I ran into a really cool table lamp for 25 and it is now also in the van, so i had to go back again so hopefully they’re, close to where they said they were going to be, and i better get there fast hi.

I’m george, the antique nomad come with me as i wander the country in search of valuable vintage, amazing, antiques and cool collectibles. We’ll, buy, sell and trade at antique mall shops and shows estate sales, flea markets, thrift stores anywhere people go to find really interesting things that just aren’t made anymore so come on.

Let’s. Go good morning. Viewers, it’s, george, the antique nomad, and i am at a really special place. It’s monday morning, where in the world is there a swap meet on monday morning? Well, in webster florida there is a gigantic swap meet and it’s, mostly antiques and vintage.

I can’t wait to go, get started looking. We are also meeting a special friend here. Let’s, go see what there is hey there, hey everybody! I’m with alex from chapter 2 vintage company and her husband, and what’s, his name again, aaron aaron! There we go cool.

Well, we are gonna. Go look around webster because it is just a fantastic flea market and take a look at all this stuff. It’s new stuff. It’s old stuff. It’s. Everything in between we ‘ Ve got a bunch of knives.

Next to us here we ‘ Ve got fun stuff all over the park, so we’re. Just gonna go see what shiny objects attract us cool looking. It definitely is well twenty four dollars for this old magazine stand.

You see some old burma shave signs back there. There are reproductions of those, so you kind of have to look close, but this one looks like it’s a whole set. Let’s, see so burma shave he saw kicked first, the gas, the train he saw.

The train first kicked the grass and tried to duck it and then the bucket okay. I think the guy tried to beat the train and got run over by it is what they’re saying, and he should use burma shave, so he could at least look good when they picked up his corpse this guy ‘

S. Got lots of little stuff in boxes. This is a fun flea market because they just get so much oddball stuff and it could be anything anywhere at any time. These are eight dollars. Little easter things always like those oops a little wet out here this morning, st louis world’s, fair! That’s 35.

So one thing is that um, sometimes you’ll, see retail price on stuff here, because a lot of these are dealers who sell at other shows in florida, and they just come up because there’s, nothing else going on on monday.

So we can ‘ T necessarily expect everything to be a great bargain, but there are plenty of great bargains here too, and we will find them. Do you need the one with the hole in the end or is it just a regular one? I think i don’t know, okay, so we are really liking.

These uh really cool hood ornaments. They have a really nice selection and they have some very valuable ones because they ‘ Ve got the ones with the lucite. You see the desoto with desoto’s face in the head and that’s going to be from the early 50s.

I believe you see the old dodge ram and i’m, not sure who the guy with the wings up is. I know, packard had a design that was similar to that, but just really fun and very collectible. These folks get a lot of good high-end uh car parts.

They ‘ Ve got a bunch of the moto meters that are in the uh 85 to 225 dollar range because they ‘ Ve got some really good ones with the eagles and the birds on it. They’ve got lots of logos emblems.

This was a special piece that only came from the dealers. Oh okay, 151 ford and all it had was just a little fin, but you could get this one from the dealer, and people tend to either love them or hate them, and nobody seems to be in between no one in between yeah.

Well, i’m sure. The purists think that um, oh, it should have the original with the little fin, but that’s, much more interesting. Looking are you liking living up around here i like it. She she uh it’s, tough for her, because she’s not close to everything but yeah.

Not so many thrift stores, but at least you’ve got this amazing thing. Yes, especially in season. It is just oh, it’s way different than it was a month or two and everybody comes from everywhere and then it’s.

Suddenly this huge cool thing i kind of like this pig he’s a bit a little bit broken, but he’s cool. I like that pig too. Actually he’s. Neat yeah! I like him. We’re at the five dollar table here and then we’re gonna look around.

I look at everything but uh gosh. I do want to look at that pig that she saw cause. He’s got yeah. He’s, got such a great face. He looks just a little greedy, oh my god. He is a pig that’s right, oh and then there’s, a kangaroo with a joey for salt and pepper shakers kind of looks like ceramic hearts, but it fits in floyd.

