Searching for furniture, and I find an abandoned farm! House build pt 9.

The Unseen Beauty Of Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are starting to bloom inside houses. As the price of real flowers goes up, so does the acceptability of artificial flowers. Find out why these type flowers are the preferred way to spruce up a home.

The Best Three Indian Silver Coins!

If you like collecting coins and you spend most of your time in this amazing hobby, then you must have come across Indian silver coins. Indian silver coins are very much in demand nowadays because of the fact that these coins are available for a cheaper price as compared to gold coins.

Brother CS6000i Review

Giving a Brother CS6000i review demands extra attention to detail. It’s actually giving perceptions and impressions about a product that I have always wanted to buy for me. I’ve always planned to buy a sewing machine that I could freely use anytime I want.

Sewing Patterns For Shawls

You would be able to wrap yourself up in warmth and style with a home sewn shawl if you so desire. While these types of garments are graceful and sophisticated as well as easy to home sew, they take a tremendous amount of sewing fabric for the full effect to take effect. This type of home sewn garment is extremely versatile as well. They can be made lined or unlined. In my experience, the shawls that are topstitched have a more finished look than the shawls that are sewn without the topstitching.

How to Make a Spellbinders Butterfly Card

This tutorial will show you how to make a Spellbinders butterfly greetings card which you could use as a birthday card or for any other special occasion. This card is easy to make, but sure to make a lasting impression.

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