Shop Tour Sale! JRV Home

Our tour today, i have been uh, anxiously excited for uh spring and wanting to travel, but, of course, cannot travel, so we decided that we would reorganize the entire shop space and make it a little bit more.

I don’t, know european boutique, because if you can’t travel, you got to make do with what you got yeah, and so we’re here and you know you have been shopping. I have been shopping. She hasn’t been going to all the places, but she’s been shopping.

All the places hey that’s. Why? I got invented the internet right like when you can’t get there, you can order. It so i want to show you some fun things that we’ve been doing um in the shop space. We went ahead.

I’ve, been trying to like group like items together. I’m, going full camera guy mode. Today, guys so that you can hear her good, the camera is facing forward so well and zeb will get on the camera. Occasionally right, yeah, i’ll pop in okay.

I’ll. I’ll, leave my fun little anecdotes. That i like to drop, so this is our bath and body section. We’ve had for a long time, but we restocked our soap holders and we last week we sold out of all of the metal soap holders, but we do have these in stock and i kind of displayed them in a way.

So somebody can easily come see all of the soap holders that we have. They’re all 10.95, except for this one is 19.95 and it’s brass. So it’s, actual brass. It’s, got a cute little bird on it, but if you guys have retail spaces it’s really good to like do like items together.

These are the corbels that we sell and we normally just make these to order. But these are the chippy shelf corbels and we did a bunch for a few orders, so we made a few extras. So if you guys haven’t seen these before these are the ones that we have at our house in our kitchen.

These are jamie’s, shelf corbels, and they that big, marble backsplash that we have. These are what’s. Holding that shelf up on the right side of the kitchen there well and they’re, always a little bit different because the paint chips differently, but they’re handmade and they’re 24.

95 each, and i really really love These we’ve got our belgian muscle baskets. These baskets are awesome because they are not just like baskets. They’re, actually old, antiques imported from europe, and they’re 49.

95 and we have two of them left. We had more in the basement, but those are the last two and then i’ll pop in right. Here we can both be on the video there’s there’s them. This is our last street vendor scoop.

The last one, the last one, that’s that dark galvanized. I really like that style um, and then we have some of our light. Galvanized scoops. These are new. If you use these, they can also be dark. Yeah more you use in the darker.

I mean depends on what you’re, scooping with them right yeah. This is our last nest with eggs. It’s four times the last today. This is the last of i sometimes i try to order, but sometimes they just don’t have them anymore yeah.

If we, if they, if the manufacturer runs out, then we also run them, and we’re out of luck. Um, if you love dough balls, we have quite a few doubles in stock in different sizes. So if you just go at jrvhome.

com and you search the word doble, then you’re able to um see all that we have. The word on the street is the big ones we can get a hold of. The small ones are getting tough to find um yeah it’s kind of like the little ones.

I thought we were out of these and i didn’t. I deleted that listing, but that must be the last. We’ve got one, so i’ll have to add that, but it’s going to happen later. So let me pull this up, so i can look at comments.

Mariah is on here. So if you’re watching the replay click, the live chat and she’s, dropping links to the things as i’m talking about them, um tracy says: hey super shoppers. You should display soap in them.

Um we have in the past, but customers like to come and like pick them up and hold them, so it makes it a little bit easier. Sometimes we’ll like have one over here, like these soap holders, um the bath soap holder, and then this one that’s hanging.

We put soap in these that’s kind of fun, and then we found a new way to display our earth and anchor. These are those lip balms that we smelled for you guys last week very good. They also have the lip scrub and then the clay masks, and i really that might be one of the best uses for a sugar mold that i’ve seen.

I was just going to say, look how we display these. These are fun, so we have these cute tubes. I love the packaging that be in the bathroom yeah. Well, i know you can put all your bath and beauty products and they’re 4.

95 each and i love the way that they look like test tubes um, but we didn’t know how to display them, and so what we did Is we put a little bit of packing peanuts in the bottom so that way it would poke it up, so you could see them and then for these we just used a little like cup, because these are the soaks, but these are all the masks, so that’s really fun.

How do i buy from you um, queen walker? If you go to or if you look up about six comments? Mariah dropped the links directly to that person. It’s. Also in the description of all the videos.

The link you can just click it kai, says jrv mercantile looks great. Thank you. We have lots of fun items here. We ‘ Ve got some real antiques up here, yep the copper. This is our last larder. Everybody also always debates whether this is for laundry or for like, like a big soup dish.