Oh cool, oh look at this. Oh, is that bob’s, big boy or shony’s, big boy, whatever big boy, guy yeah, that’s right, i remember being afraid of that. When i was a kid they had like an eight-foot orange statue of him outside of the big boy.

Where i lived. Oh, that’s. Cute everybody loves a cat, it’s, a rock, but they said they use it as a paperweight. Look man here’s, one of these tables that’s, made out of various branches and ledges and they usually come apart.

Don’t worry about it. Okay, yeah i’m. I’m in vintage modern and i’m in a couple of other stores in saint pete too. So um it’s kind of nice because you know when you have, when you’re done with show season there’s, a place to leave things, and they do a really good job.

They i mean they do really well with the modernism and stuff, never have enough room. That is a fact. Yeah. We’re originally from saint pete, so we know that very well, yeah yeah. She said she was uh born there or he was well and are you a native too or your family? Didn’t stay long, yeah yeah.

I was born in michigan and we lasted two weeks and then we were in florida. Well, i do like this part of florida. It must be uh, it must be a big change, moving away from the coast huh it is, i enjoy it.

It’s, uh quiet, very nice quiet is nice [, Music, ], yeah, [, Music ]. Now, here you go where there’s box lots, and you never know what you’re gonna find, especially me, especially in these yes. Well, he comes from new york where i’m at oh really.

He came from new york, okay! Well, that’s, always fun, because we love seeing different kinds of stuff down here from all over the place. How much is arctic ice cream? Okay? But if you make a pile everything’s, cheaper, okay! Well, that’s, a good idea.

Yes, that’s, fun! I like old packaging, they’ve, got that one and they ‘ Ve got this one ithaca new york, but i think i like the big one better. So let’s, see what else we can find here. They encouraged us to make a pile and make a deal.

So let’s, see what they’ve got. Oh no. I saw an envelope that’s kind of a cute old advertisement for diamond dice. Well, we’ll, see that might be fun. These are nice props to have at a show in a display the golden era of the beatles that’s a later piece: bingo atlantic city.

Okay, not that yeah. These folks have really gotten into a lot of back stock and it looks like they ‘ Ve got multiples of certain things. Oh sarve shoes, yeah. Sometimes what happens is a place goes out of business and they find all this stuff in the back room, and then you just have scabs of it.

I see another arctic freezer box with a penguin on it and a bunch of old envelopes. It’s a lot of this and that, but there’s got to be something in here. Alex is trying hard. We all are there. We go. Let’s, see what’s over here; seed catalogs old stamp book, but it doesn’t have any stamps in it.

Okay, here’s, a piece of restaurant where let’s, see where this is from the bergoth was probably a hotel, syracuse china and then this one’s, also cafe where cute, but nothing i really need, and then let’s, see down here on the bottom: it really is just random.

These could be things that were found in a storage locker. These could be things that a dealer had and they’ve. Just all come out at once. Here’s, a big old pair of shoes with vulcan heels, they look like they’d, fit me, but i don ‘

T really need a pair of dress shoes not for doing this. So while i’m thinking of it, please comment in the space below here and also hit the thumbs up button to like this video. If you haven’t subscribed click.

The subscribe button below also hit the bell below to be notified of new videos coming every monday and wednesday at 8 pm eastern and thank you so much for following along. Let’s! Go back to this video [ Music ].

So this fellow is doug and doug actually helped me out at an estate sale once he was my cashier and alex is picking through, and this is what you do with doug’s stuff, because doug knows a lot, but he also just gets a Lot of stuff cheap – and he just throws it out on the ground and you dig for it.

That is the way it works, but he does get cool stuff and i’ve found things before and alex has a really cool. Looking little uh poodle box there, that is cute isn’t it. The poodle’s kind of coming off yeah, unfortunately, but it is neat, oh, that’s.

Nice is that ooh the dragon handle is cool, neat dawncaster1910. So somebody painted that by hand, but they did a really good job, that’s got to be a limoge blank, i would think – or maybe austrian, but it’s.

