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What Are the Best Portable Sewing Machines?

Portable sewing machines have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. The first sewing machines designed for home use were not suitable for travel due to their large size. Today almost all manufacturers have released at least one type of portable sewing machine.

Reasons Why Knitting Is Still Around

There is no specific date as to when knitting was invented or as to who invented it. It is believed though that knitting has been around for a thousand years based on the discovery in Egypt of a knitted cotton “Coptic” socks dating around the end of the year 1000 AD. Because the knitting on those socks was already refined and skillfully made, many believe that knitting existed even way before those socks were made.

The Art of Candle Making – Massage Candles

Have you had a hard day, a busy week or a month you would prefer to forget? Do you have tired and sore muscles? A headache from all the tension you’ve been through lately? Tight shoulders from too much time at a computer monitor? It sounds like you would benefit from a massage? Using soy massage candles will help release your muscles and replace that tightly coiled body with a looser more relaxed one.

Candle Making Molds – What to Buy?

So you’ve chosen to make candles in your own home for some great DIY gifts. You’ve been able to determine the kind of candle and will be creating some soy pillar candles. The next step is to determine the mold you’ll use. The choice to purchase a mold isn’t to be taken lightly because they can be fairly expensive. There are plenty of choices when purchasing a mold, here I go over the advantages and disadvantages of every type of mold, my preferences and a few inexpensive alternatives that are certain to please your budget.

Bring In Some Vibrant Style to Your Home With Fun Throw Pillow Ideas

Throw pillows can be wonderful home accents. This article explores how the simple throw pillow can enhance the beauty of the room.

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