You know i i feel like the most popular vote is laundry, but you know we’ll, see karen asked about the salt and pepper shakers. These are 9.95 for this set. These are kind of retro inspired. They’re, not actually old, so which sometimes is good, because when there’s been food and old stuff i don’t know.

Yeah i mean you can always we, we scrub them out and clean them pretty good. If we’re, sending them your way so yeah. If we thrift them, please dump the salt every now and then we’ll thrift, some salt and pepper shakers and go get a good, scrubbing yeah.

Exactly i’m trying to think what’s been popular here. I know a lot of you guys are resellers. Oh you took the stuff off the top of the cabinet. You can actually see the cabinet a lot better. I like that.

Oh i just put the christmas sign down. Oh, you just laid it back, not christmas anymore, but it’s big and i was like nobody’s. Gon na buy that so i put it down and when it’s christmas, i’ll, just flip.

It up done, i’ll, be i’m already ready for next year, um. So in this area here some of these are most popular, are the like, smaller bath salts, those have been selling like crazy um, the coconut milk.

If you want a tropical vacation, jean says that the coconut milk is her favorite, but they’re all really good. I like the peony, just because i like peonies but, and i think these ones are like 4.95 and if you come to the store, they have a scratch and sniff.

Do you want to try that? Let me see i didn’t. I just saw that i didn’t even know: oh, that’s, one of the better scratching sniffs i’ve ever smelled. These are awesome. It’s, good, come by the shop and scratch and sniff this.

Where’s jamie, she’s scratching and sniffing at the shop hey, i can’t it’s, my shop, i can scratch and sniff. If i want to all right, let’s. Talk about display, we put up a new display here for all of our uh melts.

We wound up moving the diy candles next to the diy paint, so we’ll, show you those in a little bit and then we were able to spread out our antique candle company, which, if you guys are new here, you might not know um.

They are poured in lafayette, indiana hand, poured cotton, whisks all soy based natural scented candles, and then we sell all of the melts as well, and we just started carrying these really cool warmers.

They’re 14.95. I like this one. Actually it’s, one of my favorites. It is your style blue. It is it’s blue and then we ‘ Ve got just like a white one, and i love them because i don’t know about you guys, but if you ever seen those warmers and they are cheesy like 1995 called they want their design back.

So i’ve been searching everywhere, and these are my favorite and then we also have a little bit more bath because i love bath body products, it kind of spills over. Here we have the mini french fries.

The selection is growing. Well, i just buy all the things that i like. I actually need to get some of these for that, hutch that we have in the closet, oh yeah, because the drawers smell a little old and these kinds of soaps are perfect for it, and these ones are only like 275 instead of 10 bucks.

So they’re great yeah. We had that bathroom finished that we did a long long time ago. I think it’s been over a year that we finished that first bathroom, so we had somewhere. So we weren’t running to the park at the farmhouse when we were doing the construction yeah and we had one of these soaps sitting in there and it was like construction zone blown up all through the house.

But you go in the bathroom and it smelled all springy and like the soap yeah yeah, and i remember one time like somebody that was working at the farmhouse or one of the inspectors is like your bathroom smells so nice and i’m.

Like i, ain’t cleaned it in two months, but i got french soap in there um. What are the other things that’s in here? We have this: it’s kind of spendy. It’s; 17.95. It’s from germany, but this is jack’s, favorite bubble bath, so we carry it because jack likes it.

It’s very scentsy, and then we also have so not to ignore. We have the little kids same brand as um the moms and dads. We have a little bubbler here for kids, and this scent is like mango fruity bubbling bath.

This one’s, really fun. We only have a couple of those left and also, if you want to know what jack’s favorite bath bomb, is it’s? Admiral’s apple. He asks me every day. Can i use a bath bomb and i’m? Like you know, six bucks a bath is kind of steady, especially because he wrestles, so he takes a bath every day after wrestling practice, we’re like like you’re racking up.

I have to start cutting those like in quarters or something you can’t. You can’t be having a bath with a bath bomb like every day and he’s. Loving, so jack really loves the new tubs. The one in his bathroom is the tin tub that we got oh yeah, that we did the we did the new enamel on and it is deep.

It’s deeper than our tub in our in our bathroom yeah. It actually came from hungary and it’s, a government-issued tub. Apparently they give you free tubs. In hungary, i don’t know we have a baby bath out from from hungary at the shop.

