how well prepared your RC rig is.

Easy Last Minute Kids Craft Ideas

Things do not always go as planned, and there will be times when you have to think on your feet to give the kids something to do. For example, you were planning on taking the kids out during the day but the car breaks down and now you need something to keep them busy. This is where easy last minute kid’s craft ideas come into play. There are several options you can go here, but the important thing is to remember that for easy last minute kid’s craft ideas, you need to think of crafts that can be made with items you have in the house.

Collectible Military Coins From All Branches

Collectible military coins are treasured by those who receive them, not only for the honor that is being bestowed upon them, but for what they represent. Collecting these coins has become a source of pride.

Best Crafts To Sell – Making Money From Your Art

The best crafts to sell are those crafts that many people would be interested to purchase. To put up your own craft business, there are several things that you need to consider aside from making creative and exceptional artworks.

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