Shopping the flea market! & a quick stop to check out Curly Dans hoard!

Shopping the flea market! & a quick stop to check out Curly Dans hoard of treasures! Hope everyone is doing well! Feels good to be back at it after a few days off✌️

THANK YOU to everyone that has been checking out the BlueBusDave eBay! I am so grateful! The shop will be back up Sunday💙

Collecting King Penguin Books

Walter Neurath, an Austrian Jewish refugee, had the idea of printing a series of books, based on the version of the German Insel Verlag series, containing appealing pocket publications. Allen Lane of Penguin Books used up the idea as well as christened the series King Penguin, so regarding identify it from his other paperbacks. The initial 2 titles British Birds and also A Publication of Roses were published in 1939 as well as Lane knew instantly that he had a victor.

Why People Love Antique Fairs!

Vintage fairs are flourishing, ending up being progressively preferred with all kind of people and also for all sorts of reasons. For some, the fairs have to do with discovering simply that, antiques – valuable finds and also investments that are essential historic pieces or enthusiast’s items. For others, it’s about finding unusual one offs or beautiful unique items that include real personality to the home or make attires truly unique.

Antique Clocks – What Is Time?

Just what is time, and just how did we really wind up getting to our present system of twelve month in a year, 1 day in a day, 60 mins in a hr as well as 60 secs soon. In this article we will certainly look at a quick potted background of the antique clock and just how our current timekeeping system advanced.

Collecting Antique Lockets

Lockets progressed from old amulets as well as actually became prominent in the Elizabethan age. Elizabeth I wore a necklace ring, containing her very own picture which of her mother, Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth was in the routine of providing jewel dirtied necklaces to the likes of Francis Drake and also others of her favourites. Mary Queen of Scots is expected to have actually presented her servant with her locket on the eve of her implementation – it is called the Penicuik necklace and also is currently in the Scottish National Museum.

Twelve Fun Things To Do With Your Antique Glass Jars

Right here are twelve enjoyable points to do with your antique canning containers and also classic bottles. If you have those classic glass bottles, antique canning jars, milk glass bottles, or vibrant antique cookie jars existing around your house, after that you might desire to clean them and transform them into spectacular additions to brighten your home.

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