We actually sell them on our website. They’re, real big on hygiene. They’re running on hygiene. Hungarians will be bathed. I don’t know like where’s. My tub i’ll, be like listen here biden where’s, my tub just kidding.

We’re, not talking about politics, all right, um, no zach, didn’t build. This is actually like an antique. It was in it was in a guy’s garage and it had like a bunch of oil and grease and stuff, and i took uh engine degreaser to the wood and scrubbed this thing down for about three hours and now it lives here.

One of the things that we are doing now that zeb’s, got building houses. We’re gonna add one more shelf here, because this one is just a little bit too tall. So we’re, going to add another shelf, so we have more display space and one of the things we have here.

These are antique ceiling tiles. We no longer have the giant ones, but we just restocked our ceiling tiles. So we’ve got. This is just like the big one um that we have at our house right now and then we ‘

Ve got um the chippy white and it should be green. These are always really big sellers now, reproduction tiles, but they’re, really good ones, and they’re really cute. They look really darling with like a little flower or framed out.

Are you carrying lip glosses? Now we have these here. Is that what i’m, looking at the matte velvet? Oh, let me it’s a little blurry i’m gonna switch off of wi-fi, and then we ‘ Ve also got these unfinished balusters that we got it looks like we ‘

Ve got a few left there’s three there you might want to stand up because it’s. Getting uh it didn’t light down below. Well, it’s, getting blurry. Sorry, let me see if i can pull it back up. Oh, we can’t have blurriness all right.

Hopefully it’s. Getting a little bit better if you want to shop over here, just say: hey get out of there and i’ll move. Okay, it’s, better yeah. We try not to get people in the shop plus. We got to stay six feet away because we’re.

Not we’re, not mask it up, but we’re talking on ytv um. I think that’s. Everything over here that we’ve shown. I think we’ve thoroughly covered over here yeah, if you have not shopped for your significant those tiles, not found leslie mariah.

Let me know if you can’t find the tiles when chrissy’s here, she might be able to comment from the work computer with the link to those i believe they’re on the website. I’m, going to show them this, while you’re looking for stuff, this is a the big mama jama.

I don’t know if he’s on the website. I think if you did you trip that you got that thrifting i did yeah it’s, 79.95 um and it’s from december 5th thrift haul. It’s, it & # 39; s got wrought iron on it, and then this is like press tin that’s been welded on.

Oh thanks mariah. She dropped the link for you guys, so you can see the ceiling tiles um this. If you are interested in this, it’s, oversized wood and metal wall decor, so um that’s. What that’s listed under, i was going to say something else, but while you’re thinking on that, i’m, going to give them a small pan of the soda bottles or whatever those are amber.

Colored bottles, brown, bottles, 6.95. Those are actually vintage. Um, we’ve got. This is the last ones of these. So this is the large jar. The manufacturer no longer carries them and it didn’t actually ever have lard in it.

Just disclaimer – and this one, i think, is the pickle jar yeah yeah. It was 19.95 for the big one, but if you’ve been holding out, make sure you get these, because these are perfect for flower arrangements in the spring.

Then we have these clear, salt and pepper. They have an s and a p. They’re, retro, salt and pepper shakers. I think they’re on the website. They’re. Not they remind me of like a diet like something you’d, see at an old diner well, and the glass is just a little bit.

Wavy yeah it’s, not quite um, so it’s, not quite perfect, which makes it even better and then over on this display. These are the glass, but these are kind of spendy, but these are recycled moroccan glass.

They’re 12.95. We use these at the house. The only trick with them is don’t stack them because frederick broke a few, it’s; okay, we showed them um and then, if you guys, we sold out of the heart ones, i’ll.

Try to get more in, but these are the butterfly lace. Little um i don’t know. What do you call them butterfly crochet doilies there you go. I’ll, see if i can get some more, but we sold out of the hearts and we ‘

Ve got those butterflies, some fun keys. If you need a key random assortment, yeah good luck, finding what it goes to. We need to take some of those to the house and see if they work comment below. We’re thinking about uh, just leaving the old locks right now.

We’ve, been kind of doing special things to lock the house up at night um, but we still have the old, antique, doorknobs and things on two parts in the house and we’re thinking of getting a locksmith there to re-key Them, but i don’t know.