It’s. It’s, really awesome yeah. How is he pricing today, because i know those aren’t his prices? I think it’s, whatever tickles his fancy, that’s, sort of how it works. Yeah i’ve, noticed that with him yeah he’s, an interesting guy.

He cashiered for me at one of my estate sales and he was great, but he definitely dances to his own drummer right, oh yeah! These are pirate era. Little bronze uh basically coins they just sort of make their own because they needed to trade in something, and so these are slabbed.

They’ve been graded and rated by international numismatic bureau, which means they are genuine and that’s effectively. A certificate of authenticity when you see them in a slab as long as you, don’t break the slab open it’s considered valid and they’re eight dollars each and i think i’m going To get them, i have a feeling i could get 15 a piece because we’re in florida and they’re just a fascination, and then i’m going to ask about this.

Teapot it’s, got an old baltimore company name on the top. I like this bell from india. I, like a few other things too, but i also wanted to show that, while they’re looking on their phone trying to figure out stuff that they have a little pile here already a couple of really cute beaded bags and look what alex found.

This is really neat. Look at this handle it’s, a dragon, and then she’s. Got this cute little anna lee christmas mouse cool stuff. Then you know you can repair them. Oh yeah, let me tell you how you repair them.

Okay, you fill it in in two or three layers and you sand it, and then you take the watercolors, because i i can do a watercolor. Okay, if you had me a hummel, i can repair it and you won’t until unless you put it under the the blacklight right, you will not tell it’s been repaired and all i use is watercolors and i just blend It until i get that exact color and and rub it down a little bit.

She’s just got great ice and i love how warty she is [ Laughter ] for 10, and you can repair that that’s, a great price. Even as is for ten, i just i know i’ll, never do anything with it. It’s, so cute though well, i had to make a quick run to the car, the first of hopefully many that’s.

One thing about webster, uh, alex and uh aaron were kind enough to say they. I could just put my stuff in their cart, but i got this big piece of furniture here that disassembles and a big heavy teapot and a big heavy jacket that i want to shed because it’s.

Getting warm here so back to go, find them and go look okay, so i was funny thing on the way back to find alex and aaron. From my van, i ran into a really cool table lamp for 25, and it is now also in the van.

So i had to go back again, so hopefully they’re, close to where they said they were going to be, and i better get there fast. This guy has been on american pickers yeah this guy’s, got a lot of interesting old car stuff.

There’s, a lot of interesting old car stuff. Here he’s, got a whole bunch of old school cars that you never heard of anymore, the emf that was a car that was made by garford and then studebaker bottom out, because they were terrible cars and studebaker made them better.

But all of these are mostly studebaker related. The erskine was their small light car in the depression era. Everett metzger emf was the company that they bought to build their gas powered cars when they switched from electric.

They tried really hard to get electric cars to work. That’s, their 1920s logo there and this one’s from the 30s, makes my heart happy. I wouldn’t mind having that collection. Okay, we’re recharged and we’re shopping again.

So i’m gonna quit. Scaring the people with my camera and get close to the table here that i don’t know that’s. So great i like that it’s um. It goes with that bottle. Digging thing yeah. You got ta rescue old people.

I love that hair piece yeah. It’s like a combiner here that’s. Neat nice detail yeah. This is a cool phone. It’s, an itt. I was asking of course, uh weren’t. They involved with the overthrow of the chilean government.

I think so yeah. I think that was them. They were, they were real sweethearts, but that was before this was made in 1980. But, yes, i’d, love it for ten dollars. Thank you yeah. This is my friend bill.

It turns out behind the mask and he ‘ S got some cool stuff, so i’m, going to see him at mount. Dorad alex and i are both liking. The kitties one of them is playing. The mandolin cats are clever, but i’ve, never seen one actually play an instrument.

Some pretty jewelry. How much is this piece i could do 30. and do you know who made it? Sometimes there’s. Signs don’t think this one is signed. Okay, so i am buying some jewelry. This lady has really nice stuff and she was very fair.

