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Become a Bird Watcher

Do you know which field employs the most amateur scientists? It is ornithology, the study of birds.

Drifting RC Cars Make For a Fantastic Hobby

Drifting RC cars as a hobby is becoming more and more popular. This is hardly surprising given the increased interest in real drift racing. To drift means to slide sideways through the corners, and this style of racing, which is concerned more with flash and aesthetics than outright speed, is a whole genre of racing in itself. It functions as a fantastic spectator sport, with howling engines and screeching tires galore making it often far more exciting than more traditional racing.

Give an Old Hobby New Life: Try Stamp Collecting!

It seems that everyone you meet has some sort of hobby, anything from gardening, to sports endeavors, to artistic or creative endeavors to tinkering on old cars or machinery. People like to do things in their spare time, and everyone seems to pursue something to keep them occupied. Hobbies differ as much as people themselves do, and while one neighbor may take up bonsai on your block, another restoring old merry go round horses, still another running marathons, taking up something like stamp collecting may just be the hobby you are looking for.

Air Force Squadron Coins – From the First to Present Day

Air Force Squadron coins are collected by members of the military and their family. They are also collected by others, not just for their value, but due to the unique styles and designs of the coins. Other reasons for the coins to be given to members are as acknowledgement for acts of bravery performed even when it is not considered worthy of an official medal.

Working With Vintage Sewing Patterns

For the home sewer working with vintage sewing patterns can be daunting. This article provides tips and advice to get the most from sewing up vintage patterns.

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