Is that even a thing can you get those old doors re-keyed? Well, we have like a bunch, so i guess we could try these and see because they didn’t have as many options for keys back then yeah. What are the odds, though, that, like keys from one of those are probably from back east? Probably not great [ Laughter ], but we have so for us.

We have like 24 hour monitoring and an alarm system which is actually better than like a lock right because locks keep honest people out um, so it doesn’t really matter. So we’re just going to make sure that we get the keys in there for that um.

This display, we haven’t done a whole lot with, but if you guys watch we ‘ Ve got three of these copper. They’re, actual copper and brass pots. They’re 12.95 and they are tinted, so you could technically cook in them.

They are tin, so you can cook in them and we put them up on the wall like this and it’s almost like jewelry. It’d, be so cute to hang them up on your kitchen because they’re. Sparkly and shiny um: this is a new display.

Here we’ve got our enameled pots that we’ve are thrifted, and then we ‘ Ve got two of the grain sack aprons left. So this is d and grain sack f. These are the only two that we have left from last week and weren’t there, a bunch of those yeah.

They sell pretty fast, poor gal. That makes those i feel like she’s like hey slow down. I can’t make them fast enough, and this is our new um mannequin that i named bernadette i wanted. Then we could just call it birdie for sure.

I think the reason those are so popular is just because they are authentic grain. Sacks they’re handmade and they’re well made like they’ve got this awesome, tie that goes over the shoulders and then criss crosses in the back.

So you don’t feel like you’re, getting choked and you this is wrapped around the front, and there’s quite a bit left over. I just tucked it in because i thought it looked messy, but they fit all different sizes which i like, and if you get a little paint on them, it just makes them look better.

So should we look at the towels? Well, i was going to show them this new display, because that big bench that we’ve had here forever sold, and so we redisplayed this area. Um we’ve got our french market baskets, which i’m, going to show you our display of all the different sizes we carry now and then we ‘

Ve got three of these little boxwood topiaries left. We had a bunch, but these are the last three and then i i decorated our chicken feeder here with these cute little hermetic jars. I just thought i was like well, i wonder if these fit and i put them in there and they were perfect and springs here.

So we got flowers and we put one of our feather pillows right there and then we ‘ Ve got our dough bowl candle, so it’s, just fun little display, and then do you guys remember this dresser. What color did that used to be zeb? That was green yeah? It was like bright green.

We did it on a channel member live and we were playing with all kinds of weird colors. It looked great for christmas, not, i guess not weird, but you know colors that don’t necessarily go together. We were trying some fun new things and and uh i’ll, be honest, channel members.

If you think we experiment on the channel channel members really get to see us experiment behind the scenes we’re like oh. These guys are all really close friends. We’re, just gonna do whatever like they were here in the room with us, so this particular dresser was green.

It still has some of it chipping through, but we repainted it christy. Do you know what color we painted this in? No, i think today did it. I think it’s white swan yeah. I was gonna vote white swan myself.

I’d, have to ask dania, because today i actually did it. She did an amazing job um and we actually did just paint over their hardware and wet distress it which i feel like makes all the details pop you, couldn’t really see those before so.

If you’re local, this dresser is 2.95 and i don’t know about you guys, but when we have all solid white dressers, they always sell really fast. Well, it’s got these. The top drawers are usually pretty shallow.

It’s. Got these huge, deep dovetail drawers. I wiped most of the sanding dust out. No, you got it. It’s. Fine um! Let’s, see we ‘ Ve got these: oh, these are the galvanized hooks we all but sold out, got more last week, their night, i think 19 17.

95 and a bakery sign and a bakery star. How are we doing on the bathroom signs? Do we have any more of those? I think christy do we still have more of the bath sides like the one we have they look. They look just like this.

Oh they sold out sold out of the bath side. Well, the batteries angry ones. We almost need one of those for the pantry yeah. I think they have those too do we have the ones that say pantry christie i made waffles last night guys they were some of the best waffles i’ve ever had we got a new waffle iron and it made the difference good.

I’ll share the link in the description we’re no longer live, so got it on amazon, oh, and that dresser, that’s tall and green is summer cottage all right, and if you, if you were talking about The dresser that’s by the front door that one’s apothecary, so i’m, not sure which one store over stock in those drawers less trips to the basement.

Here’s, the problem sally. If we don’t, let everybody know what’s in the drawers and we sell a piece of furniture they might walk out with more than they paid for don’t. Ask me how i know yeah. This is our display of towels.