The clamper and clips in the back are 35. The butterfly wing is five 25, each on the coro necklace and this mexican bracelet and ten dollars on the earrings. They’re, not miriam haskell, but they have the look.

Well, i got ta say alex and aaron are fast and i think i see them down there. I got ta catch up. I got waylaid by jewelry, you know it’s, nice to get waylaid by things and we are at a flea market. So that could happen at any point.

The next shiny object, i see a coca-cola dispenser see. This is why i keep falling behind them: [, Music ] there’s, the barbie in the ponytail, the coke bottle radio, but i wanted to show this guy the little home syrup dispenser.

I wanted to show these because they are little miniature frying pans and they were to advertise stoves and heaters and ranges and hardware stores yeah. Those are going to be from about 1910. Approximately i’ll, be curious to see what the prices are, and i like this guy, the boot scraper aniston alabama, and it is a dachshund and i definitely have docks and collectors it’s, the alabama pipe company.

This is pretty cool. I have a feeling this might be a good piece. We’ll, see what they want. Okay, well, the dog was 275 and probably worth it. He’s got some really unusual pieces. This is a 1930 stamp machine might even be 20s.

In fact, it’s, got patent dates of 1918 satisfied customers really unusual priced at 900, but i’ve, never seen one before and then this toy sewing machine here, which is, i believe, 250 has its original box and all the extra Parts so alex just got a cute little piece of murano glass and a piece of black amethyst.

At the last place, this fella ‘ S got some. I think these are yad ro. They could be now let’s. Take like oh! Yes, it is yadro. How much is the goose girl 45 each on the different pieces? And you see some have the matte glaze of the three of them.

I would think the musician might be the most interesting yeah. Thank you. Okay, we ‘ Ve got some neat old signs here and they’re in great shape. Look at this champion. It’s like it’s, never been used.

The feed sign grape ola for 4.95. These don’t sell cheaply anymore, but these, on the other hand, seem like some pretty good deals on the christmas houses. I guess because it’s just after christmas, but those seem like they’re well priced, and this fellow brings a bus full of stuff.

He gets really interesting things and i ‘ Ve bought a few things from him in the past, so let’s, see what he’s got today. He’s, got these really fun matchbooks. If you ever see old, matchbooks look inside to see if the matches are actually printed as things, because these are really collectible and they’ve got the bridge suits they ‘

Ve got the cowboy printed on there: the flowers, sometimes it’s, the name of the place, but it’s. Definitely something open the cover of the matchbook when you get back to the 40s and 50s, because when you see them like this inside, they’re more valuable.

This is really cool. It’s, an atomic disintegrator from the 1950s, and those are worth a few hundred bucks. Anything that looks like a ray gun from that time is good money, but people are pretty much on to that and we ‘

Ve got disney’s, hall of fame from rko theater. Those were handed out when they went to the movies, and then we have this lovely thing, alex opened it and said: whoops alex picked it up first and opened it, and that’s, a good thing, because now i know i can’T open it, you don’t want to be denied right, not on youtube.

Anyway. It says national rifle matches, navy range or ranger caldwell new jersey, august 1919., and it’s. The florida civilian team of crack shooters. I guess who went up there and went to this encampment.

That is really something different. I like that very much look at her with the wing. It’s, incredible yeah. They’re, really neat. I mean they’re. Just so, sculptural are not as fun as this now 49.50 chevrolet.

The standard car had that the deluxe car had that had the insert right. You could go to the parts department and get the accessory and that way and make it look like that wow. It was made by the same artist that made that one.

Oh, that is cool. How interesting, so you’ve, been uh, collecting and dealing in this for a long time. I recognized this one because i had a studebaker lark and there it is no. I don’t um. Well, we had such a fun time today and we bought lots of stuff and the best part is that um.

I found out that we are compatible shoppers and we actually touched a lot of the same stuff and we like the same thing. But we’re able to do that without getting in each other’s, face and being competitive about it.

So it’s. Awesome. I love it and i can’t wait to come back and do this with you again: [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], thanks for joining me again in the fun and fascinating antique community here where online meets the real world.

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This is george at the antique, nomad bye for now.

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