Sony ps3 Fat Console Restoration | Restoring Old playstation 3 Game

Attracting Finches To Your Birdfeeders

The needed information for you to attract finch families to your birdfeeders. How and what to feed them while keeping them safe. Also some of the information will keep finch and other wild birds returning to your yard and garden any each year.

A Short History of Amish Quilting Styles

This is a short history of how Amish women started their unique style of quilting. Also, how they have become the experts of piecing and stitching a quilt.

Papier-Mache – A Sculpture From Paper and Paste

Sculpting is not only done from clay, ice, marble or pottery but can also be done using paper and paste. It is great for school projects and the kids will love it. Masks, bowls and fanciful sculptures can all be made with paper and paste or glue of any kind.

Candle Making – Lighting Up Your Home With Your Own Candles

Designing and making your own candles can be a lot of fun and you only need a few tools and materials. Paraffin is the most practical wax to use. It comes in 500g slabs, one of these melts down to approximately 4 liters of liquid wax.

How to Make Nuno Fashion Scarves

Want to learn how to make a nuno fashion scarf, then this is where to go. Nuno felting is also know as wet felting. Here you will learn how to wet felt, or nuno felt, your own fashion scarf.

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