We’ve, actually sold quite a few of them um. So now we’re down to just like the springy colors, which is kind of fun, is the uh. So i i hesitate to ask: is the 50 off sale still going on a few things? There is still a few things that are in the shop that you’re, going to see if you go to jrvhome.

com click click, the 50 off collection. I think it just says sales. It says sale or whatever, but when you check out it’ll you don’t need a code or anything it’ll. Take 50 off of the stuff in that collection.

So definitely check that out um. This is a cool like chippy, potato ricer. It’s, like is that white or light pink it’s, light it’s like a light paint like a pastel pink it’s, so cute it’s 11.95. For this ricer we got more of these runners.

These are really popular. They’re super cheap 9.95 for this runner um and it’s, 108 inches long. That’s, a big runner for 10 bucks so that those come in blue and red, if you guys signed up for our subscription boxes, word is out that everybody got a two-stick butter dish in their home, decor box.

So if you sign up for the home decor box, one of these is on its way to you. We had a big discussion on saturday night about whether you leave your butter out or put it in the fridge and we leave ours out and we use this big one, because we like to either have two sticks or the big kerrygold butter.

We can’t use little butter dishes at the ray house. No well so i was thinking about like the conversation that was going on with the butter going bad yeah and like we used two sticks of butter between like toast and cooking during the day uh, and it was gone like we stored, like we swapped them out Twice i mean we have eight people that live there, and odelia has friends that come over.

Eliza has friends that come over and inevitably all the friends always get fed. So we’re. Like the house, we’re, like the house that uh, you know always has the snacks and treats yeah so yeah. It’s, good stuff! Oh you like this framed art.

I, like that, a lot this one’s, really cool, and this one’s, actually a great deal. It’s. 24.95 comes from already like a great price on this one, because i actually bought it on clearance. When i got them so those are fun.

Um we’ve got a vintage mailbox. This is up on the website. I don’t, know trying to think it’s called vintage metal mailbox 13.95. It fits perfectly. I got hair on my face hold on. Why am i holding this? Oh, you were telling about that and then i interrupted you with the butter story.

We have buffalo check, um shower curtains, they’re 49.95 and i was just holding this because i need zab to put up my curtain rod. So i could see if these fit, because i bought these because i wanted them for the kids back if they come by and finish grouting in our shower.

They did. But this is for the kids bathroom. Oh, that’s for the kids and i think we’re going to need two, because we have that tub and it ‘ S got the round circular shower curtain. I need to do that before these sell out all right, and i refuse to take it out of the store until i’m ready to use it so there we go all right.

Also you guys we don’t, have it in the shop, but if your guys are interested in really cool rugs, if you just search the word rug, we have quite a few of them that we carry online, that we use in the farmhouse all Right these are new to our display.

These are our long trays with handle. These are perfect for baguette size, so the cool thing about these is that handle is a little bit offset. I don’t know why i like an offset handle. It just feels more comfortable to me.

Yeah it’s, just it’s. It leaves room for your, like, i feel like. I can actually like hold this stuff and it might be the same with a centered handle, but i feel, like i have more control left there’s, room for your thumb, that’s.

Why there you go! Maybe that’s, it that’s. Why? Because you got your hand and then you ‘ Ve got space for them, but really how much are you holding this? I don’t know, but maybe you ‘ Ve got people that you want to have carry those around you.

Having like a fancy wedding, i don’t, know um. These are 1895.. I just always think about those things like what are the ergonomics? Am i gonna beat you with it? Well, please, no um! These are those cute windows.

If you have seen in the farmhouse, we have a window that connects the living room to the mud room. Oh yeah, we just have one sitting there. This is the charleston window that we have at the bar and we have some others down here.

Janet says a paddle for spanking. We don’t spank, our kids. It’s, probably uh people that know our kids are like yeah. We could tell you don’t all right, um pair of vintage spoons. Are you laughing at me? I was just thinking of like the progression of our children as down to jack and how much it’s.

True, like how much jack actually gets away with on a regular basis. I’m tired and i also know it’s. Just it’s pointless. I i make them be nice to people, but i don’t expect perfection all right, so we have spools that are 11.

95, but this is actually the pair of spools, so mariah just linked the whole spool. But if you look up pair of tapered vintage spools, you get two for 11.95. These actually came out of an old barn. I think in pennsylvania.

