Sludge Takes Risky Route To Try Beat The Cyclone | Outback Truckers

Taking Care of Your Sewing Machine, and Getting More Bang for Your Buck

A serious sewer should take care of their sewing machine just like a musician must take care of their instrument. After all, you use your machine to create.

How To Make Soy Candles For Hobby or Business

Learn how to make soy candles as a hobby or to start your own soy candle making business! Soy candles are an environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin wax candles (the kind you normally buy in the stores) and burn up to twice as long! Whether for a hobby or home based business, soy candles are a great way to go!

3 Tips on How to Make Your House Smell Good

I’m going to give you 3 tips on how to make your house smell good all the time. We all want our homes to smell good for many reasons. Maybe you have company coming over, or maybe you’re a clean freak. Whatever the reason may be, it feels good to have a good smelling house.

Model Railroading – A Many-Sided Hobby

Model railroading needs a lot of work, you must have a lot of patience, it also develops creative and technical properties. It’s a very interesting hobby indeed.

Paper Quilling For Beginners

There are a lot of shapes that one can create out of strips of paper. In paper quilling, using a quilling tool, paper strips are rolled, coiled, fringed, crimped, pinched, and then glued that is put together to create a design, figure or a completely amazing artwork!

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