Short Version – 1930’s Hand Cranked Grinder Restoration

Collecting Antique Axes

This article offers info on accumulating antique axes. It also provides numerous sorts of axes and their characteristics.

Antique Doll Collecting

Searching for antique dolls? It’s important to do your homework prior to venturing out into what can be a pricey hobby.

Types Of Wood Used In Antique Tools

How to recognize the sorts of timbers found in your antique tool collections. Provided is a checklist of different timbers and also just how to tell them apart.

Collecting Antique Farm Machinery

The price of an antique ranch or structure tool basically depends upon a number of elements: the sort of tool it is, its beginning, its age as well as its rarity. The antique ranch and building tools that are no more being used today often tend to have some historic value connected to them so they can be extremely valued.

Antique Dolls Have Value

Any person, no matter age, can enter antique doll accumulating. However, lots of amateur antique doll enthusiasts typically discover themselves puzzled when it concerns figuring out the worth of antique dolls.

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