This gal was selling them and i was like hey what if i buy like 50 of them, she was like hot dang, so i bought a bunch of these. So we’re selling them in pairs for 11.95, because i got a really good deal and these are a little different because they have the big end on one side and the little end on the top yeah.

They’re, cool and dusty, and they’re all this kind of coloring so that they can go on the machine yeah. So there you go so we’ve got these got quite a few of those sets. It reminds me of when i bought all those antique ceiling tiles and we sold them in packs of four until they were gone.

If you need to get your metal crown on, we still have lots of the oh. I was gonna say we have lots down to four. I bought 30s yeah, i was gonna say you bought 30 of them a week ago and they’re already down again yeah.

So i pulled these from the back because on the floor sold and we’ve been shipping them out and i wanted to remind you we have four left. I will try to order more, but fun, flowers and milk, joe yep.

So this is a european milk, can um and it’s 89.95 and it is legit old and it’s perfect for these long fox glove stems um lisa said her tin ribbon came yesterday and she loves it. Also, while i’m thinking of it, we have a box of cotton christy.

How much is the box of cotton? Do you remember, 29.95, and how much comes in it? 12 sticks of cotton for 29.95. If you’ve ever bought long stems before they, it’s, a good price, and what happens is we have this vendor and every time we order a lot of stuff.

They give us a box of cotton, but it’s, a pain to ship because it’s like really long. So we’ve decided that every time they give one to us, we’re. Just gonna sell the whole box. Oh 24.95 christy says: oh 29.

95; okay, oh for the wooden star, christy yeah, oh okay, so it’s. 29.95! For the box of 12., the wood stars. Everyone show them that wooden stars back here and we got. We still have a bunch of those downstairs don’t we.

Why are we down to everything here? Because we want all the things that’s? What we do last time i walked down there. There was like 20 of them all done. Thank you good job, christy, hey here’s. The situation right.

If i don’t sell it, i can’t buy more stuff, so we have a thing here. We buy stuff to sell it. I see you moved the jewelry up from the bag. Yeah, do you like my display? I do it’s very noticeable.

It was in just a bakery tray like this, but you couldn’t, see it. So these are just the restocks. I don’t know why, but it almost. It fits really well with these small jars here. Well to me, it almost looks like they’re gallery framed, but all these are they’re, these little blackboard tent signs.

We actually carry them, they’re 4.95. We sell them online, but i just used scotch tape and i scotch tape all the different um fern and filigree necklaces. These are handmade in. I believe i think it was new york.

If i remember correctly, if you look up these necklaces, the fern and filigrees it ‘ Ll tell you, but these are all handmade, so they’re, really beautiful. This one is these gorgeous teal butterflies.

This one is the blue irises from monae’s, garden um, and we have sorry breeding christie’s comments and then we ‘ Ve got the orange butterfly that i was wearing a few weeks ago and then we ‘

Ve got these blue with the white flowers, and then this is my favorite granny floral one i don’t know what that one’s called. Let me see on the back. This is floral bouquet, but it’s totally. Granny floral – and i love it so these are 18 19.

95 and they’ve grabbed florals in with free shipping, and they’re handmade. So they’re, really cool. If your significant other has not shopped for valentine’s day tell them to get on it. French, rolling, pins, french, rolling pins.

I think we showed these a few weeks ago, but nice and long we sold about half of them. So we’ve got some more there and if you tried to buy these online 13.95 is a really great price point. Um.

We have a medium crock here we had one and just shipped it. So this is the last medium crock and then these are the knives that zeb said. We’re, not fancy enough, but i just thought they were pretty. So we’ve got this.

Is our entire men’s section right here? We have one more of the canvas aprons. This is the box that it comes. I’m going to contact, will stelter because he’s, making knives and be like hey. I need you to design a knife up that i can sell on my website.

Will ain’t going to sell you a knife for 17.95? He’s, not making you an eye for that. That’s true for 17.95. This is the prettiest little knife you’re, going to get with a wood handle. I wanted to talk about the copper mugs.

Okay, jamie brought a bunch of these home and i’ve. I drank out of one the other. The first time, the other day – and i had just cold milk in it and the copper is ridiculously conductive it made it feel like it was fresh out of the icebox like it was so cold.

It was crazy. It blew my mind. I’m obsessed, so if you’re, not a metal so like, if you’re on the fence like a these look cool, but i just i can’t stop drinking liquid out of these, like they’re, my favorite thing to drink out of now, and i’m, not gonna polish mine, and i just wash them in the dishwasher and they’re starting to get a patina on the outside, and i love it And then we have three of the water bottles left.

I probably can get more, but we had a bunch, but we’ve sold really far down and i use mine every day and i love it when i forget it in the car, because then the next day it’s like ice Cold all day, and then we have this fun little display here we totally changed up this display and moved all of our french um.

They’re round french buckets in the pink and the blue, and then we moved our little tubs that we showed you last week up here and then i just put these cute little signs in it. These are 2.95 each. We had them hanging on the wall and they were kind of lost, but i feel like putting them in this little bucket kind of showcases them, and then we’ve got these.

Are my favorite uh hooks that we have they’re? Really pretty they’re like rusty, but also romantic. Looking i don’t know if you know this, but that is really good. Welder, oh good! Well, i don’t. Think ty is going to weld you a hook for 8.

95. You never know what he might make you. Maybe he’ll, get real quick. I moved this over here because i can’t, believe it hasn’t sold. Okay. This is the little glass bird bell it’s 9.95. It does have a little discoloration from the glue, but it’s vintage and it’s so cute – and i found that – and i thought i put it up here with our new – these are the small watering cans and then just on Our little uh green cake plate and i don’t, remember the cake.

Plate is 19.95 and it’s metal, and then these are our little new dutch ovens that we have. I think they’re, like 5.95 yeah 6.95. They’re ceramic, and these are perfect for individual uh, french, onion, soups or chicken pot pies.

I think we have six, i feel like you want french onion soup. A lot lately, keep mentioning it. I don’t know that i’ve ever had french onions. Well, i don’t want to make it because you have to like sweat down the onions and then it’s.

A lot of situation. They put the cheese and then you get it all crispity on top, but i want somebody to make it for me. I don’t know. I see i keep buying things that you can make it in, but no you know you should ask your mom.

She’s recently been cooking a lot more and you know she’s been experimenting with some stuff. Mariah says that he has to weld for that stupid truck. He’s working on, oh, i was going to show him this right here.

If you guys have vintage shops or boots that i love to. Do i mean, obviously i have the new stuff here right, but i have vintage tucked into every corner and i feel like it just makes the things that are not vintage.

Look a little bit more special, and these are those japanese stoneware mugs that are set um. I think they’re 19.95 for the set, but how good do they look with the pink and the blue enamel? I just think that’s, a really fun combination.

Look at you winning at color matching. I know i like playing with color and then these are our new enamel pictures that we’re going to be carrying. They are not made to pour your water out of them. We tested those.

I let them sit out on the counter last week when we showed them, they held water for quite a while, but they both had slow little drips, but look how cute they are. We have these little like fake, lavender, um bundles, that are 11.

95. If you just take some lavender oil and sprinkle it on there, it’ll, almost like the real thing, except for it’s, never going to crumble everywhere! Let’s! See over here. I restaged this just a little bit.

So i added the moroccan glasses. This displays kind of stayed the same. I moved this little enamel tin up here and i found that we do have one more water, pitcher left. I thought we were sold out. So i found this when i looked online, so we ‘

Ve got these and these are food safe. These are made to hold water. We discounted one that didn’t, but these are made to hold water. We’ve got these little bean pots, and these are really cute.

They look like little teapots. They’re for flowers. Let’s, see what do we do over here? We have. We have the bunnies, we have the bunnies. We have the bird these haven’t sold as much as i thought they would.

But you guys they’re 13.95. They’re made of cement and they’re so cute and you could paint them like any color because they’re cement. They’ll, really soak it up. So i think if i paint one of these and white wax it, then they’ll fly off the shelf.

I was wanting to get into doing cement molds and then i looked into what it actually takes to do it right and i was like nope, we’ll, just keep buying them yeah, it is. It is a lot of work um and then we ‘

Ve got our new easter pictures up here. I don’t know if you guys saw those last week. These have been really popular in the shop. They’re made with um barn wood, so they’re each a little bit different and we ‘

Ve got our um easter lamb. What’s a goat, but it says lamb kristy. Can you get the door and then we & # 39? Ve got lamb and a rabbit there. What else do we do over here? Oh these are new, so let me show you guys little risers, so these are actually trays.

They’re 20.95 um, but they come with three of them and they, but they’re actually made to so they’re made to go like this right, so you can use them to put things in, but you can Also, hang them on the wall and use them for display, or you could use them like.

I did and then i just like a fun little shadow box, slash riser, so these just came in you get all three for 20.95. They’re, like this light blonde wood, but you could color them or stencil a fun. Little word on them if you want to um, but for that price i just like hey three little boxes and it looks really good in the shop so [, Music ] does the little nest come with the pick or whatever.

This is yeah. So this is the uh day. Do pick it’s, three dollars and ninety five cents. Is it really yeah it’s a really good deal? I think those are the last few you’re. Like wait. Did i price that? Did i really price that at 3.

95 yeah it’s, an incredible deal? It’s! Outrageous, like i’m selling things for two days um we moved down our picking basket the one that has the straps on the back because it was blocking our. Is it a picking basket or is it a skipping basket? Picking skipping, you decide, you do what you want sally says she loved the.

She loves the sheephead stare, the sheep’s like hey. What’s up, it looks like it has like hay in its mouth too yeah. Maybe it’s. Eating sheep are always eating um, so we’ve got these peonies and then, if you guys, love like ferns, these are really cute.

These are the whole. Let me pull up the tag here. Let’s, see what they’re called mixed green pick. These are 3.95 too, and these are really great year-round at christmas time. You can throw red berries with them, but in the spring the whole basket situation is ready to go right.

There yeah i mean there’s, a lot of greenery in there, but it’s, a big basket yeah. So you got them. You got to fill it up. All right. We ‘ Ve got the pillow. Oh, we have a new candy display. Oh yes, so we sell these.

I was only eyeballing this from across the room. Three tiered caddies. We actually only have two of these caddies left. They’re, made to hang on the wall or like this, but it’s. A great candy display and we’ve, been selling a ton all right, just just a heads up the uh.

Where was the viking guys? The sour viking, the flavors vary, and they’re. They’ve, got strawberry, pear cherry uh, black currant, lemon and orange flavored, sour gummy candy, and it’s. I don’t know which ones were which it was a surprise, but those were good.

I’m, not usually a sour candy guy. They’re good and all of these candies are made in europe and they’re like non-gmo, not synthetic colors. There’s quite a few of them that are vegan no high fructose corn syrup and they’re only does it say in the district? So if you’re ordering something, do yourself get a treat? What does it say in the description if they’re vegan or not yeah? So if you read the description it’ll mention and there’s pictures.

So the pictures of the candy show you like what’s vegan and what’s, not um, and then oh? These are. I was telling you guys last of last pot holders and last uh little scrubbies. No, these are not scrubbies.

They’re coasters. Oh, they’re coasters, so they look like scrubbies. They’re with our european grain sacks and these cute um little pillow cases that we carry on the website. We’re gonna get out of the way, because we actually have somebody here.

We’re like here. I’m going to squeeze by to the paint, because i think we’re done in here um. I think we showed everything you wanted to show them the candle display back. Oh, i here show them the baskets.

You didn’t, show them the baskets. We’ll, come back to the bathroom. Come back so we redid this display here, because we needed more space. We had all these little dressers here and i took them off so that way we could display all of our top coats and waxes, and then we ‘

Ve got a nice display for our resins and molds, and i need new um samples because people rip them off yeah. You know i had them nailed up right and the samples are gone. We don’t know where they ‘

Ve gone to they’re goodbye, so we ‘ Ve got this fun little display up here. So this is new and then eventually, i’m gonna take those little dressers that we painted in diy paint, and i’m gonna put them along up here.

But the problem is it feels like deja vu? Did you tell them this two weeks ago? Oh did i i don’t know this is not solid, so the dressers fell through you ‘ Ve dropped a dresser back behind there yeah we did you, did you retrieve it yeah? Well, it fell all the way at the bottom.

Oh, maybe not, there might be a dresser inside there. I don’t know this is our new display. If you guys are iod retailers and you’ve been wondering how to display them. We love this system with the hooks because we can change it up any way we want and it’s just that, like what’s, this called yeah well and i did a whole wall of it.

So it’s. Pretty big, but we painted it and framed it out, so it doesn’t. Just look like pegboard wall up here. We thought that we were going to put molds on it and make them look like frames, but also we didn’t.

Do it? So if you want these products, these are jamie, and that’s, where we carry all of our um diy products and we’ve got all these look. How i think they’re, so much cuter displayed in here yeah.

So these are all the di i’m. Sorry, you need a drink um.

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